procrastination at it’s finest

20150718_101446000_iOSPulled my breakfast out from the fridge around 5:30am (kashi cereal, protein powder, blueberries!!) this morning with a deliciouus cup of coffee and was ready to head to work. The 7am-12pm shift flew by SO fast. Cutting fruit and restocking fruit trays and platters seriously is more time consuming than one would think. I even got called to come back in at 4pm to work in the deli due to a call off, but with my homework piling up I figured it was best if I stayed home to catch up on some work. Today’s homework consists of reviewing different non-profit organizations regarding health and nutrition and see who has educational programs/toolkits that could benefit nutrition educators. Not a super hard task, but again…time consuming.


Lunch today was broccoli, original hummus, and grilled chicken. I was actually so hungry when I got back from work, so I was entirely grateful that my meals were already made


Now if I could only get the energy to get on with this homework. Working three jobs that aren’t entirely consistent is one of the hardest things I have ever done. One day I’ll work 8-3 and then the next it’ll be 6pm-2am…it makes me SO excited to start a real career soon enough.


Back to my lower carb days aka breakfast was essentially my bulk of carbs for the day. I’ve learned that if someone wants to take on a “healthier lifestyle” (NOT a diet…never use the “d” word), it’s so so sooo important to always emphasize what you CAN eat, and not what you CAN’T eat.



For example:

Wrong way: Wow… I’m eating healthier so I can’t have cake and cookies. Jeeze that blows Sad smile  *goes and thinks about junk food all day*

Right way: Wow, I can have two servings of vegetables with my meal and not feel bad about grabbing seconds??


DO NOT focus on what you can’t have but instead, what you can have.

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