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Workout Jams – December 2020

Does anyone else feel as though if their playlists or workout songs are subpar, then so is there workout?? The only time that I really care about what music is playing is during my workouts--they really are the main motivating factor for me. I took some time this past weekend to put together and sort… Continue reading Workout Jams – December 2020

Healthy Eats + Treats

Quick & Easy Kodiak Cake Bread Recipes

Blueberry Kodiak Cake Bread Kodiak Cake Mixes are extremely popular mixes that I see many 20-30 year old's using for a high protein pancake/waffle mix versus the typical refined flour/overly processed mixes on shelf. I personally love their products as they have several different product offerings that are all relatively high in protein with modest… Continue reading Quick & Easy Kodiak Cake Bread Recipes

Dietitian Talk

10 Things To Know BEFORE You Become a Nutrition Major

With  hundreds of colleges to choose from, and hundreds of majors to declare…it all comes down to the questions of: What College? And most importantly, what will you study? I lucked out and knew what I wanted to do from a fairly young age, so choosing a college that carried the major of dreams was simple.… Continue reading 10 Things To Know BEFORE You Become a Nutrition Major