Stress and salsa marinated chicken

20150722_140432324_iOSYesterday after work I started to ponder my thoughts. Sometimes as a pool attendant, I feel as though I am easting my day away, sitting on my butt for six hours checking people in and laying out, tanning. I understand this is basically a “dream job” but sometimes I wish these six hours could be spent being a bit more productive. Lately, I’ve been engrossed in a ton of new books (currently reading In Too Deep by Mara Jacobs). I think what a lot of us don’t do is take advantage of our time wisely. While “working” at the pool,I really could be bettering myself by studying, doing homework, budgeting my money, etc. Instead, sometimes I sulk and just stare at the clocking waiting for the six hours to tick away. I’ve come to realize that I stress over absolutely EVERYTHING! Whether it be in my control or not, whether it be 10 minutes away or 10 weeks away, I stress and start to panic over the simplest things. Crossing my fingers to make the goal of learning to cope with stress achievable.

After work yesterday I got my second TB test done for my internship and headed home to work on my project regarding women strength training nutrition.

Did you know some studies claim that women actually need to consume more protein post workout to reap the same benefits that men would get with less protein??

Did you also know we might have a sixth taste bud?? Check out Purdue U’s latest research!






20150722_203822647_iOSI made Shawn and myself some dinner last night: Fiesta chicken and potatoes! I figured I would try to be a cute girlfriend for once and make him dinner! Chicken marinated in salsa with grilled veggies, roasted potatoes, and spinach. He’s not too keen on spinach but I was proud that he ate it. I’m looking for new ways to branch out of the normal baked chicken realm; hoping to find new recipes along the way.

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