Day 6: Obsession, and a few other topics

20140713-091745-33465699.jpgDay 6 discusses obsessions, so here’s a photo of that actually perfectly describes some of my obsessions!
-cats (on my mug)
-mugs, especially cat and princess mugs
-fuzzy socks

A few things that aren’t in the photo that I am obsessed with:

nutrition, as in if anyone talks to me chances are I’ll bring up some fact. I remember laying out and tanning with a few friends last month & my friend complained of how bright the sun was and all I wanted to do was explain how vitamin A plays a role in your night vision and why you react the way you do to bright light…but I restrained myself 🙂 It’s actually due to the breakdown of rhodopsin, which is formed by retinal (a form of vitamin A).
reusable water bottles: I seriously have an obsession with these! I have nearly 5-6 reusable water bottles, filtered bottles, travel mugs, etc. my newest one is, no surprise, a Disney princess one from my friend Abbi. my friends know me so well 🙂
cleanliness come on who doesn’t love a clean house? a clean desk? a clean bathroom?

A finished my intense (and lonely, since it was an empty gym!) workout and gulped down a chocolate banana strawberry protein shake. Surprisingly I was able to handle this too. most protein shakes taste rather gross, but this one wasn’t too bad


-pure protein triple chocolate shake protein powder
-1/3 banana
– 3 huge strawberries
-6-8 ounces of milk (I use almond)
– spoonful of cottage cheese for thickness

I really could taste the banana so maybe I used too much or it was just too ripe. but it cancelled out that “this is obviously a protein shake” taste hahah. Hope you all kick started your morning and are enjoying yourselves!!


Day 5: After hours (and my Saturday wrap up)

<img src="https://daleydish.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/20140712-224744-82064689.jpg" alt="20140712-224744-82064689.jpg" class="alignleft size-full” />So working 1-10pm on my feet all day honestly KILLS my energy. my friends always wonder why I don’t want to go out or why I don’t mind enjoying a Saturday night in, and I tell them “you stand and restock shelves for 9 hours and tell me how you feel afterward”. My best is my best friend right now. So yes, after hours includes my little feet laying across my bed, and you can see that nice and thick bandage wrapped around my right foot. While stocking I tripped over the wooden pallet and sliced my foot open. That’s also the same foot that has a blister from running, so tomorrow’s 2 mile run is going to be just FABULOUS! 😦

I ordered some new supplements from bodybuilding.com, and can’t wait for them to come in and show you! Hopefully they’ll work well for me and really kick my body in gear. Oh! and I received amazing news! I’m doing research this upcoming year with a student in the psychology department who is working on her dissertation for school, and she’s letting me help her work on eating patterns and behaviors! She said she’ll video tape me as I give my “psychoeducational” spiel about food and nutrition. I’m so pumped for this!

Hope you’re all enjoying your Saturday nights!


30 day challenge: Day 3 and 4

20140711-215226-78746570.jpgClouds and Something green? well lemme tell you: there were no clouds yesterday or today in Indiana! it’s been so clear I can barely fathom it. However, I did find something green: my new bag of kale! Freshly opened and can’t wait to mix it with my protein shakes tomorrow! Can you believe I did research today and saw articles claiming that cottage cheese is actually a BAD post workout snack/meal? that’s all I consume as you know! Apparently casein protein is slow digesting compared to whey, and your muscles need immediate recovery. Guess I’ll need to do more research in that area then.

It’s so sad seeing my summer come to an end. A few friends and I went to a Mexican restaurant for lunch, and I ended up substituting all their meat dishes for beans (they definitely hate vegetarians!) I’m barely able to keep my eyes open as I’m typing this post. Hopefully waking up for the gym won’t be so tough.

what are your favorite post work out meals and snacks?


Day 2: What I wore today plus banana ice cream!

20140709-212731-77251018.jpgwellll I must admit I’ve done a few costume changes today! Had my bathing suit on earlier as I worked at the pool but quickly changed into this comfy outfit of my favorite tye dye shirt and yoga shorts and headed to abbi’s to spend my evening with her and jam out to some tunes. Eminem radio anyone!? How cool would it be to host a cooking channel at my college? I met a person today who said I should talk to my communication media department and ask if I could have a quick segment on the IUP Tv channel and host a cooking segment!

20140709-222731-80851182.jpgAlso ended my day with a sweet treat! banana and strawberry “ice cream”

1-5 frozen bananas
splash of almond milk
Handful of strawberries

I threw in the bananas and a few splashes of milk. The less milk, the thicker the consistency, which is what I was aiming for. I blended up it all and dumped half of the mixture into my glass, and added strawberries to the other half that was still in the blended. I blended up that and then poured the new berry mixture on too. Voila! Only took about 5 minutes and completely guilt free! Enjoy and have a great Wednesday night!


30 Day Challenge: Day 1

20140708-124846-46126186.jpgCooked up some broccoli and green beans for lunch, but I needed some protein with my vegetables. With moving out in a few weeks, the last thing on my mind is buying groceries and stocking up on food, so I figured I would use what I have and experiment. I added about 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and 1/2 teaspoon, 1/3 banana and a handful of berries to my cottage cheese. Ate my veggies and ate my cottage cheese as a nice little dessert 🙂 I think next time I’ll use less cocoa, but other than that i enjoyed it! I need to experiment more with cottage cheese. anyone have great suggestions regarding cottage cheese mix ins??




20140708-125146-46306882.jpg Starting my first 30 day challenge! Day one: a self portrait! Currently just laying around blogging before I head into work at 4pm. Keeping myself occupied by searching up some delicious new smoothie and juicing recipes as time ticks away until work!