Work Cancellations and Leg Day Activities!


Ice, rain, sleet, and snow = the worst travel conditions ever!! I drove to the gym in this nonsense and slid everywhere, but I did manage to get a good (and tiring) leg day session in. I wanted to treat myself to a dunkin donuts coffeeee but they weren’t open yet…also I didn’t have enough money in my wallet or my debit card so I managed to save myself a few bucks.


After rushing around my morning, spilling my eggs in my purse, curling my hair and stuffing my face at breakfast…turns out my preceptor said I shouldn’t attempt to travel into work today and just to work from homeAnnoyed I mean yes I’m so happy about that BUT I woke up and even curled my hair today! Plus they have delicious coffee there that I was really looking forward too. I guess It’s back in my pajamas I go Smile


Prepping for tonight’s event: getting my agenda ready, shopping around for mirrors, prepping what I plan to say…luckily I have a whole day now to think about all of this! Also officially registering for my two NPC bikini events! The gym I go to wants to help fundraise/pay for my hotel/registration fee….AWESOME. I have never been so grateful to have such a great, supportive community as I do now. Having a support system is SO important when it comes to living a healthy life. Positive influences = positive choices.



And the positivity I had going through my fueled my leg day workout:

  1. X Squats superset w/ weighted bridged
  2. Sumo squats superset w/ reverse lunges
  3. lunges using the bench superset w/ weighted forward lunges
  4. adductor superset w/ standing calf raises
  5. abductor superset w/ leg curl machine
  6. my usual 7 minute ab workout
  7. plus 20 minutes of incline booty killin cardioooo!

I don’t always superset this much, but when you’re short on time in the AM (as I thought I was since I was supposed to work….) I had to superset more than usual.

Happy Tuesday Smile

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