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Workout Jams – December 2020

Does anyone else feel as though if their playlists or workout songs are subpar, then so is there workout?? The only time that I really care about what music is playing is during my workouts–they really are the main motivating factor for me. I took some time this past weekend to put together and sort through some of my starred songs on my Spotify account (username: tabitha_annnr918) to sort them in specific playlists (cardio training, lifting, etc.) and I came across some SOLID gems I wanted to share with you all! Check out some of the songs below, add them to your playlists, and put them on repeat because they’re definitely worth it!

For the car ride to the gym (or while you’re in your kitchen drinking your pre-workout):

Lemonade – YUNGBLUD

If you’re looking for some good cardio/HIIT/running music, check out these babies:

If you’re a heavy lifter trying to PR a snatch, squat, deadlift, or need something heavier than Justin Bieber, check out these gems:

What songs are currently on repeat for you?

xoxo tabitha


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