Family Night & What Supplements I Use!

20160127_152459000_iOSLast night was the third family night I’ve attended and yes, it was still Chipotle theme. It’s so interesting to see how each preschools changes up the ingredients. For instance, yesterday they used different nacho cheeses where so far none of the other places used a nacho cheese, and the salsa varieties (pineapple salsa??) varied significantly. I ended up cooking the meal due to shortage of staff, yet again. Did I mind? Absolutely NOT! I love what I do, and I love getting the recognition I deserve at the end of my workdays. I was able to reach out to the families last night and discuss the importance of swapping ingredients in their meals along with the importance of eating a  rainbow of colors. I ended the night making smoothies with Greek yogurt and fresh fruit for the children to try. Not to brag butttt they were pretty tasty Smile  Afterwards I swung through Dunkin Donuts with my friend Lacey and she went over some information regarding competition prep and her story of how she went through it. Making friends in the gym, especially if that’s essentially your second home, is SO important. Having a positive social support system to help you achieve your goals and not hinder them is the key to success, in anything honestly.


One of the questions I feel I get asked a lot is: what supplements do you take? Followed by the umbrella of what is a BCAA? should I even take protein? what kind do YOU take? do I have  to take a fat burner? So today I’ll be answering the supplement question! Personally, I like to keep my supplements and vitamins to a minimum (hello, I’m a broke grad student PLUS I like getting everything I need through the foods I eat). Let’s start with the key essentials!






20160127_144534376_iOSUpon waking up I ALWAYS take a multivitamin for her (definitely needing that iron!), a vitamin b complex, and a vitamin c supplement (helps with the absorption of iron, plus prevention of colds/flu right now). These vitamins are nearly always BOGO, so I try to stock up when I can!! Great steal for the college student Winking smile

I take BCAAS daily, whenever I drink water. I don’t feel as though these are completely 100% essential if you are just beginning to lift and lift for fun, but I like to flavor my water, so adding fruit punch flavored BCCAs help me drink more water throughout the day. I usually add 1-2 scoops to a gallon water bottle and drink from that all day.

Some of my favorite BCAAS:

  • Cellucor Alpha Amino in Fruit Punch
  • Optimum Nutrition Amin.O Energy in Lemon Lime
  • AminoX in Fruit Punch

BCAAS: branch chain amino acids.

Pre-workout: I usually use this in the morning when I have absolutely NO motivation to get my butt to the gym! Caffeine has no effect really on me so I look for one with a high beta-alanine content. I like getting the tingly rush that’ll keep my pushing hard at the gym (especially leg day..ughhhh)

Some of my favorites (make sure you switch on/off so your body won’t get used to it)

  • RSP Dyno in watermelon
  • C4 original in fruit punch
  • SixStar in Fruit Punch (14 bucks at Walmart!!)
  • Currently using ION in watermelon. It has bursting beads in it so that can be a weird sensation going down your throat. Personally, I don’t get a huge rush from it unless I take a few scoops.


Protein: Protein is essential, and that is one thing I do believe those who lift weights definitely need to purchase. The type you buy is really dependent upon your goals. For me, I aim for a whet protein with low carbs and at least 20-25 grams of protein in one scoop. I take this in the order (always adding it to my oats!) plus after my lifting session. My current favorites:

  • RSP Whey in Chocolate
  • RSP Whey in Cookies and Cream
  • Muscletech Phase8 Peanut Butter Chocolate (a little high in sodium, but the taste is delicious!)
  • Optimum Nutrition in Rich Chocolate
  • Dynamatize Elite in Rich Chocolate
  • Just bought Musclepharm Combat in chocolate…I’ll let you know about that soon!


As you  can see, I’m currently at a minimum supplement intake and NO fat burners or crazy chemicals going inside of me Smile 

Check back tomorrow so I can elaborate on what the heck these supplements do to your body!!

What do you all take on a daily basis? Any favorites?

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