10-11-15: Sunny days on Sundays

20151011_122528214_iOSToday I actually had a day off: and when I say OFF, I mean from every obligation…homework, my internship, and my job as  a produce associate. I decided to wake up at 6:30 and start my day off right by a great leg day followed by my favorite breakfast ever…oats and 1/2 scoop protein powder w/ a chocolate protein shake! weighted walking lunged, knee raises, leg presses and all that jazz. It was even better being the only one in the gym at that time. I managed to be productive and clean the entire house, do laundry, get some gas so I can  travel on my hour long commute every day this week (still unhappy about the long commute….) and even have time to relax before lunch time! Made a delicious wrap w/ a whole grain light wrap featuring 97% lean ground turkey, refried beans, and broccoli! mmmm just started this combo and it’s seriously sooo filling. Definitely try it out! Shawn came back from work and we left to pick some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. It was such a beautiful day…a little too warm for my leggings and sweater actually.


I decided to get ahead on some of my homework and start my worksheets regarding tube feeding/parenteral nutrition. My clinical phase as an intern has been super exciting. I’ve learned more these past six weeks than I had in all four years as an undergrad. For everyone out there who feels as though they are incompetent in the clinical field as a dietetic major…trust me, you will learn it ALL in clinical. Just four more weeks and I move onto my management phase! Can’t wait for the change of pace there.

Not only has this internship broadened my knowledge of nutrition, but it has also broadened my interests in nutrition as well. Although I still am interested in eating disorders and sports nutrition, I think being a counselor for any nutritional needs in general is also rewarding. Research in third world countries is another thought that’s been playing around in my mind for a while as well. Who knows where this program will take me.


Dinner ended up being eggs, refried beans, and more broccoli. I’ve been on a huge broccoli kick lately. I’m hoping to experi20151011_220215691_iOSment with some seasonings and spice combinations to spice up my dishes. I’ve really been getting into meal prepping lately. I’ll have to write out my prep for the week and show you how I plan out my meals!


9-20-14 Shoe Candy and Research Articles


Nothing says “Treating yourself” like a brand new pair of shoes! I went to the Gingerbreadman Running Store on Philadelphia street and bought a new pair of running shoes. My last pair were getting extremely run down, so I decided to opt for the same pair except a different color scheme (I managed to match them to my shirt as well!). Craig from the running store always tells me: “Tabitha you can’t buy a pair of shoes by color, it’s all about how they feel”

Well I lucked out because these Nike’s feel great, look great, and are perfect for my severely over pronated feet. Felt good to go for a run with these new babies! I started Week 2 of Kayla Itsine’s BBG and it was killer today. Leg and cardio day is the hardest and most painful one, yet at the end you always feel so accomplished.  I did two gym sessions today and am now all cozy and relaxed typing up this blog post while reading a few articles for my research project. I’m so excited to begin! Although this material is currently dry, I definitely can’t wait to begin the hands on activity.


Today I also had the opportunity to work in the deli from 9-1pm. I had a lady come asking about kale—she wanted to try the superfood kale salad that I was selling in the display case. I offered her a sample and she said she enjoyed the blueberries that were mixed in it but she just couldn’t get past the bitter taste. My eyes lit up with joy as I gave her so many recommendations on what to do with kale: throw in smoothies, add a few leaves in your salad, juice them, make kale chips, etc. I told her all the health benefits of kale and that she can mask the bitter taste if she really tries.

You know how rewarding it feels to speak to a customer about something your passionate about and have them thank you for your service? Out of all the things I accomplished today, I definitely have to say that experience was the most rewarding one of them all.


Day 8 & 9: Routine and someone you love

Well I’m not entirely sure if you all know this but I’m a strict routine person! I’m not the most spontaneous and “go with the flow” type of girl, so routine is strictly important. My morning routine is usually the same:
-wake up at 5
-click brew on the coffee
-head into the bathroom to wash my face
-pick up the brewed coffee/scroll through my emails and social media
-leave for the gym: 5:30-6:40 usually
– Shower
-make my breakfast
-update my website and tada! whatever the rest of the day entails

My nightly routine varies from if I work or have school, it always consists of:

-brushing teeth
-washing my face
– setting up the coffee for morning
-locking the doors
-putting on my gym clothes

and that’s about it regarding routine! My day 9’s person I love, that’s a tough one. I would definitely have to say my mom. although I love both my parents equally, my mom would be the person I would choose. She’a always there for me, through thick and in. she’s not that overprotective parent, but she doesn’t always find a way to communicate and check in without being that “who are you with what are you doing now” mother. sometimes I used to get angry not being allowed to do things but looking back I bet I would do the same thing for my child. Having the same sense of humor and interests makes it actually fun to be home on a Saturday night with her. Can’t wait to be home and reunited with her.

