Gym Sessions & Snowed in Saturdays

20160120_132102000_iOSAm I the only one who gets anxiety ridden on days they do not or can not make it to the gym? I feel as though all of my progress just disappears after a skipped day (even if it is a scheduled rest day!!), or if all I do is run and not lift, orrrr if it was a sh*tty workout. Yesterday was just that. My friend Anthony is up for the weekend visiting and trying to balance eating on my diet and exercising all while trying to amuse someone in this snow storm is a tough job! Not to mention getting to the gym in this Western PA Blizzard is pretty rough as well (come on, has anyone ever heard of a PLOW before).


I slept in yesterday until about 7:30 and Anthony and I made breakfast, did some shopping and relaxed all morning/evening. I decided that it would be my designated “rest” day, but my anxiety of not working out kept building and building until I was getting super cranky and agitated. Luckily  Anthony caught on and was like, just go.  Me being the nice girl I am only chose to stay for an hour, and I could not accomplish all I needed to within an hour’s span. So essentially my workout of 15 minutes of cardio + 45 minutes of shoulders wasn’t the best of the best, and it makes me feel as if I wasted my time there not accomplishing anything.  I followed my diet exactly, so it’s not that I messed up on the nutrition aspect, but the fear of not hitting the gym hard enough is real..it’s growing.

Now that it’s 6AM and blizzarding,  I have to find a way to get to work Sad smile Wish me luck!!


Does anyone else feel this way about exercise? How have you conquered this fear?

2 thoughts on “Gym Sessions & Snowed in Saturdays

  1. Totally know what you mean. Now on rest days, I focus on mobility and stretch. Go for a quick walk and then sit in sunshine (I guess this depends on where you are, it’s Summer in Australia at the moment), whip out a foam roller or lacrosse ball and hunt for sore spots to concentrate on. Perhaps a little yoga 🙂

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