Cold Hands Warm Heart 5K & Quick/Easy Healthy Snacks

20160212_134220000_iOSHappy Saturday!! Unlike my usual Saturday of working the 7-3:30pm shift, today’s morning consisted of biceps & cardio followed by getting showered and dressed for my Uptown Fitness Cold Hands Warm Heart 5K Health Fair! Wow that was a mouthful. Today the interns are taking part in the 3rd annual health fair hosted my a local gym in town. My room mate works at the gym so she’s going to be there doing fitness demos and helping put the program together. The interns are putting together several stations regarding heart health, such as limit your fats, antioxidants, watching your sodium, etc. My station is the limiting your fat one & we’re making sunflower butter! I’m really excited to see the turnout of this event.


Repping my IUP Dietetics tumblr this morning as I’m getting dressed and eating my egg whites. At this event there are also going to be food demos and a heart healthy cook off. As I’m still on prep, I can’t be consuming these meals so I’ll be sure to pack a lunch with me. After this event I WISH I could spend time to myself and relax but working on my portfolio for my management rotation will persist throughout the day. Good thing I already hit up the gym.


One of my friends from college contacted me asking if I could recommend to her some quick and easy snacks to take on the go to class and work. After thinking about this for a little bit I was able to brainstorm a few ideas for her:

– tuna and crackers

– pb and jelly sandwich w/ WW bread

-turkey and cheese sandwich w/ WW bread

– celery, carrots, peppers, hummus

-hummus & crackers

– Tuna on WW bread

– Greek yogurt + fruit

– overnight oats: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup water + lots of fruit of top. leave in fridge overnight and grab in the AM!

– Cheese stick + crackers/piece of fruit

– stay away from canned soups and frozen meals. convenient, but not really healthy

– hard boil eggs the night before (or cook chicken). Throw in a salad of leafy greens, peppers, cucumbers, cheese, etc.

-salads: you can do so much with them!! load them with veggies and add a protein (eggs, turkey, chicken, tuna, steak, whatever you have on hand)

-cottage cheese + fruit

– yogurt + whole grain cereal

– air popped popcorn + handful of nuts in a baggie for class.

-Cereal is awesome!!! 3/4 cup of cereal + milk + a butt ton of berries on top = throw in a to-go mug and there’s breakfast!! Aim for a high fiber/protein cereal, like bran flakes. its bland but the fruit really adds to it!

-I personally steer clear of bagels. Serious energy killer on myself

What are some of your favorite on the go snacks?

One thought on “Cold Hands Warm Heart 5K & Quick/Easy Healthy Snacks

  1. YESSS I love all of these as snacks or meals ❤ The best snacks are with veggies if you're trying not to eat over maintenance! Hummus + veggies = perfect for that. Also, just an idea for prep, if you're craving sweets, Jell-O is an extremely low cal dessert if you're feeling like you'll cheat!

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