20140716-124906-46146894.jpgYesterday now was amazing! Bryan and I left for Pittsburgh around 7am and stopped for breakfast before officially making it to Warped Tour. The lineup for the bands wasn’t the best but there were a few i was happy to see. Got a lot of free stuff regarding vegetarianism and Bryan got a Tshirt, poster, and a cd! The weather was perfect too, not super hot or super cold, can’t wait for the next concert we go to.

anyone been to Firefly or Bonaroo? Any recommendations?

20140716-125408-46448610.jpgOn our way home we stopped at, but of course, Panera bread! Bryan was a bit upset that they were out of bread bowl so they gave him extra bread instead. By the time we go home it was about 9pm, and our plans for movie watching fell through due to the fact that we fell asleep before 10pm! From the sun, the music, the walking around all day, we were all so beat. Today is our last fun filled day before Bryan heads home to NJ tomorrow, so hopefully I can get rid of this nasty sleepy feeling after work and enjoy the rest of the day together. Hope the weather is beautiful for all of you guys! Enjoy!


Always stay positive!

ImageSometimes days don’t go your way, but you can’t complain about it. Although work took a beautiful chunk out of my day, I couldn’t let it affect me. I went on a nice run after work today! Felt good to get out of my work uniform and into some comfy gym clothes. A little boy on a bike raced me most of my run, so it was nice to have some competition. I have become so spoiled with this beautiful weather I am going to be so upset when winter comes back.

After my run I managed to fit in some cleaning of the apartment and then finished the day with some carrots and hummus as a side to, of course, my go to quick meal! Not sure when that meal will get old, but until then I will eat it as much as possible. My friends and I are making dinner tomorrow and we need some incredibly delicious summer time recipes. Anyone have a good one they would love to share? Image












ImageSome people have told me that they struggle with consuming enough water on a daily basis, and I used to be the same way. What’s my trick? I fill two water bottles, each 36 ounces full. I make sure to bring them everywhere! All of my friends call me the water bottle lady. By knowing how much water is in those two bottles, I’m able to gauge how much I drink each day. If I only consume one I think, “wow I only consumed half of the amount I need a day, keep going Tabitha” it’s an easy reminder for yourself. try it out!


eye exams and english essays

ImageMy day flew by this afternoon! I actually woke up, fairly early today (9 am, look at me!) and showered, got dressed and grabbed a yogurt and some blueberries for breakfast. My favorite yogurt is the light and fit strawberry yogurt. Although it doesn’t seem to fill me up with the 5 grams of protein it contains, I always pair it with some fruit to add some fiber. I went to the eye doctor afterwards which didn’t take too long, and then dreaded the car ride back because I knew I had to take my timed exam at some point this afternoon. I made my Morningstar veggie burger salad with tomatoes and onions around 2pm and began my exam! It wasn’t actually as hard as I anticipated, but I still feel as though I won’t do as well. ImageThe essay was taking a piece of literature that we read and explaining how the word choice strengthens the theme in the piece of literature…..boring if you ask me! I wish I was better at deciphering literature, I feel like it’s an important concept to know in a person’s life.



ImageAfter the long 80 minutes of writing complete nonsense in my mind, I felt at peace with myself. I looked at the clock and noticed it was nearly 4:30 already, I felt like my day was completely wasted. I made a 5’oclock dinner of just a big ole bowl of fruit with some fat free cool whip on top. My mom was nice and bought me another pineapple, thanks mom 🙂 I’ve been realy upset with the weather lately, all it’s been doing is raining and entirely wiping out my whole “lay out all the time” idea I had. I really hope the weather looks up soon 


dinner and dessert!

ImageI knew this would happened, I got called off of work today 😦 So instead of heading into work and being tempted by the delicious and delectable treats at Rita’s, I made a fruit salad and indulged in that! blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple! I went with my mom to 5 Below and looked for a new phone charger since mine was broken, and also went to the Christmas Tree Shop and looked around to see if they had any interesting home-good products for my apartment! Sadly they didn’t, but I have all summer to look for some! I spent most of my afternoon working on some homework and just enjoying the fact that I’m home and finally have ‘me’ time again!

ImageDinner tonight was a baked potato and broccoli, followed by some strawberries and blueberries with fat-free cool whip as a dessert! I should probably limit my fruit, it’ll all be gone by tomorrow! I went for my nighttime run, although I was super unmotivated to do, and I actually feel really good that I did it. ImageBeing home is a little bitter sweet. Although I do enjoy my free time, I do kind of miss the busy-ness of classes and work and seeing my friends. I was excited to receive a phone call from Operation Shoebox NJ’s coordinator, Rod seeing if I was home for the summer and wanted to help out around the office. Over winter break I would package boxes filled with candy, food, shampoo, soap, girl scout boxes, and random things that a soldier would want to receive and tape them up, sending them overseas to troops all over. I’m excited to get back to that and see what needs to be done there!



