30 Day Challenge: Day 1

20140708-124846-46126186.jpgCooked up some broccoli and green beans for lunch, but I needed some protein with my vegetables. With moving out in a few weeks, the last thing on my mind is buying groceries and stocking up on food, so I figured I would use what I have and experiment. I added about 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and 1/2 teaspoon, 1/3 banana and a handful of berries to my cottage cheese. Ate my veggies and ate my cottage cheese as a nice little dessert 🙂 I think next time I’ll use less cocoa, but other than that i enjoyed it! I need to experiment more with cottage cheese. anyone have great suggestions regarding cottage cheese mix ins??




20140708-125146-46306882.jpg Starting my first 30 day challenge! Day one: a self portrait! Currently just laying around blogging before I head into work at 4pm. Keeping myself occupied by searching up some delicious new smoothie and juicing recipes as time ticks away until work!


Smoothie mornings!

I have no idea what anyone has been putting in my food or who has been sprinkling motivation dust on me each morning but lately I’ve been kicking butt at the gym! I wake up not wanting to go at all and once I get there BAM! I’m running faster and longer than ever! Each morning I wake up and take three supplements:
– Infinite labs carnitine mtx (2 pills 2x daily)
-infinite labs final form (2 pills 2x daily on an empty stomach)
-infinite labs final cuts (2 pills before training)

20140708-084301-31381948.jpgAnd of course a cup of coffee, check my email, scroll through Instagram (fine me! tabitha_anne918) and within 20 minutes I’m ready to head out the door. I came back and experimented with Abbi’s blender that she left at my house and a few ingredients. I threw in:

2 leaves of kale,

1 cup of fresh blueberries and strawberries followed by a few frozen strawberries

about 1/4 cup of low calorie peach juice

and blended it up. It was delicious! I knew I needed more substance so I threw in:

1/2 scoop of Designer whey vanilla protein powder and eyeballed more of my peach juice.

I must say it was rather good and delicious smoothie, easily one of the best ones I’ve made. I couldn’t taste the kale at all! I added some frozen blueberries as my ice cubes to keep it cold while I drank and scrolled through more emails hahah, I mean who loves a warm smoothie? no one!

20140708-084340-31420428.jpgI paired my smoothie with an apple and some peanut butter as well. I’m the girl who needs a crunch and needs to eat a breakfast rather than drink it, so I settled for an apple. Apples are SO healthy for you! Affordable (roughly 3-4 dollars a bag) and chock full of nutrients: Antioxidants to fight cancer, vitamin C for your immune system, soluble fiber to lower your LDL cholesterol, I could keep going! Apples are definitely a great staple to keep in the house at all times. I tend to eat them as snacks instead of rummaging through my cabinets looking for pretzels or goldfish crackers. Head to the store and don’t forget to pick up a bag! My favorites are golden delicious and gala.


Sunday Mornings


Wake up and get your day started! After doing hills on the treadmill followed by strength training (and driving home with Jack Johnson blasting from my stereo), I came back and took a quick shower and whipped up some cottage cheese, blueberries, almond milk, bananas and cinnamon! had a plum on the side too. Hoping the rain holds off so I can squeeze my entire 6 hour work shift at the pool today in. Really hoping to get some shopping in today for a few new summer/fall outfits. Bryan and I are planning on visiting Pittsburgh mid-July so as a typical girl that calls for a new outfit!

Happy Sunday to you all!


snack attack!

I’ve been snacking all afternoon! But realizing that snacking throughout the day instead of eating one big meal keeps my metabolism going all day and revved up. I snacked on a whole wheat slice of toast with cheese, tomato sauce and lettuce, along with some steamed edamme. Now I just have to make it through this six hour shift, luckily I brought some almonds with my so I can snack on those throughout the day.

What’s your favorite go to snack?




cheers to new friends and new health


looks like regular pizza, taste like regular pizza, much healthier than regular pizza.

Last night my friend and I decided to be a little creative with our dinner, so we decided to cook up a low-carb cauliflower crust pizza! I must say we were both fairly skeptical of the results, but honestly the results could not have tasted any better! for the recipe, click here. This dish was such easier than I anticipated, and I do believe I will make this more than once in my life. I would have to say the hardest part was squeezing out all of the water from the cauliflower. We added peppers, onions, cheese, garlic tomato sauce, jalepenos and crushed red pepper to the mix. 

