Competition Prep and BodyStruggles

20151215_111039000_iOSI can’t believe it’s nearly 12 weeks from my competition! This is the accountability factor over here.  Not only is prep a physical change, but it’s a huge mental change as well as a battle.

Check in with my coach is in two days and that’s when all my changes will begin…new diet plan, new fitness routine…everything. Personally I’m excited to learn more about the science and how body reacts to certain macronutrient intakes. We all hear about low carb high protein, or high fat and low  car, or even carb cycling…so what the heck is the way we should eat?? That’s my goal—to find out which way is best for my body.

Body issues are something many of us, both men and women, struggle with on a daily basis. Whether it’s the fact that we think we are too heavy, too thin, not muscular enough, or whatever the case may be, there’s always something we are nitpicking on. Although I try to be as optimistic as possible when it comes to health and nutrition, it’s easy to say I struggle as well. I still look at my food and see numbers rather than happiness, or I’ll avoid certain drinks due to pointless calories that I could be getting elsewhere. I’ve struggled for nearly nine years now but each year I think it gets easier and easier. So my advice for anyone struggling: don’t give up

Any progress is good progress.  I remember I would eat two apples a day and that was nearly it. I would peel the skin off the apple, doing my best to nearly peel the whole apple into the trash at the same time until my mom caught onto my actions. Eventually I started eating apples without peeling them –> HUGE progress. Whether or not see something like that as a baby step or maybe a milestone, it’s progress.

I’m excited to see what challenges I will encounter over the next three months.

As I sip my coffee and get ready for work, I can only reflect on how grateful I am to be where I’m at right now. Not only have I mentally grew from such tough experiences, but I’ve developed an amazing passion for a field that will allow me to help and motivate others as well.


Off to work! Smile Happy Tuesday Everyone!

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