Just a little about myself!

20151228_144857920_iOS.jpgWell thanks for checking out my blog! My name is Tabitha and I’m a registered dietitian nutritionist! I graduated from a small high school in New Jersey  and attended Indiana University of PA  where I got my BS in Nutrition-Food Science/Dietetics Track as well as my MS in Nutrition and Exercise Science. I finished my internship through IUP in May 2016 and took my exam July 2016, passing on the first try!!

I grew up with a mother who loved twinkies and ho-ho’s and a body-building father, two complete opposite ends. I grew into my dad’s mindset, yet I managed to grab ahold of my mother’s sweet tooth. I’ve always been inlove with nutrition, ever since I became a vegetarian when I was in middle school. I’ve been told that starting college can be an obstacle with eating healthy and staying fit, which is what inspired me to create this blog. College comes along with a lot of freedom, and one of them is choosing what you eat and when you eat. Atteding college and being nearly six hours from home has actually changed my health habits for the better. With all the new opportunities to try food and the new places to experiment with it’s great to be able to try new things and explore my taste buds and figure out what truly taste good to me. My motto isn’t to necessarily say no to ‘bad’ foods, but more so eat in moderation. I’ve learned to enjoy sweets and treats as long as you’re balancing a healthy lifestyle.

I always believed that what you eat was the only thing that mattered, but I quickly learned that’s not the case. Exercise (as much as we alll hate to admit) goes hand in hand with what you nourish the body with. I’m currently working as a research and development specialist at GNC headquarters, working closely in the product development field, creating products and supplements for those seeking to achieve health and wellness goals.

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