Weekly Wrap-up: Counseling, Portion Control and Competitions



20160318_094522863_iOSBusy day in the neighborhood! From working at Headstart preschool and playing some physical activity games with them along with eating lunch with them (ham and cheese pitas, mixed veggies, plus a rice krispie treat!) and then going straight to counsel clients, my day was non-stop moving. I also went to the gym and passed out some samples for RSP Nutrition (using the code RSPTabithaD, anyone can get 25% off!) A lot of people really liked the BCAAS and compared it to Kool-Aid, so that’s a plus.




We had a little convention to attend up in Pittsburgh, topics ranging from researching in dietetics, to sustainability. Sadly a few of us had to leave early to attend a multicultural family night at the local elementary school. Here we discussed portion control and how to practice eating within proper portions. Maybe different cultures do not practice the same way we do, and truly do over-portion their meals. Many people were mindblown with what a serving size of pasta or meat should be (since most of the time we tend to eat 3x the amount we should be). I think portion control is key to weight loss/weight maintenance. You can be eating a well rounded diet, but if you’re over consuming the healthy foods, the calories still count! I was really busy with commuting, food prepping, and this nighttime event that I actually did end up taking a true rest day. It did make me a little nervous, and I’m still a little bummed about it, but hopefully today I’ll get in there and kill it! It’s crazy how YOU never see your own progress. My professors and friends told me yesterday how physically I’ve changed and I still see the same girl with love handles and a gut in the mirror. I do hope my body image will start looking up soon.


Off to an Iron Chef competition at a local high school. The interns and I get to discuss National Nutrition Month’s theme of Savor the Flavor with the concept of taste buds and the five basic tastes. I’m excited and a little nervous to see how things work out in the end (like how responsive the students will be, how interested/interactive, etc). ill be having them sample bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and umami flavored beverages. Of course I have to make it over to the gym and tie up some lose ends regarding some work (submitting papers, typing up a few things, etc) but overall today should be a smooth sailing afternoon come 1pm.




NEDA (and quite a busy) Awareness Week


Tonight’s my second showing of Running on Empty—an interactive eating disorder discussion with the IUP campus. It’s a fairly dreary day so I am curious as to what the outcome will be like. On the other hand I do have some time before it begins to prepare what I’ll be doing, saying, and what not. As much as I love talking infront of people and sharing my story, sometimes it can be hard to talk for an hour! I’m hoping everyone out there will sign NEDA’s body peace agreement for Eating Disorder Awareness Week!


Or sometimes I talk too much…HA


The past few days have gone by in a blink of an eye…literally. I don’t even have time to breathe, let alone wash my dishes (sorry Christyna!). I’ve been so busy prepping for this new rotation I am in—intervention. At first, it sounded as though I would have a lot of free time versus my 8-4pm M-F jobs in clinical, but no. If I’m not giving a lecture in a classroom on nutrition I am doing a food demo at the YMCA or constructing a bulletin board at the local therapy home. Lots of tiny tasks that take of random chunks of my day. Good thing they give us a YMCA membership for free…totally taking advantage of that sauna and gym membership though Winking smile 


I met with my coach on monday and she claims my body fat is now around 8%! My weigh hasn’t changed but my lifts are going up and I’m definitely getting stronger. She added a carb to my diet to see if that’ll help cycle my weight. Abs are the last thing to come in, especially for women, but it would be nice to even see a teeny bit more definition so I can feel as though I’m on the right track.


On a good note: coach said after my first show I can eat whatever the h*ll I want! Smile and that means Red Robin date with Shawn!!! Hitting up those unlimited steak fries!

Now that I don’t have to get up and leave my house at 6:30AM everyday, I decided to go to the gym at 5am instead of 3:30AM, and surprisingly I have come to realize how much I enjoy the gym earlier than 5am. Call me crazy, but being there alone or with 1-2 other people is wonderful. Especially when it’s still pitch black out and the rain is ricocheting off of the ceiling and you can HEAR it instead of all of the grunting and moaning.


Work Cancellations and Leg Day Activities!


Ice, rain, sleet, and snow = the worst travel conditions ever!! I drove to the gym in this nonsense and slid everywhere, but I did manage to get a good (and tiring) leg day session in. I wanted to treat myself to a dunkin donuts coffeeee but they weren’t open yet…also I didn’t have enough money in my wallet or my debit card so I managed to save myself a few bucks.


After rushing around my morning, spilling my eggs in my purse, curling my hair and stuffing my face at breakfast…turns out my preceptor said I shouldn’t attempt to travel into work today and just to work from homeAnnoyed I mean yes I’m so happy about that BUT I woke up and even curled my hair today! Plus they have delicious coffee there that I was really looking forward too. I guess It’s back in my pajamas I go Smile


Prepping for tonight’s event: getting my agenda ready, shopping around for mirrors, prepping what I plan to say…luckily I have a whole day now to think about all of this! Also officially registering for my two NPC bikini events! The gym I go to wants to help fundraise/pay for my hotel/registration fee….AWESOME. I have never been so grateful to have such a great, supportive community as I do now. Having a support system is SO important when it comes to living a healthy life. Positive influences = positive choices.



And the positivity I had going through my fueled my leg day workout:

  1. X Squats superset w/ weighted bridged
  2. Sumo squats superset w/ reverse lunges
  3. lunges using the bench superset w/ weighted forward lunges
  4. adductor superset w/ standing calf raises
  5. abductor superset w/ leg curl machine
  6. my usual 7 minute ab workout
  7. plus 20 minutes of incline booty killin cardioooo!

