Leg Day and Overworked

20160204_114758386_iOSYesterday was BEYOND the longest day of my life. After my super early morning gym session, I went to work and was there only 8-1:30pm since the dietitian had to leave for personal reasons. After that I headed to the grocery store which was PACKED, went home to eat (I was starving all day….like it was unexplainable. I’ve never been that famished before!!) and attempted to cure my insane headache which failed miserably. I was only home for an hour before I had to leave t go back to the store and purchase 250$ worth of food for the event we are holding tomorrow. The afternoon seemed to have been going well. I ran into Roddy’s father and that always makes my day. Talking to him always puts me in a pleasant mood!

After Patrice and I purchased the food for the french toast bake, yogurt parfaits, and trail mix, we had to pre some of it. We thought it would only take a few hours but we were there 4-10pm….

and of course I would lose my car key…and find in 3 minutes later but still! The fact that it set me back three minutes was miserable. The hard work we put into half of the prep last night was worth it. I’ll post the recipes after we finalize if they are a hit with the staff or not Winking smile

I still managed to wake up at 3AM, hit the gym, and come home and get ready for work. But because of my late night yesterday I didn’t have time to prep my chicken for today….so I did that this morning while doing the following:

my hair

the dishes

taking out the trash for trash day

eating my oatmeal

andddd checking my emails. Pro multi-tasker if you ask me!

Because we did so much of the prep yesterday, today should be short and simple: prep the french toast and let it soak overnight and fill the yogurt containers. Should be in and out easily. Well, let’s hope.


20160204_014019000_iOSToday’s 3:30AM workout: 30 minutes of cardio, Abs, and legs. I’ll probably head back in later to finish up some legs because I was a little rushed, but I feel fairly content with everything I put in this morning. I truly enjoy when no one is at the gym, I feel better squatting that way hehe.

Problem: Aside from sodium and dairy, what can cause you (or someone you know) to bloat? I woke up and felt excessively bloated, full, and uncomfortable and CANNOT put my finger on it!


Off to work at the hospital! wish me luck with tonight’s events!


Ps: making this trail mix with fancy bags took us four hours….lets hope people appreciate them!!


Lazy Mornings & Eating Disorder Events

20160129_135735000_iOSFamily Day wasn’t a hugeee success yesterday due to the time slot (11AM on a friday? When people work?) But nonetheless we had some good conversation with the families that attended. On days like yesterday where I was able to wake up and relax for an hour instead of rushing into the gym, I sipped my two cups of coffee from my handmade monogrammed mug (sharpie + dollar store mug = great deal Winking smile) relaxed in my oversized hoodie and planned my day out.


When 1:00pm hit, I was able to leave, drive my hour commute home to my hometown gym and workout….not realizing I was going to be working out for over two hours! Some days I never want to step foot in the gym, while other days I have more motivation than I could fathom. Lacey gave me some great shoulder workout tips (supersetting plate raises with busdrivers, incorporating snatches, etc). Like I’ve stated in my previous posts, it’s always great to have a friend at the gym who is “competition” or at least on your skill level to push you harder and give you advice. And man my shoulders are on fiyaaaaah!

As I was leaving the gym, the owner actually offered me a preworkout: Muscle Pharm Asssault in Lemon Lime. I’ll have to review that for you tomorrow and see how it goes after my afternoon workout today!

Speaking of this afternoon….my friend Eric and I are getting together to plan for our Eating Disorder Awareness event. My coordinator asked me to do two showings!!! February 16 and February 24 are right around the corner, so coffee shop date to get the ball rolling is a MUST this weekend. Can’t spoil all of our plans but I can already tell that two passionate people coming together will only make this event even better.Any suggestions on what YOU would want to see if you came to an event regarding this topic?



The dietitian that I have been working with the last 3-4 months stopped by my house last night to drop off a goodbye gift. Yesterday was my last day as the nutrition consultant at the preschool for a few weeks due to the end of my “management” rotation for the internship. I will now be starting to work at a long term care facility in PA. She stopped by all casual and seemed so disappointed I was leaving, and her gift made me cry. A coffee mug, a bag of starbucks coffee, and a wonderful note.


20160129_231238648_iOSYou all know how much of a coffee addict I am right…???? So did the dietitian!! It’s the small things that truly make me excited to do what I love in a career Getting feedback on your performance, getting a pat on the back, and being told how appreciated you are can truly make a difference.   Off to work to cut up some fruit at the supermarket!!


