Tuesday: Body Image Programs and Shoes That Don’t Fit

20160126_150357850_iOSIgnore my massssive mushroom bun today….my Tuesday didn’t start off the way I wanted it to, but we all have to roll with the punches right?? I woke up and did my fasted cardio at 5:30AM (success!) and came home to pick up my competition shoes that were delivered on my front porch last night that I didn’t even realize….


tried them on…..and they didn’t fit Disappointed smile BUMMER!

So now I have to return them and hope the next size up fits, ugh! Luckily I was going to be near the post office today anyways since I had a meeting with the health center advisor of Indiana University of PA. We discussed potential topics for upcoming events, such as healthy relationships, eating disorders, body image, etc. She  said I should host and speak at my own event in February and of course I jumped on that suggestion immediately.


I am so passionate about eating disorder prevention and recovery, so why not start an event that will help me reach out to students? Maybe one person will show up, and maybe twenty, the fact of the matter is that I’m doing my best to make a difference as one person. After that exciting meeting about squaring away the event, I remembered I had to return my shoes (and send 12 bucks on return shipping…) and now I’m online shopping, hoping to find a new pair.


Today’s events: Head over to one of the preschools to do some evaluations, sit at snack with the children, and prepare for family night Chipotle edition. Let’s hope there’s a nice crowd that shows up & participates tonight!


If you were to show up at an event regarding body image, what would YOU like to see and learn about?

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