Weekend Festivities

20160213_142429761_iOSThe Cold Hands Warm Heart 5K event was a success! My booth was dedicated to healthy fats and we were able to run out of our sunflower butter samples. Many people really liked them and stated how it tasted like natural crunchy peanut butter! Although it was bitterly cold for the runners, plus the ice rink that we were located in wasn’t too warm itself, I did manage to enjoy myself and network a bit. The gym I go to had their own booth so I was mingling there for a bit, plus my room mate has her own booth for the gym she works at so I was over there hula hooping at one of the stations (hula hooped for thirteen minutes! until some young girl walked into me and ruined my time ugh). What I have to say that really bugs me is the fact that I stepped on a body weight analyzing machine and it stated how I was at 18% body fat (my coach tells me I’m at about 11%) plus I was three pounds heavier than I was that morning!!

I know, I shouldn’t get so worked up about it but it really was a buzzkill. I came super cold and exhausted and fell right to sleep….and woke up two hours later at 4:30 pm and immediately began working on my management portfolio that’s due in a week! It’s crunch time and it’s the most anxiety ridden time for me. I cannot wait until the end of this rotation and to be in the clear!


I skipped my morning gym session for some sleep before my 7-3:30 workday on valentines days! I decide to go after work and that was a bad idea…I’m not used to dealing with people at the gym with my new morning time. Plus I’m used to having my evenings free but instead it was jam packed with the gym, cooking, cleaning, grad work, blogging, and now I’m off to shower and watch some movies. Let’s hope I can get some relaxing in at some point this week Sad smile

One thought on “Weekend Festivities

  1. Does your coach measure you when you’re at 11% or is he/she guessing? 18% is low and some people step on stage at 18% body fat. 11% body fat is about figure-level and if you were 11% you would actually begin raising your macros instead of cutting them. How many weeks out are you now?

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