New Rotation: Day 1

20160127_194702000_iOSDue to the fact that I was DELIRIOUS yesterday and Sunday (delirious as in….pouring myself a bowl of coffee grounds instead of a bowl of oatmeal for morning!!) I called out of work and am starting my new position at a long term care facility today Smile Fairly sad that I will be leaving my preschoolers, but also excited to start this new chapter! I’ll have to update you on how entirely different it is: going from preschool/infant aged to geriatrics! On a high note, I managed to get to bed at 7pm yesterday (definitely feeling the shviers again, thought I was going to have to call out AGAIN!) but woke up in a much better mood. Took an alkaseltzer, managed to eat my oats, eggs, and a cup of coffee, and have some time to start up this blog. Today’s events are a little unplanned as I have no idea how long this work day will be, but we all know that today will be a great day to kill at the gym Winking smile back bis and tris lemme kill ya today!


I had some crazy dreams during my 12 hour sleep last night…about the gym! Who dreams about the gym?? Come on. I dreamt I had a bad workout, that I just went to the gym and didn’t even try. I think I need to take a step back and reflect on how far I’ve truly come in this competition prep, both mentally and physically. The girl in that prom dress never could successfully lift a gallon water jug for her mom as they grocery shopped together. But now she’s able to lift way more than that and be happy about her strength. Skinny does not equal strength, and I think that’s a misconception that society really has.

Oh you’re skinny, you’re so fit!!

Hey maybe they are, but skinny and fit are not correlated. And I hope that’s something society comes to realize as we are currently in this “fitspiration” era.





20160202_113959000_iOSAlso just wanted to make a note that it is now FEBRUARY!!!! That means…Eating Disorder Awareness Month!! Wear purple as much as possible and show your body positive attitude off Smile

Now I’m off to work…first time taking a shuttle…eeeeek! Hope I don’t miss it!!

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