Management: What It Entails (and the rest of my friday)

20160205_142134000_iOSHoly meals!! We prepared, trudged through the snow, and delivered 103 meals to the staff at Indiana U of PA Campus! Full of love french toast, valentines day vanilla parfait, and cupids crunch mix all boxed up and sent out to the recepients. We even had some people email us asking what the recipe for the french toast was! Today Patrice and I were the managers in charge of the 103 orders with 9 other employees helping us delivers. What I learned about managing/management skills/what it entails to be a manager:

  1. It’s tough.
  2. You need to check. and double check.
  4. People are slackers; employees don’t care about the finish product. If you tell them to do a task, they will do the bare minimum (usually). So sometimes you really have to check up on your employees to ensure quality.
  5. Be loud. This definitely goes with communication. If you aren’t an upfront type of person, you’ll be eaten alive in the management world.
  6. Organization is critical….like you need to be on top of you sh*t. For real.


Anddd this all started at 4:00AM today when I woke up, showered, and got ready to start baking the french toast and preparing the packaging at 6:00am on campus. After a successful management experience, I headed to the gym on campus and that was beyond the worst experience EVER! good thing it was only cardio day. 30 minutes of cardio plus a little shoulder action and I needed t get out of there! The campus gym reminded me of how much I dislike people (hehe kidding!). As I was leaving the gym and heading to my doctor appointment (which ended up running an hour behind schedule….), I noticed a frat had a raffle table for winning a gift basket for “the special someone”. The men’s basket had an electric razer, some candy, protein powder, a DVD, and some other “guy” related objects. The women’s had a face mask, a girly DVD, nail polish, candies, and other “female” type products. It’s crazy how we really stereotype genders nowadays. I went up to the table and was like “what’s with the protein?” (typical me only seeing the protein) and they told me how it was a raffle basket “for your special man” and I was like mmm or myself HA. and walked away.

The rest of what I anticipated to be a slow, relaxing day ended up being jam packed with errands: car wash, returns to the store, and now blogging with a cup of coffee awaiting to get some paper work done with Roddy. Hopefully we don’t get too side tracked and start rambling about the latest nutrition gossip because I definitely need t get my mind on track and get some of my homework done.


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