Just Another Manic Monday

20160208_124605000_iOSLuckily today my job called me in for 9:30AM instead of 8:00AM! Although it’s still a 45 minute commute, it was nice to wake up, hit the gym , and have some down time before I even think about leaving. Today’s enjoy:

  1. Drive on over to the hospital for work until 4pm
  2. Meet for health awareness orientation at 5pm until 6pm
  3. Attend ANOTHER meeting for my Eating Disorder Event to get all the nitty gritty details fixed up. Can’t believe my event is in a week!!
  4. Emails clients regarding tips/tricks for healthier eating

The concepts of meetings always a) fascinated me and b) scared me. I think holding meetings, events, discussions and what not is important to management and I love the leadership theme behind it, but the concept of time, especially one meeting after the next, always made me nervous. Because why would I want to a attend a short meeting when I could be at home  sleeping haha, you know? I guess that’s my inner child coming out of this adult body of mine. Luckily I already made it to the gym so I can cross that off of my to do list.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and requests lately about eating healthier, specifically for college/busy 20-25 year olds, and I love it! I love feeling comfortable and confident in my future occupation, but if there is one thing I need to learn it’s organization. So today’s agenda includes….


purchasing an agenda book/planner to keep me on track! And not a cheap 5$ Walmart one. I think purchasing a pricier, fancier one may motivate me to constantly stay on track.


How do you stay on track with appointments, plans, practices, and meetings?

4 thoughts on “Just Another Manic Monday

    1. February is ED awareness month and I’m putting together an event regarding body positivity. it’s an hour long and I’m just going to briefly talk about my personal battle and then have others open up about questions of their own/concerns about themselves. I’m also providing everyone with a mirrors: which I will have them write on the front all of the positive things about themselves and on the back (on a post it note) I want them to write how they feel about themselves. chances are it’ll be bad and unhappy things so it’ll get a discussion going. at the end they’ll tear up the paper and get to keep the mirror with all the good things on it!

      1. I’ve seen that idea before with a life coaching class! That’s definitely a great idea 🙂 Good for you for doing that! Did you organize it on your own?

      2. Yeah I reached out to the health center at the school that I’m working on my masters at and asked if I could give back & do a program for ED awareness month! any other suggestions for ideas on activities??

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