10-11-15: Sunny days on Sundays

20151011_122528214_iOSToday I actually had a day off: and when I say OFF, I mean from every obligation…homework, my internship, and my job as  a produce associate. I decided to wake up at 6:30 and start my day off right by a great leg day followed by my favorite breakfast ever…oats and 1/2 scoop protein powder w/ a chocolate protein shake! weighted walking lunged, knee raises, leg presses and all that jazz. It was even better being the only one in the gym at that time. I managed to be productive and clean the entire house, do laundry, get some gas so I can  travel on my hour long commute every day this week (still unhappy about the long commute….) and even have time to relax before lunch time! Made a delicious wrap w/ a whole grain light wrap featuring 97% lean ground turkey, refried beans, and broccoli! mmmm just started this combo and it’s seriously sooo filling. Definitely try it out! Shawn came back from work and we left to pick some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. It was such a beautiful day…a little too warm for my leggings and sweater actually.


I decided to get ahead on some of my homework and start my worksheets regarding tube feeding/parenteral nutrition. My clinical phase as an intern has been super exciting. I’ve learned more these past six weeks than I had in all four years as an undergrad. For everyone out there who feels as though they are incompetent in the clinical field as a dietetic major…trust me, you will learn it ALL in clinical. Just four more weeks and I move onto my management phase! Can’t wait for the change of pace there.

Not only has this internship broadened my knowledge of nutrition, but it has also broadened my interests in nutrition as well. Although I still am interested in eating disorders and sports nutrition, I think being a counselor for any nutritional needs in general is also rewarding. Research in third world countries is another thought that’s been playing around in my mind for a while as well. Who knows where this program will take me.


Dinner ended up being eggs, refried beans, and more broccoli. I’ve been on a huge broccoli kick lately. I’m hoping to experi20151011_220215691_iOSment with some seasonings and spice combinations to spice up my dishes. I’ve really been getting into meal prepping lately. I’ll have to write out my prep for the week and show you how I plan out my meals!


What a Dietetic Intern Eats: Day 1

20150814_092948199_iOS Rise and Shine! Summer end is ending and it’s about that time of year where leaves will begin to change, pumpkin flavored beverages are flooding your instagram feed, and of course…school and classes start back up. For me this year, school is finally over!!! Well…to an extent. Instead, I will be a dietetic intern at Indiana University of PA with eleven other wonderful women. Yesterday was my first day of orientation and getting to know the other girls and I am so excited to see what they all can bring to the group.

Because of privacy reasons, I cannot post my activities and daily interactions regarding the internship. I remember as an undergraduate or even as a high schooler I tried my best to look up blogs and websites as to what students actually do during this “internship” that is required of all DPD graduates of a Nutrition-dietetics program. And now I realize that students rarely post anything due to privacy reasons. But of course there are some things that I can post…


Such as….what does a dietetic intern/future registered dietitian eat on a daily basis? There is this HUGE stigma going around that we dietitians and health professionals eat “clean” foods 24-7, never drink soda, never binge or snack on candy or even desire a piece of chocolate.

HAH! YEAH RIGHT! If only that was the case. In reality, we are ALL humans. Nobody follows a perfect diet, that’s for sure. Maybe I don’t get the recommended amount of fiber or carbohydrates or iron in a day, but trying to calculate and maintain the “perfect diet” is really time consuming and can lead to obsessive thoughts and potential eating disorders. As a recovered victim of eating disorders, I think balance and moderation is KEY to a healthy lifestyle, and I’m here to post what a future RD eats a day. This will prove that no, I am not perfect BUT that eating healthy can be appetizing, fun, and EASY. Oh and of course budget friendly due to the fact that I am still technically a college student paying her own bills and groceries.


So cheers to day 1!

  • 3 liquid egg products (egg whites with coloring)
  • 1 cup of Milville Get Balanced cereal (this is an off brand of the Kashi Go-Lean original cereal. For 1 cup, this cereal has 13 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber, BAM!!) This can be found at Aldi’s btw)
  • 1/4 cup of frozen blueberries
  • 1/2 cup of unsweetened almond milk
  • 1/2 scoop of Gold Standard Whey Extreme Milk Chocolate (I add this to my cereal and stir all of it together. It sounds gross but it packs a good punch of of protein!!)


Off to orientation now!


procrastination at it’s finest

20150718_101446000_iOSPulled my breakfast out from the fridge around 5:30am (kashi cereal, protein powder, blueberries!!) this morning with a deliciouus cup of coffee and was ready to head to work. The 7am-12pm shift flew by SO fast. Cutting fruit and restocking fruit trays and platters seriously is more time consuming than one would think. I even got called to come back in at 4pm to work in the deli due to a call off, but with my homework piling up I figured it was best if I stayed home to catch up on some work. Today’s homework consists of reviewing different non-profit organizations regarding health and nutrition and see who has educational programs/toolkits that could benefit nutrition educators. Not a super hard task, but again…time consuming.


