Self Reflection

20160120_141039370_iOSSelf reflection is SO important to growth!! Whether it’s physical growth or mental growth. Personal, I love waking up super super early to allot myself some time to reflect on my day: whether it be the goals I want to achieve for the day, the lengthy to-do list that needs completed, people I need to contact in regards to my job, or simply how wonderful the day is going to be. I try my best to use my morning alone time wisely before I’m stuck behind someone going 25 on the high way, or before I get bombarded by millions of emails that need to be replied to. I purchased the book Beating Ana to help me fight and prevent relapsing back into my habit of anorexia. I’ve come a long way since I was 12, and although those habits and triggers still exist, getting help (whether it’s from a trained professional or a 2.99$ book) is one of the best things you can do. The other book, List Yourself, was a gift to encourage my self reflection. With many questions flooding the pages, it really gets you thinking.

  • List all the things you love about yourself
  • List all of the promises you made this week
  • List all of the times you felt embarrassed

Pages and pages of lists!! I’m a list maker—it helps me stay on track, it helps me with my stress/anxiety, and it keeps me organized. This was a perfect gift for myself, I highly recommend it to you fellow list-makers!!

As I sit back and enjoy my cup of French vanilla coffee (sugar free vanilla creamer & chemical packets of equal!), I can say today is already going to be a long day. I managed to wake up at 5:30 and sip my first cup of coffee. As tempting as it was to do fasted cardio, this nasty cold I’ve been overcoming said NO WAY. So I quickly ate my oatmeal w/ protein powder, chugged my pre workout and managed to make it through my 2 hour gym session. With work starting later for me today (due to the fact that I have to stay much later), I was able to get my gym in early! I know yesterday many of you discussed how morning workouts are tough, and I am now in agreement! I was in the middle of my tricep pull downs and all I wanted to do was crawl back in bed (needless to say it was in the negatives this morning so I should pat myself on the back)


I can honestly say that my mornings to myself, my cup of coffee, and my oatmeal is by far my favorite part of the day!

What’s YOUR favorite part of the day? Are you a morning reflector? or a before-bed reflector?

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