Lazy Mornings & Eating Disorder Events

20160129_135735000_iOSFamily Day wasn’t a hugeee success yesterday due to the time slot (11AM on a friday? When people work?) But nonetheless we had some good conversation with the families that attended. On days like yesterday where I was able to wake up and relax for an hour instead of rushing into the gym, I sipped my two cups of coffee from my handmade monogrammed mug (sharpie + dollar store mug = great deal Winking smile) relaxed in my oversized hoodie and planned my day out.


When 1:00pm hit, I was able to leave, drive my hour commute home to my hometown gym and workout….not realizing I was going to be working out for over two hours! Some days I never want to step foot in the gym, while other days I have more motivation than I could fathom. Lacey gave me some great shoulder workout tips (supersetting plate raises with busdrivers, incorporating snatches, etc). Like I’ve stated in my previous posts, it’s always great to have a friend at the gym who is “competition” or at least on your skill level to push you harder and give you advice. And man my shoulders are on fiyaaaaah!

As I was leaving the gym, the owner actually offered me a preworkout: Muscle Pharm Asssault in Lemon Lime. I’ll have to review that for you tomorrow and see how it goes after my afternoon workout today!

Speaking of this afternoon….my friend Eric and I are getting together to plan for our Eating Disorder Awareness event. My coordinator asked me to do two showings!!! February 16 and February 24 are right around the corner, so coffee shop date to get the ball rolling is a MUST this weekend. Can’t spoil all of our plans but I can already tell that two passionate people coming together will only make this event even better.Any suggestions on what YOU would want to see if you came to an event regarding this topic?



The dietitian that I have been working with the last 3-4 months stopped by my house last night to drop off a goodbye gift. Yesterday was my last day as the nutrition consultant at the preschool for a few weeks due to the end of my “management” rotation for the internship. I will now be starting to work at a long term care facility in PA. She stopped by all casual and seemed so disappointed I was leaving, and her gift made me cry. A coffee mug, a bag of starbucks coffee, and a wonderful note.


20160129_231238648_iOSYou all know how much of a coffee addict I am right…???? So did the dietitian!! It’s the small things that truly make me excited to do what I love in a career Getting feedback on your performance, getting a pat on the back, and being told how appreciated you are can truly make a difference.   Off to work to cut up some fruit at the supermarket!!

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