Lunch today was broccoli, original hummus, and grilled chicken. I was actually so hungry when I got back from work, so I was entirely grateful that my meals were already made


Now if I could only get the energy to get on with this homework. Working three jobs that aren’t entirely consistent is one of the hardest things I have ever done. One day I’ll work 8-3 and then the next it’ll be 6pm-2am…it makes me SO excited to start a real career soon enough.


Back to my lower carb days aka breakfast was essentially my bulk of carbs for the day. I’ve learned that if someone wants to take on a “healthier lifestyle” (NOT a diet…never use the “d” word), it’s so so sooo important to always emphasize what you CAN eat, and not what you CAN’T eat.



For example:

Wrong way: Wow… I’m eating healthier so I can’t have cake and cookies. Jeeze that blows Sad smile  *goes and thinks about junk food all day*

Right way: Wow, I can have two servings of vegetables with my meal and not feel bad about grabbing seconds??


DO NOT focus on what you can’t have but instead, what you can have.


Workout Wednesday with some transformation

20140806_132455000_iOSHappy workout Wednesday! Has anyone else been getting that “I don’t want to wake up and workout” funk lately? I can’t seem to shake it. Luckily I know how great I will feel afterwards which pushes me to get up and get moving, I remember just last month I would run two miles on the treadmill at a reasonable pace of roughly 17 minutes, and today I ran two miles in 15:36! I can’t believe I made that much progress in a month, how crazy is that? Maybe soon enough ill be working up towards a marathon. I came home, brewed a cup of coffee and sat down with some cottage cheese, fruit, and bran flakes mix. I was going through some old photos and I came across one from high school and I was so shocked. My arms were so thin and absolutely no muscle on them, so I decided to put a recent one side by side and gaze at the difference. It’s incredible how far people come. From disordered eating and always fearing weight gain, to now where I eat a balanced diet and workout to get muscle. I feel so much stronger, happier, and healthier (and tanner hehe) than I was before, and it feels awesome!  It may take a while to feel comfortable in one’s own skin, but once you do become comfortable, it’s an amazing feeling!





Smoothie Saturdays!

20140719-152125-55285257.jpgLazy Saturday for me! With the rain smacking against my windows and no work to attend too, it’s a lazy Saturday! I hit up the gym and came back and made myself my usual chocolate pudding protein shake. Afterwards I settled down with a cup of coffee and ordered some new supplements from bodybuilding.com. You can see on my laptop I’m deciding on what questbar
I should buy! I’ve heard cookies and cream is the best one, so I guess I should give it a shot. Abbi and I decided to head to Walmart and get down groceries and random supplies, and I completely forgot the number one rule of life: never go to Walmart on a Saturday! my mother taught me that rule numerous times and I can’t believe I forgot it! Worst decision ever, but thankfully after an hour and a half of Abbi being indecisive, we got some groceries and of course, things we didn’t actually need.

20140719-152233-55353109.jpg I made another shake later on:

1/3 banana
4 frozen strawberries
handful of berries
splash of almond milk
Designer Whey Vanilla protein

Made it as thick as pudding and yum! Look at the color! Dug right into it, and it tasted so good, especially on this humid and sticky day. I can’t wait to move out of this area and move to some area such as Colorado, where there is apparently 340 days of sunshine year round; how incredible does that sound? I’ve heard so many great things about that state and I can’t wait to get out and hopefully visit at some point within the year.



Day 10: childhood memories

20140717-195232-71552841.jpgLast night was the final night Bryan got to stay over before he left today! We made some delicious homemade pizzas for dinner and played some badminton outside. We woke up and got back on track from the crazy past few days and went to the gym, followed by delicious protein fruit smoothies and oatmeal! I’m so happy Bryan has been joining me, it’s incredible how you can feel after a morning workout. Bryan even said that if I hadn’t had gotten him up he would still be in bed at 8am. Bryan’s oatmeal was maple and apple and cinnamon while mine was high fiber banana cinnamon oat bran (you can definitely see the difference!) We got some spackling and cleaning done in the house, and all I really have left to do is pack up and move out! It’s going to be a sad day moving back home for a bit, but I think I’m ready!