Needless to say I will never go back to regular pizza!








ImageThis morning I was able to get up and go for a run, following up with a delicious breakfast for one! Whole wheat toast with pb2, strawberry jam, banana slices and flax seeds with a side of cottage cheese mixed with cinnamon, flax seeds, banana slices and berries! This breakfast is jammed packed with so much variety, such a great way to start the day. Protein to keep me full until lunch, complex carbs to keep my energy up and insulin levels in check, a few simple carbs to give me immediate energy, a little bit of fat to keep me full as well! The flax seeds are a great source of plant omega-3’s plus pack a punch of fiber in them! The way to get the most benefits though is by grinding them up, or else it’ll go right through you! 

Another thing many people question me about is this whole “PB2” nonsense. Well, let me tell you. I used to consume so much peanut butter when I was growing up. Although healthy, peanut butter does pack a lot of calories in them. With Pb2, I can eat the same amount of peanut butter with half of the calories and fat! I still get similar amounts of protein which is exactly what I need. Some people believe it’s a process by having to add water to the powdered peanut butter, but I don’t see it as a hassle at all. Taking two minutes to add a tablespoon of water isn’t going to kill anyone. I definitely r recommend checking it out here


what’s for breakfast?


using my last slices of bread for my whole wheat cottage cheese cinnamon and banana with strawberries breakfast! I had to put those end pieces to use, couldn’t waste them!

It was weird waking up without a room mate today, especially not having to tiptoe around the house like usual due to my early bird habits! what does the day hold in store for me today? Work from 7:30-4 and hopefully some relaxation and a run afterwards! temperature is said to be 75 degrees and that sounds like a perfect day for me. After being trapped in the winter season for 6 months straight I could really use the warmth.


1-18-14 and 1-19-14 All work and no play!

ImageWhat exactly do you do when you’re absolutely starving but nothing looks good or sounds delicious?! That was my biggest problem yesterday! I had my off day, where all I did was go to all of my classes, work on homework, and enjoy living my evening in sweatpants and no makeup. I woke up around 6am and at 7am Bryan, Kelsey and I headed to breakfast. I had a piece of a muffin, grapes, and oatmeal w/ bananas. It’s great having a friend like Kelsey around whose in the same major as me and who lives right next door. I definitely think one of the most important things in college is to make friends with guys and girls in your major! Although the dietetics major is a very competitive field, it doesn’t hurt to have friends to help you through the process.

I went into work after breakfast and left at 11 to my class, which happened to be cancelled! I had time to grab my mid morning snack of greek yogurt and a banana. My next class consisted of me on Pinterest, pinning some of my favorite subjects: clothes, shoes, jewelry and of course nutrition related pins! Find me on pinterest: Tabitha Daley

My AHN (advanced human nutrition, keep up with the abbreviations folks!) exam wasn’t as bad as I expected, but it was one of those exams where you finish and think “I have absolutely no clue what grade I just got…” Luckily that was the las class of the day and I managed to get home at 5pm and take a breather before I started my cultural nutrition class for my Human Food and Consumption Patterns class. The idea behind the project is to research the food culture of another country and basically compare it to the USA. I was assigned Spain, and it didn’t take me too long to get through the project. It was interesting what I found. Did you know one of the traditions for New Years in Spain is to eat 12 grapes at the stroke off midnight to ensure good luck for all of the upcoming months? Interesting!

I made some pasta for dinner: whole wheat penne with broccoli! Bryan seemed happy to come home to the warm pasta after his hockey game 🙂 we’re planning on making home made salsa this week, can’t wait to see how it turns out!


