wake up everyone!

20140522-070754-25674120.jpg starting my day out right with some cottage cheese toast and pineapple and strawberries! My two friends Kurt and Rob invited me to get coffee this morning, so I’m sadly holding off on the coffee until 8am. I’ve been working two jobs lately, my new one at the pool as a pool attendant just began and I’m excited to see how it goes! Yesterday I worked in the morning and did some power washing, cleaning and took a tour of a typical day on the job (nothing too crazy, just chemical testing, sanitizing steps, chlorine tests, etc.). Now I’m being a lazy girl and having some breakfast before our coffee getogether!

One of my great friends and mentors Theresa invited me to sign up for a 10k coming this October, so if any woman is in the NJ region, check it out! click HERE!


“I CANNOT believe I overindulged in fruit” said no one ever…

ImageNever EVER have I heard a person be so upset and full of regret after indulging in fruit or vegetables. You hear the “oh lord I can’t believe I just had three servings of cake..” But rarely ever the “I cannot BELIEVE I just consumed three servings of carrots, oh my I need some exercise”. Never feel guilty of consuming your fruits and vegetables, your body needs the nutrients and antioxidants! Today I had a light lunch/snack of fresh pineapple and strawberries topped with my favorite Lite and Fit greek yogurt by Dannon. I love how low in calorie, yet high in protein and creamy this yogurt is, by far my favorite low calorie yogurt. There are SO many endless possibilities when it comes to yogurt. fruit dips, vegetable dips, baking substitutes, smoothie add ins, sour cream and mayonnaise substitutions, you name it! 


home sweet home!

ImageI need to stop being such a night owl! The past two nights have truly been some of the best nights of my life! As a newly single nineteen year old, I’ve finally been figuring myself out, going out and enjoying my evenings with friends and family and trying new things and actually being (gasp!) spontaneous. Tuesday night I ended up going out to my friend’s party and truly letting myself loose and being that social butterfly I knew I was destined to be. Staying up late that night pushed my workout a few hours behind but i still managed to get it in.

Last night I managed to go back out and stay up late with a few friends and watch a marathon of movies until 5 in the morning…talk about night owl! Having to be up at 8am for a five hour car ride home with the family wasn’t doing muchc justice either. I woke up and made myself some breakfast of pb2, jam, and flax seeds with some coffee, and by the time i sipped the last of my coffee, the parents arrived to Indiana and off to NJ we went!


Now, I sit in my home in NJ in the living room squeezed between two loving parents as they fill their brains with the mindless episodes of the big bang theory. My workout tonight was much better than usual, listening to Portugal the Man while running around my real neighborhood in the rain just simply couldn’t get any better.

It’s nice to be back home.


snack attack!

I’ve been snacking all afternoon! But realizing that snacking throughout the day instead of eating one big meal keeps my metabolism going all day and revved up. I snacked on a whole wheat slice of toast with cheese, tomato sauce and lettuce, along with some steamed edamme. Now I just have to make it through this six hour shift, luckily I brought some almonds with my so I can snack on those throughout the day.

What’s your favorite go to snack?




cheers to new friends and new health


looks like regular pizza, taste like regular pizza, much healthier than regular pizza.

Last night my friend and I decided to be a little creative with our dinner, so we decided to cook up a low-carb cauliflower crust pizza! I must say we were both fairly skeptical of the results, but honestly the results could not have tasted any better! for the recipe, click here. This dish was such easier than I anticipated, and I do believe I will make this more than once in my life. I would have to say the hardest part was squeezing out all of the water from the cauliflower. We added peppers, onions, cheese, garlic tomato sauce, jalepenos and crushed red pepper to the mix. 

Needless to say I will never go back to regular pizza!








