My Education!

2015-02-16 12.55.23Schooling is SO important in the field of nutrition and dietetics. Here’s a quick run down of how my education went:

  • I completed my undergraduate degree at Indiana University of PA (IUP) from August 2012- May 2015 in Nutrition-Dietetics Track.
  • I applied early admission to the dietetic internship at IUP in December 2014 and (thanking the gods every chance I get) I got one of the 11 spots! I remember crying to my mom on the phone as I told her I got it, honestly one of the most awarding days of my life. Unless you are a dietetics student, you might not realize how important it is to get an internship upon graduation (the odds of getting one are nearly a 50-50 chance, so be PROUD if you receive one!!).
  • Starting August 2015, I began my first of three main rotations in the internship: clinical, management/long term care, and intervention being the three. The end of May 2016 (roughly nine months of interning) I graduated from the program and had the ability to sit for my board exam to become a registered dietitian. I had the opportunity to work in several locations, such as hospitals, school districts, food banks, senior living homes, and auditoriums for presentations. The amount of experience I received is beyond explainable.
  • I chose to sit for my RD exam 2 months after graduating, and passed on the first attempt (side note–I wanted to vomit the entire time with how nerve racking it was!!)
  • I chose to continue my education once passing and work as a graduate assistant at IUP with the faculty in the Food and Nutrition department. I decided to go for two masters degrees: one in Nutrition Science and the other in Exercise Physiology.
  • While continuing my education, I worked not only as a graduate assistant, but also as a part time clinical dietitian in a long term care facility.
  • I received my dual masters in Aug 2017, which granted me the job opportunity i have now as a research dietitian at GNC World Headquarters.

Questions? Comments? Confused on the education of an RD? Shoot me an email:



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