Workout WednesdaY

20140811_152333409_iOSHow’s everyone’s work out wednesday going?! This week has been jammed back with back to back activities, it’s a little stressful fitting them all into one last week of being home, but I’m making it all happen! Monday a few friends of mine went hiking to Hacklebarney State Park along the trails. (See! I’m sticking with the spontaneous lifestyle!) Some of the guys decided to bring their fishing poles and attempt to catch a few fish. Of the 3 hours we were there, only two were caught haha. I gave it a try and didn’t get any luck. Hiking is such a fun and social way to get your daily exercise, especially on trails with lots of elevation changes. After hiking I headed over to work at Rita’s with my two favorite girls Haleigh and Bianca. No matter how busy or how slow the work day is going, I know I can always count in having an incredible time with them.

Yesterday’s events including catching up with my best friend from high school Rachel. Although we had been distant for the past year or so, it’s so nice to be back and act as if nothing ever changed. Friendship is definitely of the most important intangible items in the world that everyone should find. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, all that matters is that you have that one person you can be 100% yourself with. Luckily I found Rachel at age 14 during the awkward years of freshman and sophomore of high school.  You know those friends that have the exact sense of humor as you? That’s the friends you want to find. And trust me,  I have such a sarcastic sense of humor, so it can come off as a bit brusque, and luckily Rachel completely gets it.


20140811_143537679_iOSMy plans for today was going to consist of just a quick evening coffee with an old family friend, but I received a (spontaneous) text from my friend Chris to grab some lunch, so we decided to catch up over some Chipotle Smile I love Chipotle—easily of the healthiest ‘fast food’ options in my area of New Jersey. Although it is a tad pricey, it’s worth the treat every now and then. So much change has been happening with myself lately, and I love it. Rachel even said she noticed it lately. She said I have a glow to myself since the last time she has seen me. She said I look healthier, have more pep to my voice, and my eyes actually sparkle when I talk. I feel so much better, too. I don’t know what it is, but this summer was such an eye opener to me. I’m becoming friends with people I never expected to enjoy time with, striking up conversations with random people, and even going on unplanned adventures (which, to me, is completely impossible….well…so I thought!)


National Cheesecake day…and Cats

20140731_111748201_iOSYesterday was such an amazing afternoon spent with Bryan! We went rollerblading through the park, messed around with a baseball and then went over to the new arcade in my town and played some ski ball and air hockey. Couldn’t have asked for a better day with Bryan! We stopped at GNC and I picked up a few Questbars (buy 2 get 1 free currently!) Cinnamon roll, double chocolate chunk, and cookies and cream. I personally love love the double chocolate chunk; while many people rave over the cookies and cream I personally enjoy the double chocolate chunk more. Our neighborhood cat decided to join me for this 69 degree morning coffee and protein bar session (he liked the fact that my mug claimed that ‘everything taste better with cat hair in it).

There’s nothing better then working out in the morning and coming home feeing completely energized and ready to take on the rest of the day! So excited to spend dinner tonight with my two great friends Bianca and Haleigh at The Cheesecake Factory. It’s national cheesecake day! 1/2 price cheesecake today! Might have to buy the strawberry cheesecake flavored quest bars to celebrate Smile 



Tuesday mornings & the Nike GPS sports watch

Aviary Photo_130511095170879454Waking up in such an unfamiliar territory can be a bit of a struggle, especially when you’re used to your morning routine. I’m not much of a girl who enjoys the switch up of a morning routine, but change occurs when you visit your parents house, just need some adjusting!

I managed to wake up, get some coffee and supplements inside of my belly and head on out to the gym my father goes to. As a previous powerlifter, everyone knows him at the gym…and I mean EVERYONE. I bet if I wore a tee shirt that said “Luke’s daughter” everyone would be coming up to me haha. The worst thing about switching over to a new gym is the fact that you have absolutely no idea where any of the machines or weights are! Especially  at Gold’s gym, the one my father goes too. It’s so big and has numerous rooms I nearly felt like a newbie! I’m used to having the entire gym to myself for a whole hour at my privately owned one back at school, but coming into a chain gym at 5:30AM…well…it was packed! I managed to run my usual two miles and get some lifting and strength training in. I’ll have to head out for an evening run later on as well with my new Nike GPS sportswatch.

How I feel about the sports watch: I enjoyed it yesterday! There’s an alarm on there, and it tracks your distance, speed, pace, and haert rate is you buy the separate heart rate monitor. You download the program online and can track where you run (GPS run by TomTom). However, the treadmill today didn’t quite register it very well. I read  reviews and they claim it works fine, but mine didn’t work up to my expectations today. It’s not a huge deal because you have the treadmill to tell you your distance and such, but it still kind of upset me. The stop watch on the watch itself came in handy when I was doing my planks though! No need to use my phone’s stopwatch.

I came back, and my parents were both still sleeping, so using my loud blender was not an option (since, ya know, I am courteous and all!) So I opted for fruit and cottage cheese with some cinnamon and milk! Threw that baby in the freezer for three minutes and munched on that. I love the mix of blueberries, raspberries, cherries, an blackberries—a nice punch of antioxidants in the morning.

Now off for a cup of coffee and to get my day started!

Patches wanted to say hi to everyone while I blogged!

Aviary Photo_130511104195223383


Superfruit Sunday!

