Weekend Wrap-Up

20160124_145501327_iOSAnd after a long, blizzard filled weekend, Anthony left to head back to NJ while I suffer this cold Sunday all alone. Anthony was kind enough to visit me this weekend and spend time with me. He put up with my anxiety-ridden gym breakdowns and constant 2-3 hour meals. He didn’t even laugh each time I brought my own food to the restaurants we went too! He’s a keeper Winking smile


Yesterday after I blogged, I ATTEMPTED to leave my house but my car was entirely stuck in the snow. I called my boss to tell him I would be late and he said he already had nine call offs ha! Anthony knows how independent I am so although I declined his offer to drive me to work, he did manage to create a path for me (which didn’t allow my car to drive anyways and actually got his four wheel drive car stuck Disappointed smile)

After several attempts, rolls, sighs, and curse words….we made it out of the driveway. Western PA probably only got about 6 inches compared to my family in NJ who is still trying to shovel their way out! 22 inches jeeze!

I made it into work and since no one wanted to shop at 7AM, it was a fairly easy breezy day for me. After I got off work I headed to the gym to kill some legs and abs and then back to my house where Anthony was waiting so we could grab dinner/coffee.


Tip while dieting for a competition: BRING YOUR MEALS! You can easily eat out, but BRING your meals with you and aim for places that have salad bars!! Anthony and I went to Ruby Tuesdays and I got their salad bar option + my meal of chicken, broccoli, and sweet potatoes. I didn’t feel left out watching him eat, and he didn’t feel weird since I ended up ordering things. It’s tough, but there are ways around eating and actually managing a social life.


Today’s Sunday events are the typical Sunday’s in my apartment: work, gym (bis, tris, back and 30 minute cardio), and now enjoying a cup of coffee under my heated blanket.


How do you all stay on track when eating out?

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