Podcasts and Mood Changes


This morning I spent my time listening to The Nutrition Diva’s podcasts, such as how carbohydrates correlated with weight gain and how food affects mood. Like I’ve been stating lately, my moods have been leaning towards to more unhappy side, and I can’t put my finger on exactly why.  Looking forward to a beautiful walk later while listening to the nutrition diva discuss her latest information regarding and health. I’ve been eating well, getting exercise, and socializing although all I want to do is lay in bed with the blankets over my head. Any advice on what you all do to get your mood back on track?

I can’t believe I just started listening to podcasts! There are SO many different topics being discussed…and it makes time FLY by. So if you’re biking, walking, or even going for a run, I definitely recommend looking up some podcasts that interest you and seeing what you can find. I think being on a podcast would be awesome. No one can see what you look like and what weird facial expressions your making, so I would be so much more comfortable versus being on screen.


Talking about mood and after listening to Monica’s podcasts, I’ve compiled some research/interesting food facts that may actually help people who are trying to boost their mood. There isn’t enough research to prescribe certain foods/supplements to those with mood disorders (anxiety, depression, etc) but there is some valid information that is worth checking out:

  1. carbohydrates may actually boost your “feel good hormone” (also known as serotonin), but this is a temporary fix! A cookie or two may make you feel better mentally, but you will inevitably crash again. Refined carbohydrates can increase your insulin levels as well, which is a mechanism for fat storage.
  2. Exercise is a great way to boost your mood! Lately, I have been dreading the gym and once I get there I IMMEDIATELY want to leave. But who says you have to be cooped up in a gym? Go for a walk ( a great fat burning exercise), go for a run, play frisbee with some friends, or go hike! It’s summertime so the possibilities of outside exercise are endless!
  3. Linking to #3 and the benefits of being outside, sun exposure is important! Ever heard of Seasonal Affective Disorder? Usually this type of depressions hits during wintertime and can be treated with the exposure to UV light, and that’s what you all should be receiving in the summer to boost your mood. Get outside for roughly 20 minutes and absorb some vitamin D.
  4. Probiotics/prebiotics—what?? This is another piece of information that is still being researched, but including foods that are varied in different types of pre/probiotics could potentially help your stress levels.
  5. Skip the energy drinks and caffeine—again, you might get that temporary fix…but your crash will really kill you in the end.


What do you all eat when you’re in a lousy mood??

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