20140727-220000-79200395.jpgSuch a late night post, but I couldn’t help but be busy with the last day of moving all of my stuff out of the house. Tonight’s an empty night all alone with just a few belongings and a tightly packed car. This week’s super fruit award goes out to the pineapple! While it’s peak is from about early spring to late June, pineapples are bursting with vitamin C and minerals such as zinc and manganese, which help support bone strength. Pineapples also contain the enzyme bromelain, which has many anti clotting and anti inflammatory properties. There’s also been some research that pineapple juice helps with nausea and upset stomachs, so next time research for 100% pineapple juice.

I personally love include pineapple in my diet by juicing the fruit along with the juices of strawberry. kale, carrots, and apple, or I just love dipping pineapple in vanilla Greek yogurt!


Day 6: Obsession, and a few other topics

20140713-091745-33465699.jpgDay 6 discusses obsessions, so here’s a photo of that actually perfectly describes some of my obsessions!
-cats (on my mug)
-mugs, especially cat and princess mugs
-fuzzy socks

A few things that aren’t in the photo that I am obsessed with:

nutrition, as in if anyone talks to me chances are I’ll bring up some fact. I remember laying out and tanning with a few friends last month & my friend complained of how bright the sun was and all I wanted to do was explain how vitamin A plays a role in your night vision and why you react the way you do to bright light…but I restrained myself 🙂 It’s actually due to the breakdown of rhodopsin, which is formed by retinal (a form of vitamin A).
reusable water bottles: I seriously have an obsession with these! I have nearly 5-6 reusable water bottles, filtered bottles, travel mugs, etc. my newest one is, no surprise, a Disney princess one from my friend Abbi. my friends know me so well 🙂
cleanliness come on who doesn’t love a clean house? a clean desk? a clean bathroom?

A finished my intense (and lonely, since it was an empty gym!) workout and gulped down a chocolate banana strawberry protein shake. Surprisingly I was able to handle this too. most protein shakes taste rather gross, but this one wasn’t too bad


-pure protein triple chocolate shake protein powder
-1/3 banana
– 3 huge strawberries
-6-8 ounces of milk (I use almond)
– spoonful of cottage cheese for thickness

I really could taste the banana so maybe I used too much or it was just too ripe. but it cancelled out that “this is obviously a protein shake” taste hahah. Hope you all kick started your morning and are enjoying yourselves!!


Day 2: What I wore today plus banana ice cream!

20140709-212731-77251018.jpgwellll I must admit I’ve done a few costume changes today! Had my bathing suit on earlier as I worked at the pool but quickly changed into this comfy outfit of my favorite tye dye shirt and yoga shorts and headed to abbi’s to spend my evening with her and jam out to some tunes. Eminem radio anyone!? How cool would it be to host a cooking channel at my college? I met a person today who said I should talk to my communication media department and ask if I could have a quick segment on the IUP Tv channel and host a cooking segment!

20140709-222731-80851182.jpgAlso ended my day with a sweet treat! banana and strawberry “ice cream”

1-5 frozen bananas
splash of almond milk
Handful of strawberries

I threw in the bananas and a few splashes of milk. The less milk, the thicker the consistency, which is what I was aiming for. I blended up it all and dumped half of the mixture into my glass, and added strawberries to the other half that was still in the blended. I blended up that and then poured the new berry mixture on too. Voila! Only took about 5 minutes and completely guilt free! Enjoy and have a great Wednesday night!


Morning workouts are the best workouts

20140523-094848-35328547.jpgMorning workouts are beyond the best in my opinion! Just finished a long arm day with one of my friends, Zack. He let me try the gym 1830 in Indiana, PA which I honestly really enjoyed. Currently gym hopping so I can see which gyms in this area have the best appeal to me, and this one definitely hits the spot! If you’re interested in classic, weight room styled, “old school” (as Zack would say) styled gyms, this one is for you. He truly helped me get some great workouts in and have better form for squats and dead lifts. After cardio and arms, I needed to head home for some post workout fuel! Protein from my cottage cheese and the carbs from my banana are a perfect pair to help restore my muscle. With plenty of time left before my 4-10 shift tonight, what better way to relax then shower, throw on a nice robe and coffee, and read a good book? The Fault In Our stars is really starting to heat up! Don’t worry, I won’t spoil it for you guys!


“I CANNOT believe I overindulged in fruit” said no one ever…

ImageNever EVER have I heard a person be so upset and full of regret after indulging in fruit or vegetables. You hear the “oh lord I can’t believe I just had three servings of cake..” But rarely ever the “I cannot BELIEVE I just consumed three servings of carrots, oh my I need some exercise”. Never feel guilty of consuming your fruits and vegetables, your body needs the nutrients and antioxidants! Today I had a light lunch/snack of fresh pineapple and strawberries topped with my favorite Lite and Fit greek yogurt by Dannon. I love how low in calorie, yet high in protein and creamy this yogurt is, by far my favorite low calorie yogurt. There are SO many endless possibilities when it comes to yogurt. fruit dips, vegetable dips, baking substitutes, smoothie add ins, sour cream and mayonnaise substitutions, you name it! 


what’s for breakfast?


using my last slices of bread for my whole wheat cottage cheese cinnamon and banana with strawberries breakfast! I had to put those end pieces to use, couldn’t waste them!

It was weird waking up without a room mate today, especially not having to tiptoe around the house like usual due to my early bird habits! what does the day hold in store for me today? Work from 7:30-4 and hopefully some relaxation and a run afterwards! temperature is said to be 75 degrees and that sounds like a perfect day for me. After being trapped in the winter season for 6 months straight I could really use the warmth.




I finally updated my website to a new domain, and I definitely recommend others to look into it!


This is one of my favorite domains of all that I have ever experienced. It is so customizable, so versatile, and very easy to access and update. I’ll be able to update more, post more, and include lots of interesting articles and reviews.

Check it out!