Way Too Early Workout Wednesday!

20160203_103044000_iOSBEING BUSY is awful. Because you feel as though you’re in a time crunch, and I can honestly say that is one of the most constricting feelings of them all. Yesterday for example this is how my mind went:

Okay, so if I get out of work at 3, I’ll commute home and get to the gym at 3:50 and then workout until 5:30, and then I’ll head to the store and grab just a few things, make it back to eat and then head to Roddy’s for a little and make it home to shower/cook/etc….

Like how crazy does that sound? and this was at around noon…like could my life be any more planned?

But for today and tomorrow, it’s going to be quite hectic. Patrice and I are incharge of cooking for 100 staff members of the IUP campus, so today we are grocery shopping and prepping ahead of the game (prepping baggies, shopping, etc), while tomorrow Kate and Tiffany are helping out in the cooking part. Then Friday morning at 6:00AM we are all reporting to campus to start the deliveries. As fun as it truly is, I’m already excited to get this week over with!! With how hectic tonight and tomorrow night will be, that means the gym has to come in the morning….3:00AM to be exact. Last night when I planned this out I knew I was going to be exhausted, but when I woke up it was SO easy for me to grab my cup of coffee and head into the gym…I was like, wait is this a miracle or what??? KILLED shoulders and chest, and settled for 20 minutes of cardio because I needed to get my butt out of the gym if I was going to make it into work on time!! Hopefully today is a smooth (and short) day because I need to get to campus and start prepping with Patrice.


Time is a struggle, but I think I’m working on it.

Another thing I will paraphrase that Roddy told me that I  think will forever resonate (and hopefully sink into my thoughts): we are always waiting to get work over with so we can shop and get that over with so we can get home and have dinner and get that over with.

How I interpreted that: Why are we trying to get EVERYTHING OVER with? Why can’t we just sit and enjoy the now? Me personally? I think I’m too afraid to let the future come without planning for it. I’m afraid of ‘not knowing’.  We are constantly moving onto the next thing and rushing for the next thing. more, more, more. One day I’ll find peace & let’s hope it’s not too late!!

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