Mondays: Change up your chicken, Change up your routine


After sleeping in an extra thirty minutes (Whoops!) I was rushing to get in my first meal of the day, and my favorite of course: oatmeal, eggs, and coffee (or two coffees….I mean it WAS Monday!). Quickly threw together an outfit and started my car, scraped the windshield, filled up the wiper fluid and made my way to the pre school. My ORIGINAL (key: original) plan today was to check on the kitchen in one of the six preschools I manage to ensure quality and that they are up to standards, and then head to the gym and have the rest of the afternoon/evening to work on projects…but Mondays never go as planned now do they?

Instead, I showed up to a worker-less kitchen due to the fact that she fell ill! So how am I supposed to evaluate and monitor a kitchen that is worker-less?? Well, let me tell you….I ran the kitchen. I volunteered to be staff relief and to do some checking up on the staff and kitchen while I was there. Although things were a little hectic, I did manage to get out at a reasonable time, head to the gym (cardio, shoulders, chest, abs CHECKMARK DONE!) anddd sit down with my laptop with my cup of coffee in hand typing away on this blog.

I have a really bad mindset when it comes to time: I freak out. Period.

I always feel like I am swamped and have no time to enjoy myself, and that really is becoming a problem lately.

I think that’s something I want to research more about and hope that I can find some way to rearrange my thinking patterns and not have the idea of time being an issue for me anymore.


On another note, I’ve come across many people following an IFFYM approach to dieting and eating as well as people “bashing” others for their ‘bro lifestyle’. For anyone who doesn’t know what the bro lifestyle is, it’s notoriously known as a cocky person who lives a gym-addicted lifestyle with meals that consist of eggs chicken broccoli and protein powder.

I eat go to the gym everyday. I consume those meals. I am NOT cocky. If anything, I enjoy and even look forward to my meals PLUS my body is leaning out like crazy! Yes, I take a multivitamin to fill in the voids that I may not be receiving everyday, but from my background (BS in Nutrition/Dietetics), my overall diet is fairly healthy. Sometimes I might get bored and want the Cinnastack pancakes from iHOP, but I know right now I’m enjoying what I do and how I am living Smile


The question I get most is: Aren’t you sick of chicken???

NO WAY! By changing up the spices and herbs you add, you can essentially have a new meal every night!

Some great ways to flavor up your chicken (or any other type of meat you may be consuming!)

  1. Mrs. Dash Spices: Sodium free (great for those watching their salt intake due to hypertension or their close to their show day)
    1. my personal favorites: garlic & herb, southwest chipotle, extra spicy seasoning, extra spicy jalepeno!)
    2. Many stores make a store brand version of salt free spice mixtures, just a budget tip Winking smile
  2. Red Pepper Flakes: I am a spicy junky!! I LOVE spicy foods, not to mention the health benefits that are include (helllllooo faster metabolism!) Throwing red pepper flakes onto my chicken gives it some heat.
  3. Garlic Salt: Garlic is another one of my favorite things to add. If you’re watching your sodium, aim for garlic powder. OR add a small amount of the garlic salt + garlic powder.
  4. Italian Seasoning + onion powder: The cilantro in the Italian seasoning doesn’t always please everyone, but mixing it with onion powder lessens the overpowering taste
  5. Cumin + Red Pepper Flakes: I miss tacos so much so I have to throw a little taco style on these chicken breasts!


How do you flavor your meals without adding calories?

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