20140717-200241-72161142.jpgWe had some wild rice and quinoa with broccoli and green beans for lunch, making sure Bryan was full for his five hour drive home. He was nice and surprised me with some dark chocolate before he left 🙂 he knows me so well! Day 10 discusses child good memories, and I have an incredible memory for sure. I’m great at remembering times and dates and what people wear and when they wear it. I wish I could say I have a photographic memory, but I know that’s not the case. I would definitely have to say a memory I truly remember is one linked to my passion of food. I used to pretend to host my own cooking show when I was about 6 years old. I would demonstrate how to properly out peanut butter on crackers and pretend to video tape it and everything! Gosh that sounds so humiliating but looking back, I would love to be actually doing that as a career! Funny how little things like that may actually lead to a real career one day.


Day 8 & 9: Routine and someone you love

Well I’m not entirely sure if you all know this but I’m a strict routine person! I’m not the most spontaneous and “go with the flow” type of girl, so routine is strictly important. My morning routine is usually the same:
-wake up at 5
-click brew on the coffee
-head into the bathroom to wash my face
-pick up the brewed coffee/scroll through my emails and social media
-leave for the gym: 5:30-6:40 usually
– Shower
-make my breakfast
-update my website and tada! whatever the rest of the day entails

My nightly routine varies from if I work or have school, it always consists of:

-brushing teeth
-washing my face
– setting up the coffee for morning
-locking the doors
-putting on my gym clothes

and that’s about it regarding routine! My day 9’s person I love, that’s a tough one. I would definitely have to say my mom. although I love both my parents equally, my mom would be the person I would choose. She’a always there for me, through thick and in. she’s not that overprotective parent, but she doesn’t always find a way to communicate and check in without being that “who are you with what are you doing now” mother. sometimes I used to get angry not being allowed to do things but looking back I bet I would do the same thing for my child. Having the same sense of humor and interests makes it actually fun to be home on a Saturday night with her. Can’t wait to be home and reunited with her.

20140716-124906-46146894.jpgYesterday now was amazing! Bryan and I left for Pittsburgh around 7am and stopped for breakfast before officially making it to Warped Tour. The lineup for the bands wasn’t the best but there were a few i was happy to see. Got a lot of free stuff regarding vegetarianism and Bryan got a Tshirt, poster, and a cd! The weather was perfect too, not super hot or super cold, can’t wait for the next concert we go to.

anyone been to Firefly or Bonaroo? Any recommendations?

20140716-125408-46448610.jpgOn our way home we stopped at, but of course, Panera bread! Bryan was a bit upset that they were out of bread bowl so they gave him extra bread instead. By the time we go home it was about 9pm, and our plans for movie watching fell through due to the fact that we fell asleep before 10pm! From the sun, the music, the walking around all day, we were all so beat. Today is our last fun filled day before Bryan heads home to NJ tomorrow, so hopefully I can get rid of this nasty sleepy feeling after work and enjoy the rest of the day together. Hope the weather is beautiful for all of you guys! Enjoy!


Day 7: Changes to come


Today was such an action packed day for Bryan and I! We woke up, headed to the gym for about an hour and came back to some delicious omelets and fruit. We drove out in this awful rainfall to Pittsburgh and stopped for coffee at this cute little shop called Crazy Mocha Cafe which was surrounded by other tiny shops! Sadly it was too drizzly to walk around and soak up the environment, but I’ll keep this in mind for next time. Next stop: to visit the Carnegie Science Center/Sports Worx! Definitely recommend visiting, especially with younger children. Four floors of adventures, such as space exploration, the planetarium, robots, trains and railroads, nutrition/food, and under the sea. Bryan and I were able to watch a presentation held by the allegheny health center discussing taste buds. It’s incredible to see young kids so excited about science, it’s so heart warming.

Although it was tailored more to the younger audience it was still rather fun! After the science center we headed over to Sports Worx, where we rock climbed, pitched baseballs, played a little hockey, and became swarmed with tiny summer campers. Today was definitely a day well spent! After a super busy morning and afternoon we headed
home and stopped for some Panera Bread for lunch! Haven’t been here in so long, and it’s been SO long since I’ve been here on a day where they served my favorite soup—garden vegetable! Now were just relaxing to some mindless television and playing cats cradle while the rain hits the windowpanes of the apartment. Day 7 includes some changes, and that’s a very vague topic. As summer ends and the semester starts in nearly a month, I’ve got plenty of changes I want to happen. Physically I’m hoping to become more fit, strong, and lean. I want to eat clean but not restrict myself to where I’m always craving or super indulging. Mentally, I want to care less of what others say, focus more on school work and learn rather than memorize, and learn to handle my stress better.

Anyone have any great stress relieving tactics?

Hope you all enjoyed your Mondays!