Sicknesses & Show Shoes

20160201_162357000_iOSSo I sit here. in my bed, on a Monday morning due to the fact that my temperature is sky rocketing to the 100’s! What drives me bananas is that I was having a great time at work and yesterday morning and just as I left for the gym I started to feel sooo fatigued. I thought I was just being a baby since it was lef day, but when I finally gave up and went home at 12:30 I stayed in bed until the rest of the evening. I cancelled all my meetings and attempted to drink fluids but I couldn’t stomach a single thing! I’m usually the girl who will devour anything, but yesterday my stomach was not having it…I couldn’t even stomach coffee!! The funny part was that I went to sleep at 7pm and woke up to use the bathroom, thinking it was probably 2AM but it was only 8:30PM haha. The only thing I actually enjoy about waking up in the middle of the night is looking at the clock and seeing that I have so much more time to sleep.


Today I have all day since I called off of my new internshipSad smile  I feel extremely bad about it but I know I couldn’t be working in a hospital around patients with a fever! Listening to your body is important…it sucks, but it’s so important! That being said, chances are I should take a rest day today depending on how I feel around dinner time.


On a better note, my competition shoes came in yesterday!! They actually FIT and I am inlove with them!! 5 inches and sparkles (brand = fabulicious hehe) = watch out girls here I come!! Let’s hope my eating habits get back on track and I am show ready by March!


Another review I want to make is of MusclePharm’s Assult in Lemon Lime: The taste? Awful. I love lemon lime but I could not drink this premade peworkout drink. My boss compared it to “leprechaun piss” haha! The effect? A little bit of the jitters (2g of beta alanine) but overall not what I was expecting. Would I purchase again? No thanks, that taste really was offputting!

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