As December Creeps Into January..

Hello-December-3-cynthia-selahblue-cynti19-32910589-500-375Its about that time where the “New Year New Me” mindsets start rolling in and we start scrambling for egg whites, gym memberships, and new running shoes…


Until about a week later when we give up. With competition prep just around the corner for me, it’ll be a lot easier for me to stay on track this year versus my previous years. Why? Because of all the money ,effort, and time I am putting into this competition. Plus the fact that if it’s publicly out there, now everyone is going to question what happened if I just suddenly stop!

Yesterday I was in the gym and I just was not feeling it. I couldn’t get myself in a good mindset, a good pump…just pure nothing. My head was throbbing and I felt that I just couldn’t catch a good breath…does anyone else ever experience just a lack of “pump” at the gym? I had literally the whole day ahead of me with nothing to do, and I aimed to spend a lot of time at the gym, but in reality I just  couldn’t get myself to do it.

And that’s OK! Sometimes we need a break. Sometimes It’s okay to skip the gym, or take an off day, or indulge. But that’s the thing, it’s temporary…it’s okay to indulge occasionally, but it’s when it becomes a new habit that we need to reevaluate what we are doing.

I’ve decided to do some self reflecting and think about some habits I want to change, or maybe a few things I would like to pick up as the new year comes into play. Tackling all at the same time may be overwhelming, so throughout the year I hope to crush all of these goals:

  1. Stop worrying about the scale number—Tabitha you are WAY more than a number!!
  2. Start focusing more on your career—study study study and kill your masters degree!
  3. Stop overseeing the beauty in the small things—you never let yourself enjoy the present. Stop rushing your life away and enjoy the small things
  4. Find love in the gym—don’t do it because you HAVE too, stop seeing it as a chore and make it fun again
  5. Don’t say no to opportunities—if someone asks you to get coffee, GET COFFEE! Don’t make an excuse to sit at home alone in your room. Go enjoy an hour with company!
  6. Find time to read books you enjoy


What are YOUR goals for the new year??

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