Meet the family!


an old photo so please don’t mind my appearance!

And these are my parents, some of the most influential, frustrating yet loving parents that i’ve ever come across. Both of them have been with me every step of the way, every issue and problem I’ve encountered they have been there.

My mother, the twinkie loving and taxi driver of all my random activties, is one of the funniest and down to earth women I know. She and i are so similar, in our sarcasm and likes and dislikes, to what we find funny and what we find entirely meaningless to worry about. She’s the realist in the family, and doesn’t push me past my comfort zone unless she truly thinks I can do it. She never puts pressure on me and let’s me essentially have the freedom she thinks I deserve. She’s been my rock ever since I could remember, and I couldn’t ask for anyone better than her.


My father, on the other hand, likes to push me as far as I can go, no matter how far out of my comfort zone it is. He likes to see me try, and he likes to see me succeed. He tries his best to give me the best life possible, teaching me morals and values and lessons (with a few spankings and groundings of couse) along the way. I think his lifestyle of fitness and health conscious behaviors really peaked my interest in nutrition and helped me choose my dream career at such a young age.

069 I remember constantly making fun of him when he would order plain egg white omelettes with no butter on his toast and blah blah, and now what do I order at breakfast time….? egg white omelettes and no butter on my whole wheat toast and all of that. Like father like son….err, daughter 🙂

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