ImageThis morning I was able to get up and go for a run, following up with a delicious breakfast for one! Whole wheat toast with pb2, strawberry jam, banana slices and flax seeds with a side of cottage cheese mixed with cinnamon, flax seeds, banana slices and berries! This breakfast is jammed packed with so much variety, such a great way to start the day. Protein to keep me full until lunch, complex carbs to keep my energy up and insulin levels in check, a few simple carbs to give me immediate energy, a little bit of fat to keep me full as well! The flax seeds are a great source of plant omega-3’s plus pack a punch of fiber in them! The way to get the most benefits though is by grinding them up, or else it’ll go right through you! 

Another thing many people question me about is this whole “PB2” nonsense. Well, let me tell you. I used to consume so much peanut butter when I was growing up. Although healthy, peanut butter does pack a lot of calories in them. With Pb2, I can eat the same amount of peanut butter with half of the calories and fat! I still get similar amounts of protein which is exactly what I need. Some people believe it’s a process by having to add water to the powdered peanut butter, but I don’t see it as a hassle at all. Taking two minutes to add a tablespoon of water isn’t going to kill anyone. I definitely r recommend checking it out here


good morning world!


started off my day great this morning! are breakfast with my friend Brandon, the usual cottage cheese cinnamon and toast with banana mixture! Brandon said he’s against cottage cheese, but I’ll have to sway him in the cottage cheese direction! He opted for bran flakes, a banana, and peanut butter whole wheat toast.

On break at work I grabbed a coffee to keep me going through this six hour shift. Can’t wait to get home and make some lunch! Today entails a nice afternoon run after work followed by job orientation for my upcoming job working at the pool as a pool attendant. Getting paid to read, blog, tan, and watch kids swim is beyond the dream job. Hopefully the rain holds off and the sun will continue to shine today. My friend Rob and I are planning to make a homemade dinner and I think I have the perfect recipe to share…so stay tuned!


what’s for breakfast?


using my last slices of bread for my whole wheat cottage cheese cinnamon and banana with strawberries breakfast! I had to put those end pieces to use, couldn’t waste them!

It was weird waking up without a room mate today, especially not having to tiptoe around the house like usual due to my early bird habits! what does the day hold in store for me today? Work from 7:30-4 and hopefully some relaxation and a run afterwards! temperature is said to be 75 degrees and that sounds like a perfect day for me. After being trapped in the winter season for 6 months straight I could really use the warmth.


and the day went downhill from there


spending your entire day at work can seem endless! I didn’t make it out until 8pm tonight. Putting together end caps, taking down displays and crushing boxes took forever. I did pack myself a pb&j (made with PB2) and banana sandwich with an apple, and for my second break I had some unpictured trail mix!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love my job, and how much I love the fact that I am majoring in nutrition and food. I has a customer come to me today asking for probiotics and recommendation. she said she needed to stay away from soy and claimed her son’s allergies were diminishing due to the probiotic use, so I started to talk about the immunoglobulins that are in our bodies that can be affected by probiotics. I found the perfect probiotic for her and she was beyond excited–the look on her face made me so incredibly happy that I just wait I was graduated and in my field! the community also that I work with is amazing. I love my co workers,
I love how much I joke and laugh at work, literally couldn’t be any happier. today two of my favorite co workers surprised me at my house with this huge Mexican Tostitos chip display for my apartment! literally couldn’t stop laughing. Sometimes life really is incredible.

hopefully tomorrow is much more relaxed than today. helping my room mate move out and having to clean the entire house so late wore me out. can’t wait to get up and squeeze in a good workout tomorrow!



great way to start the day!

ImageHappy summer to everyone! No, technically it’s not summer, but for me it is! Now that classes have officially ended it’s time to read, relax, and unwind until the end of August. I started my day off right with a nice and short 1.5 mile run (the humidity kicked my butt this morning!) followed by a nice refreshing shower. My post run breakfast included 2 slices of whole wheat bread, 1/2 cup of cottage cheese with cinnamon, a few banana slices and some strawberries! Breakfast packed with protein and complex carbs is always a great start to the morning, especially mine. Having to work from 10:30-7pm tonight with the inability to snack in between can be tough, so I’ll have to pack a nice and filling lunch. Any recommendations?