Super Bowl Sunday Snacks: Healthy Tips

20160126_103952000_iOSIt was one of those mornings where my alarm went off at 3AM and I don’t remember hitting snooze (luckily I’m that girl who sets five alarms are random increments such as 3:00, 3:04, 3:12, etc. to ensure I will eventually get up lol). I ended up waking up to the 3:12 alarm which made me desire to lay there and question why I was going to the gym this early before work. I laid there for about seven minutes and was in tht “now or never” mindset. I knew I was awake, I wasn’t miserable or exhausted. So I threw on a pot of coffee and managed to get my butt over there. I went out to my friend Matthew’s house last night for a few hours just to say hi and that I didn’t completely fall off the planet due to lack of communication. Sometimes when I get super stressed/overwhelmed/involved with projects, I tend to “fall off the face of the earth”. I’ve been becoming more comfortable being social and being a bit more spontaneous lately, which is a huge milestone in my life. Although everyone was drinking last night, I had absolutely no urge to and at first they were the typical college boys who were coaxing me to just “take a sip”. Disgusted with the lack of maturity in men, I was like mmm no although I love how I am when I’m drunk and I do have fun, I think I can manage to survive tonight without the absorption of alcohol. After I told them why I wasn’t drinking they were all about asking me questions on what I eat, what I lift, and all of that. So in the end, things did go smoothly.

Boys: When will your maturity kick in? Where are the men that prefer one beer at dinner reservations versus shot gunning a beer at a frat? Sometimes I feel like MY maturity decreases around college aged kids. 

Ok ok REAL topic of the day: eating at parties. Tailgates, parties, celebrations, holidays….all of these tend to revolve around one main thing: FOOD! In my opinion, society seems to revolve most social gatherings around food. And while that’s great and can be families and friends togethers/have a positive effect on people (eating together has been linked to lower depression, drug use, and suicidal tendencies in adolescents), WHAT we are putting on our plates is key. Here’s a few tips/tricks I think can help curb your caloric intake at tonight’s game!

  1. Eat before hand—I know I know, the whole point of parties is the FOOD. But eating lunch/dinner before you go, even something light like 1/2 a sandwich and a piece of fruit, can help reduce your intake. If you show up at a party STARVING, chances are you will eat absolutely everything and anything.
  2. The veggie platter is your best friend here. Start here and fill 1/2 of your plate up at this station. Take a reasonable amount of dip if necessary (2 tbsp) Feel free to come back to this station often Smile
  3. Steer CLEAR of the bread/dips. Many parties carve out a bread roll, fill it with a high calorie cheese dip and use the bread as dippers. Yeah, pass on that. There will be plenty of healthier carb choices for you
  4. Skinless, boneless, wings are always a great choice as well. High in protein to keep you satisfied. Just watch the amount any time of dip you might use (ranch, blue cheese, etc)
  5. Nuts—yes, they are healthy. But a palm size portion is all your need! Measure out a palm size portion of almonds, walnuts, pecans (those are the best for memory function!) and put them on your plate. Mix them with a handful of pretzels and you have a nice sized trail mix.
  6. Limiting your soda/alcohol intake can save your several extra calories that won’t be going to use. Sticking to water is key. Personally I would bring some crystal light packets or a Mio just to make it more fun and tasty.
  7. Chex mix is fairly popular at games, but it’s all refined carbs. It’s not a bad choice butttt there are plenty of other things that are better. If you’re dying for some then toss a handful on your plate and add your handful of nuts to it!
  8. Need something crunchy like potato chips? Aim for the popcorn,baked chips, or salsa and tortilla chips!! And stick to a handful.
  9. Candy: skip. If you’re looking for a treat, I would rather have a cookie or brownie versus digging my hands in peanut m&ms or hershey kisses. If you’re craving a dessert, split something. Or if they have mini cookies or mini brownies stick to one. It’s totally okay to treat yourself, but don’t go overboard.
  10. Bring your own healthy dish—that way you KNOW there is something you can consume.
  11. Put down the fork and socialize!! Get your mind off of the food and turn this into a SOCIAL event Smile



Things I would fill my plate with:

  • veggies and a little ranch dip
  • boneless wings
  • 2 crackers and 2 slices of cheese
  • Salsa and a handful of Tortilla chips
  • Seconds of veggies if I’m still hungry Smile

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