2 servings of fruit and a side of false advertising

ImageAs I walk around the cafĂ© at work, dying of boredom, I stumble open these finds in the stand in the produce aisle. I stare at the wrapper as the claim is “2 servings of fruit per bar” or “even a serving of veggies in this bar!” and I get excited, I think maybe I can add a new snack to my life; a bar with 120 calories and has the nutrition of 2 fruits and maybe even a vegetable–boy was I wrong! The wrapper may look nutritious and enticing, but don’t let it fool you! With no daily percent of vitamin A and C or fiber (which blueberries the REAL fruit are chock full of) you’re wasting 120 calories on pure sugar from concentrate! I was not thrilled with the information from the wrapper. If you’re aiming at inching away from fruit roll ups or fruit snacks then maybe this could be an alternative, but overall not something worth wasting 120 calories on in my opinion, there are much better ways to get your fruit fix than these bar!