back to back job? No excuses!

20150717_110136789_iOSYou know those days where you mentally CANNOT get yourself to do anything?


Hi over here.

Yeah, that is me today!!


Sadly I couldn’t just lounge around in my gym t-shirt all day like I typically would love to have done on a day off. Instead, I had to get my butt up and get my day started since my first job was from 8:30-2:30, followed by my next job which starts at 4 and ends whenever the heck they choose to send me home (life of a waitress…gotta love it).

I got my first cup of coffee in and (since we meal prepped yesterday) pulled out my Kashi cereal from the fridge and had breakfast all ready to go! The pool was completely dead today. I managed to finish the book I was reading (Take Me For Granted…such a great young adult/romantic novel) and start my second book (Crash Into You…still trying to get into it) Thanks to Bookbub, I get 4 books sent to my email everyday, usually one is free so I always end up downloading it to my kindle, in hopes I have some free time to read it…which thankfully I did this week. It’s hard accumulating free time inbetween jobs and classes and a boyfriend.

After I got home I was STARVING…so I threw together an onion pepper and chicken wrap with broccoli on the side. Today is my high carb day aka I can consume wraps finally!! I’m thinking that’s why I have been in such a funk lately. Mentally I have been so stressed and unhappy, and I’m assuming it’s the lack of carbs. Thankfully I get to enjoy and indulge  today Smile can’t wait for me night time oatmeal either!!! I’ve never been so excited to have oatmeal in my entire life. I’ve learn so much about my body while taking on carb cycling. Not only do I feel less bloated, but mentally it feels amazing to watch my carb cravings subside (and trust me, I used to be the carb queen!)

Off to fix up my makeup for job number two!! Can’t wait to be able to come home and fall asleep…and do it all again tomorrow.


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