Salads and sour fruits!

ImageTonight I decided to whip up a nice salad that I haven’t made in a long time. I used a morningstar black bean veggie burger, onions, tomatoes, and romaine lettuce and mixed it all together in a huge salad bowl! The picture may make the photo look small, but the salad was beyond huge! Luckily it was mainly vegetables so I was pleased with my vegetable intake 🙂



ImageI went on my mile run, despite how sticky and humid it was out, and felt very refreshed afterwards. For a nighttime snack I decided to cut up a pineapple that my mom was nice enough to get me today and snack on some of that. I’m still trying to figure out how to determine when a pineapple is ripe or not. I was told to look at the greenness of the stems and the tenderness and feel of the pineapple itself, but i’m not entirely sure yet. This pineapple definitely was ripe, but super super sour tasting! Maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve had a pineapple (3 days without pineapple is a long time for me!)


finally some home coookin!

ImageAfter finishing some homework and painting my nails with my mom’s new Revlon nail polish in a nice, nude shade (very professional, perfect for the work setting), I was craving some egg whites, and since my mom was nice enough to buy me some, I thought I’d make a nice egg sandwich tonight. I took 2 slices of light bread and used half of a laughing cow cheese wedge on white slice, then added lettuce, tomato and 2 servings of egg whites (equal to about 2 large eggs) and fried them up and put it on my sammie. I had a few baby carrots on the side, just to throw in another serving of vegetables. ImageI’ve been thinking a lot about fitness and heath lately, and although i do run a mile about 4-5 times a week, I feel like that’s not enough. I want to incorporate strength or core training, so I went into my basement and found my long last weight hula hoop! My new routine (and hopefully a consistent one) will be to run at least a mile 5 days a week, and the weekends can include three 10 minute sessions of the weighted hula hoop. I just finished 10 minutes of the hula hoop and I can already feel it working. After about five minutes you really wanna stop from the pain, but results won’t how unless you keep on going!


The Longest Day of My Life



Well thankfully, today is coming to an end. I apolgozie for the lack of posts but this one should fill in my entire day. Waking up at 9am, i grabbed a shower and Bryan and I headed to my dorm to clean out, vaccuum, and get my room checked out by the CA to make sure everything was clean and nothing was broken. ImageI said goodbye to my roommate ashley, wished her luck on her study abroad trip to turkey, and we parted ways. Bryan and I got some lunch at fosters, my lunch included minestrone soup, corn, and a slice of banana bread on the side. We took a trip down to Yellowcreek Park and decided to hike some of the trails on this beautiful, 75 degree weather day. We came upon some interesting findings, such as a treehouse and random stopping points that informed us about different types of birds. We learned that bald eagles make tests that can weigh up to 1 ton! That’s insane! We took a stop at the lake where many people were boat riding and fishing and laid down and relaxed. Too bad we didn’t bring a blankey, or we would have stayed much longer.









When we headed back to his house, his roommate Phil and his girlfriend Emily were unpacking all of Emily’s belongings, so we decided to help and clean up the rest of the apartment. I spent most of the afternoon vaccuuming and washing dishes and space bagging tons of clothes! I did manage to grape a snack of grapes and pineapple, trying to eat them all before my parents pick me up sunday and I can’t just put them to waste! I’ve accumlated so much strawberries and fruit I have no idea what to do with them, way too many for me to consume within the next three days. ImageAs of now I’m listening to bryan play guitar while eating a nice vegetable wrap, filled with onions tomatoes, carrots, peppers, spinach, and sadly iceberg lettuce (they did not have romaine to choose from, so I was a tad disappointed). The weather tomorrow seems nice, so hopefully I’ll head for a nice run at some point. We’re picking up Bryan’s cousin Anthony from college tomorrow and he’ll be staying with us for the night, and Saturday my family is having a picnic  and I can’t wait to reunite with all of them and see them. Photos to come, happy thursday!


caving in on some pizza for dinner

ImageIt’s been a rough day today, and after going from place to place and final to final and helping my room mate ashley pack her belongings we both were starving! We grabbed a personal pan pizza (about equal to 2 slices of a regular 14 inch pizza) and chowed down. I don’t feel entirely too bad because I didn’t ruin my calorie intake in the morning thank god, and I still have time today to do a nice run….just maybe i should pass on that ice cream with bryan and and settle for a nice fruit parfait 🙂

I got my work schedule for next week and became extremely disappointed to see that I was only selected for two of the seven days of the week 😦 hmmph, there goes my money making summer!