Sleep Is For The Weak…Or Is it Sleeping For The Week?

20151211_162349000_iOSI never take rest days…I always feel so lousy when I do, but yesterday was a much needed rest day. After coming home in the afternoon from the preschool I currently interning at, I made some lunch and fell asleep…..four hours later I wake up not even realizing I fell asleep! I actually fell asleep with my laptop on my lap still! The past few days my gym passion and ambition had been dwindling, and my breathing was becoming excessively shorter and harder to take in air (I was getting super worried). I’ve come to the conclusion that I have just been super burnt out. My four hour nap yesterday essentially created an epiphany:

Rest Tabitha. You need it!

The gym manager sent me a text asking if I was coming in (this was at 6pm on the ONLY rest day I’ve taken in week,s mind you) since there was a gym-goer who was seeking nutrition/weight loss advice. I could NOT pass up the opportunity to help someone out! So with my passion for helping and nutrition burning a hole through my chest, I got up and threw some clothes on and headed to the gym. After an hour long consultation I think the client and I are off to a good start Smile 


And with that being said, I jumped up this morning at 6AM, threw on my favorite Old Navy tank top stating “Rest. Run. Repeat”, and was out the door to kill back and shoulders today! Finally having a day off, I was able to take a drug test for the next hospital I work at, submit forms to the college I’m attending, visit payroll to submit even more forms, plus get gas and still manage to eat  my typical healthy breakfast:


1/4 cup of oats + 1 scoop RSP chocolate protein powder!

I also splurged on some Starbucks coffee at the store today… 5.99 instead of the usual 9.00! Cinnamon flavored…mmmmm Smile Good morning to me!

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