Family Night With the Preschoolers


Dietitians not only work in hospitals, diagnose nutrition deficiencies, tell you what to eat and customize meal plans for you, but they also hold family nights! Smile


Yesterday was family night at the pre school, meaning I had to stay a little later while holding a Chipotle themed dinner & smoothies for the kids and their parents. The nurse and I discussed oral hygiene and nutrition while the kids played games and enjoyed the time with their family. I think interacting with parents is so important in the field of nutrition. Many families don’t realize how important childhood nutrition is. In my opinion, starting kids off living a healthy lifestyle will only make them grow into healthier adults. Sometimes I think back to my childhood and what I ate and I just cringe—how could my parents be so lenient??? Potato chips, pretzels, and cookies for a lunch??? I mean as a child I was easily the coolest kid in the lunchroom, but looking back I am lucky my eating habits have transformed for the better.

You can’t reserve damage to your body after you caused it, so let’s start the healthy lifestyles at a young age!

I was able to give to information that pertained to healthier meal swaps, how to make healthy smoothies, healthy fats, and any questions that the parents might have had.




20160121_140417186_iOSFamily night ended a little early for me since I live 50 minutes from the pre school and all of the teachers were telling me to leave due to how bad the roads were. And me, the anxiety ridden girl that I am, started freaking out! I did manage to make it home safely while driving 40 mph in a 55 mph zone. To the cars that were passing me: Hope you all made it home safely like I did!! Winking smile 


Now, my day started off on a good track: Fasted cardio, my usual oats & coffee, and now I’m about to head into work for another Family Night with the other preschool! Time to brave the cold Western PA weather.


How important do YOU think childhood nutrition is? Were you a “healthy” eater back then?

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