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November Monthly Favorites

From fashion finds to foodie favorites, I’ve been keeping a list of some of my favorite products that I have stumbled across & fallen in love with over the month of November (in no particular order). Check them out below. If you’ve tried any of these, or have a similar/opposite opinion, let me know down in the comments. November was great, but let’s cross our fingers that December can top it! NOTE: These products are not necessarily “new” but they are new to my daily routine and/or lifestyle so I obviously had to share!!

#8: Victoria’s Secret Ladies Pink Detox Mask Clay Face And Body Mask (~$15.00)

8. Victoria’s Secret Ladies Pink Detox Mask Clay Face And Body Mask (~$15.00). Easily my favorite face mask on the planet — and I have used several different kinds over the last 8 or so years. This charcoal-based mask really makes my skin feel super smooth, soft, and tight (versus the typically oily feeling it can get after a long-a$$ day of work, working, and sweating over the small stuff). I’d recommend washing your face first, applying the mask and letting it sit until it’s dry, and THEN going into the shower to well, shower. It’s a bit messy, so I find that showering it off is much easier than scrubbing your face in the bathroom sink and getting black flakes of dried charcoal everywhere.

7. Aldi Friendly Farms Almond Nog (~$2.50): Aldi is coming in CLUTCH this winter with this bomb a$$ almond based egg nog (Note– I have never had egg nog, so maybe that’s why i enjoy this). At a 1/2 cup serving being only a mere 50 calories, I have been using this product as a main staple in my mid-morning iced coffee recipe. I am telling you, this is a game changer in the iced coffee world. I probably could drink it straight, but I would much rather enjoy it mixed with a little caffeine.

6. GNC AMP Sustained Release Protein – Girl Scout Caramel Cookie ($39.99)

6. GNC AMP Sustained Release Protein – Girl Scout Caramel Cookie ($39.99): If ya’ll know me, you know I hate drinking protein shakes & that I loveee adding my protein to my morning oats in the morning. This flavor goes above and beyond. The fact that GNC hooked up with the Girl Scouts to play off of their delicious cookie flavors and replicate them into solid protein products–just wow. They also have this product in Thin Mints, but I am definitely a coconut girl. $39.99 isn’t bad, but they typically run their BOGO 50% deal, so of course I end up snagging 2 products. Try adding this to your morning oats or making your protein coffee with this. You’ll thank me later 🙂

5. Kodiak Cakes Oatmeal Unleashed – Maple & Brown Sugar ($5.50): This year Kodiak launched a line of oatmeal products, and one of the flavors I was able to snag was the maple & brown sugar one. For some reason I always tend to gravitate towards more sweet & decadent flavors in the morning (vs. enjoying something more fruity, like their peaches & cream flavor). For having 12g of protein and the first ingredient being 100% whole grain rolled oats, I was pretty pleased with the outcome. I always enjoy a quick + easy breakfast, as I’m usually running late to hop on my laptop to work so this is perfect for me in those time pinches. I personally do not find these very filling, so I would use these on my “I’m not super hungry but I need to shove something in my belly right now” mornings. Pair this with some greek yogurt. a smoothie, or some scrambled eggs in the AM for a more filling breakfast.

4. Not Your Mother’s Glisten Up High Gloss Coat ($8.49):

4. Not Your Mother’s Glisten Up High Gloss Coat ($8.49): Another fun fact about me is that over this COVID-19 quarantine period, I probably colored my hair every 3-4 weeks for fun. Whether it was red, or brown, or blonde, or bleachhhh blonde, or gray… has been done. With that in mind, my hair is basically a hot mess nowadays & I am working on keeping it as maintained & healthy as I possibly can at this point. I love using this high gloss finish after I dry my hair or add heat from straightening on it. I use 2 sprays directly onto my hands, and then I start midshaft and pat my head towards the tips. Because my hair is more oily, I try to avoid getting too much at the top of my head. I find that this finish looks really nice, and makes my hair look super shiny and sleek (which is my personal fav look).

3. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer ($27.00, online I grabbed it at $18.00 at Ulta): I have struggled to find something that could actually hide the (~designer~) bags that are permanently tattooed under my eyes. No matter how much sleep I get, or how hydrated I remain, or literally anything I do, God just gifted me with dark undereye circles. I’m usually NOT someone who purchases high-end makeup (hello my Wet & Wild and ELF cosmetic ladies!!!) but this was a splurge that is absolutely worth it. I actually purchased 2–the brightener one & one that matched more of my skin tone and I can’t rave enough about this undereye concealer. Not only for under eyes, but any acne scars, blemishes, or other redness areas that you may want to cover up. Definitely a must have in your beauty bag!!

2. Netflix Series – The Good Place: I absolutely hate TV. I hate sitting still, I hate sitting in general, and TBH nothing really holds my attention very long. I put this show on the other day as I was nearing the end of a long workday just for some background noise. I was not anticipating falling inlove to where I sucked down the remaining 3-4 series in just a week. That being said, if you’re someone who loves some light comedy, has a dry sense of humor, and likes to watch shows that you actually do need to be relatively attentive to, I would recommend adding this into your queue.

1. Target (Archer’s Farm) Chocolate Pecan Pie ($3.69) Last but certainly not least is a Target find! Jess & I went to Target the other day and of course we had to stop along the ice cream aisle. While I’m really not a “fake ice cream” fan, and I tend to gravitate towards the real deal, this one along with the other flavors in the Archer Farm’s line definitely grabbed my attention. The names of the flavors were more intriguing than your standard Halo Top “Cookie dough” or “chocolate PB”. Archer Farm’s has some cool flavors, such as this one or the Mocha Cold Brew one. Check them out at your local Target, and let me know which is your favorite.

What have you stumbled across during the month of November that you found to be life changing?

xoxo tabitha


2 thoughts on “November Monthly Favorites

  1. The Good Place is so amazing! I don’t watch much TV either and that really sucked me in too! Need to check out some of the products you mentioned too.
    Xo -Tina

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