Weekend Wrap-up #2: Work

20160306_232209227_iOSHappy Monday Everyone! Over here in PA it looks as though the weather is finally looking bright—50’s and 60’s! Maybe that seasonal depression will wear off once and for all!

Here’s my weekend recap:


Saturday: The morning work shift wasn’t too bad until I showed up realizing my co-worker called off….or more so just chose to not show up. I never really understood how people could just not show up without a phone call!! But hey, we all have our days I suppose. I did a lot of running around, errands, shopping, and spending money that probably should have been saved (hashtag girl problems!). I was feeling super stressed out so coming home from work and taking a me day was MUCH needed. I ended up falling asleep at 8pm!

Sunday: The second day of work, a simple morning shift with my co-worker calling off yet again. My evening was filled with some much needed girl time with Christyna though. I love having a room mate who is just as passionate about nutrition as I am.

Today: Motivation Monday includes turning the frowns upside down and trying my very best to be productive! Spring break is (technically) here, as I don’t have much to do for my internship minus the occasional journaling, visiting the preschoolers regarding nutrition, and catching up on the latest nutrition trends. As I mentioned previously, my chest has been in serious pain lately, making me believe I pulled or strained a muscle. Hopefully yesterday’s light cardio only session helped—lifting is so important to me and I CANNOT be in any critical condition right now! I woke up not wanting to go to the gym, but had no reason to say no. So a 20 minute cardio session + bis + tris = enough for me to feel good about myself. I did a little reading regarding protein intake and athletes (thanks to Gaterade Sports Science Institute research) and now am ready to enjoy this beautiful day with a bike ride!


Meeting with the coach this evening, let’s hope she think I’m on the right track. 3 weeks out and still no abs. It’s fairly disheartening, especially when my weight has just severely plateaued.

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