NEDA (and quite a busy) Awareness Week


Tonight’s my second showing of Running on Empty—an interactive eating disorder discussion with the IUP campus. It’s a fairly dreary day so I am curious as to what the outcome will be like. On the other hand I do have some time before it begins to prepare what I’ll be doing, saying, and what not. As much as I love talking infront of people and sharing my story, sometimes it can be hard to talk for an hour! I’m hoping everyone out there will sign NEDA’s body peace agreement for Eating Disorder Awareness Week!


Or sometimes I talk too much…HA


The past few days have gone by in a blink of an eye…literally. I don’t even have time to breathe, let alone wash my dishes (sorry Christyna!). I’ve been so busy prepping for this new rotation I am in—intervention. At first, it sounded as though I would have a lot of free time versus my 8-4pm M-F jobs in clinical, but no. If I’m not giving a lecture in a classroom on nutrition I am doing a food demo at the YMCA or constructing a bulletin board at the local therapy home. Lots of tiny tasks that take of random chunks of my day. Good thing they give us a YMCA membership for free…totally taking advantage of that sauna and gym membership though Winking smile 


I met with my coach on monday and she claims my body fat is now around 8%! My weigh hasn’t changed but my lifts are going up and I’m definitely getting stronger. She added a carb to my diet to see if that’ll help cycle my weight. Abs are the last thing to come in, especially for women, but it would be nice to even see a teeny bit more definition so I can feel as though I’m on the right track.


On a good note: coach said after my first show I can eat whatever the h*ll I want! Smile and that means Red Robin date with Shawn!!! Hitting up those unlimited steak fries!

Now that I don’t have to get up and leave my house at 6:30AM everyday, I decided to go to the gym at 5am instead of 3:30AM, and surprisingly I have come to realize how much I enjoy the gym earlier than 5am. Call me crazy, but being there alone or with 1-2 other people is wonderful. Especially when it’s still pitch black out and the rain is ricocheting off of the ceiling and you can HEAR it instead of all of the grunting and moaning.

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