ImageToday was an interesting morning, as I woke up and waited for the bus to campus…but it never showed up! I quickly checked twitter to see the bus schedule and because of the icy conditions, the buses weren’t running at their usual pick up spots. Bryan was so sweet and offered to drive me 🙂 Because my morning was set back 20 minutes because of this inconvenience, breakfast was delayed and I decided to get an early lunch: a vegetarian spinach wrap, coffee, and an apple. Not the best combination of course, but I needed my caffeine! I worked at the post office for about 5 hours and am now blogging away until my class at 2:30. It feels good to have most of my projects and assignments out of the way so I can just relax and enjoy the present. I’ve always struggled with stress and time; not time management exactly, but feeling as though I never have enough time, no matter how early I finish projects. I need to find new ways to relax and calm myself!


1-17-14 Go go go!

ImageThis has literally been one of those “go go go!” days where you can barely catch a breath! I woke up around 5:30, got ready and dressed for work and made myself a bowl of:

1 cup of bran flakes

1/2 cup of almond milk

1/2 of a banana


I headed out of the door for my 7-12 shift, which is short compared to my typical 6 or 8 hour shifts, and came home to prepare myself a delicious salad:

romaine/spinach mix



kidney beans




ImageI’ve been thinking lately of taking a day to incorporate juices into my diet, since I did get a brand new juicer for the holidays. Hopefully I’ll stumble across some delicious ones to experiment with. Any suggestions? I think it would be nice to do a juicing cleanse, especially after watching the movie “Hunger for Change” which I entirely recommend to all of the health conscious people out there. After work I went over to the post office to mail my mom her birthday surprise *she may be reading this, so I can’t tell you just yet what she’s getting!).

ImageMy energy was draining in my afternoon class, but luckily the gym was a nice pick me up. Cardio, arms, and leg day today. 3:30 is the worst time to go I guess because it was mobbed! And that’s the worst feeling, especially for someone like me who wants to use all of the machines and a person is on every single one of them. I’m biting into my apple as I write this, procrastinating my AHN exam tomorrow 😦 although I feel rather confident, I could still use another cram session. Guess I should stop procrastinating!


1-16-14 Subway and Snow day!

ImageLast night was nice and relaxing; Bryan and I headed over to Kelsey’s house and watched a whole marathon on Always Sunny In Philadelphia. I never really enjoyed that show but lately I’ve been getting into it. Today however, has been nothing unusual. Typical snow day here in Indiana Pa. We actually have a parking lot salt shortage…is that even possible!?

Today I woke up, grabbed a cup of coffee and headed out the door to work from 7-1:30. I know, I know, I should have had some breakfast but my stomach just wasn’t feeling well this morning. I managed to eat some saltines while at work, but after bit my stomach was feeling much better, so Bryan and I headed to Subway!

Now Subway can be filled with calorie bombs as well as calorie angels. I opted for a salad and filled it with so many goodies!

jalapeños, spinach, banana peppers, onions, mushrooms, sweet peppers, tomatoes! I was really depressed to hear the server tell me he never heard of romaine lettuce when I asked why they didn’t have romaine as a lettuce option. We walked up main street after subway in the freezing snow and visited our friend Craig at his store, The Gingerbread Running store where I got my amazing Running shoes. He’s a really talented artist, so if you’re looking for some great artwork visit his website here

I’m currently studying for my exam and making brownies for the boy since they’re outside snowboarding. I decided to decline their offer and work on my academics. Although I’d love to freeze my butt off with them, I really think I need to catch up on studying about the effects of insulin and glucagon.


1-14-14: Valentines morning!

ImageImageSo far, so good today! Happy valentines day to everyone! Today I woke up and Bryan, Kelsey and I went to breakfast. I was able to get:

-egg white omelette with mushrooms, peppers, tomatoes, and spinach

-a piece of banana bread (my weakness!)

Bryan and I left and headed into the post office to work, only to walk into a work area filled with tons and tons of flower deliveries! Over 14 flower deliveries came for the students who live on campus. Needless to say it was a busy day at work. I’m not sitting in one of my class buildings slurping on my greek yogurt and getting ready to peel my banana. This day isn’t dragging at all, so hopefully my classes will go by quick and I can head over to the gym with Bryan for some Valentines day workouts! Afterwards we’re planning to relax and make our own homemade chocolate fondue and dip some goodies into it! This is what U picked up from the store last night:






Any good recipes out there for chocolate fondue? Hopefully we won’t burn it!