I don’t always superset this much, but when you’re short on time in the AM (as I thought I was since I was supposed to work….) I had to superset more than usual.

Happy Tuesday Smile


Leg Day and Overworked

20160204_114758386_iOSYesterday was BEYOND the longest day of my life. After my super early morning gym session, I went to work and was there only 8-1:30pm since the dietitian had to leave for personal reasons. After that I headed to the grocery store which was PACKED, went home to eat (I was starving all day….like it was unexplainable. I’ve never been that famished before!!) and attempted to cure my insane headache which failed miserably. I was only home for an hour before I had to leave t go back to the store and purchase 250$ worth of food for the event we are holding tomorrow. The afternoon seemed to have been going well. I ran into Roddy’s father and that always makes my day. Talking to him always puts me in a pleasant mood!

After Patrice and I purchased the food for the french toast bake, yogurt parfaits, and trail mix, we had to pre some of it. We thought it would only take a few hours but we were there 4-10pm….

and of course I would lose my car key…and find in 3 minutes later but still! The fact that it set me back three minutes was miserable. The hard work we put into half of the prep last night was worth it. I’ll post the recipes after we finalize if they are a hit with the staff or not Winking smile

I still managed to wake up at 3AM, hit the gym, and come home and get ready for work. But because of my late night yesterday I didn’t have time to prep my chicken for today….so I did that this morning while doing the following:

my hair

the dishes

taking out the trash for trash day

eating my oatmeal

andddd checking my emails. Pro multi-tasker if you ask me!

Because we did so much of the prep yesterday, today should be short and simple: prep the french toast and let it soak overnight and fill the yogurt containers. Should be in and out easily. Well, let’s hope.


20160204_014019000_iOSToday’s 3:30AM workout: 30 minutes of cardio, Abs, and legs. I’ll probably head back in later to finish up some legs because I was a little rushed, but I feel fairly content with everything I put in this morning. I truly enjoy when no one is at the gym, I feel better squatting that way hehe.

Problem: Aside from sodium and dairy, what can cause you (or someone you know) to bloat? I woke up and felt excessively bloated, full, and uncomfortable and CANNOT put my finger on it!


Off to work at the hospital! wish me luck with tonight’s events!


Ps: making this trail mix with fancy bags took us four hours….lets hope people appreciate them!!


Count Ingredients Not Calories!

20140922_110750608_iOSCheck out my new article here on how to spice up and healthify that sodium bomb of a meal that we all know as ramen

click here

click here

click hereeee

As I finished off one of my favorite protein powders, Nutrex cookie madness, I decided to do some research in regards to my FAVORITE topic ever: Peanut butter. Peanut butter is my favorite, go to snack. 2 tablespoons being 9 grams of protein is pretty good, but the 190 calories per serving always kept me from enjoying myself. Plus has anyone ever read the labels of your typical Jif and Skippy and Peter Pan brand?? chemicals chemicals sugar oils and chemicals.

What happened to simply just peanuts and some salt?

I went over to Walmart and turned around nearly every peanut butter jar in the aisle to find that over 75% of the jars ingredients list were more than 4, sugar usually being the second ingredient. That was until I found Krema brand. For only 2.49 I was able to buy this 16 ounce jar with only two ingredients: peanuts and salt. Some people think it’s frustrating to have to stir the oil that’s on top, but my favorite tip?

Stir the peanut butter up, then store it in the refrigerator. You wont have to stir it again after that!

Another one of my favorite peanut butter products includes PB2. Now, as a peanut butter fan, it’s tough to just stick to 2 tablespoons. Especially when I eat nearly 3-4 apples or bananas a day, I’ll want to dip them in something! PB2 is a powdered peanut product (peanuts, sugar, and salt) that, when mixed with a tablespoon of water, you have your very own low calorie peanut butter. What I usually do is mix the prepared PB2 with a little tiny blog of my all natural Krema peanut butter just to add a little more substance to the mixture.


Always look at the ingredients labels! You never know what you’re consuming.


Thirsty Thursdays: Nutrex Protein Powder


Woke up and got all my items together for the gym when I realized I could not find the most important piece….

my gym key.

I was getting frustrated; it was 5’oclock in the morning and there was no way I could go for a run outside without getting hit by a car. I risked it and ran over to the gym, hoping there would be someone entering by the time I made it over there, and boy was I in luck! Two nice women were walking in right in front of me and held the door for me, I couldn’t have chose a better time to get there. Sometimes we have to realize that we are set back a few minutes from our schedule for a reason; it’s all about fate. I got my LISS and cardio in on my day 6 of Kayla Itsine’s Bikini Body Program! Yesterday was full body workout day and I can still feel my thighs burning, and it only makes me want to work harder.



After my session this morning I used some of Nutrex’s cookies and cream protein powder. I combined:

1/2 cup of almond milk

1/2 of a banana

1 scoop of protein powder

3 tablespoons of walden farms chocolate syrup

BAM! Delicious! The first time I used this powder I really wasn’t a fan, but after finding the right combinations, you truly enjoy the taste. I’ve discovered that adding a banana to protein shakes truly ups the taste of most flavors by giving it a creamy, thick, consistancy.


Off to class, then work, enjoy your Thursday!



20140914_094254935_iOSTuesdays: We all see Tuesdays as so unimportant and such a waste of time—there is no excitement or anticipation for a Tuesday. That’s how I felt this morning. Waking up, and hitting my alarm off to sleep in felt amazing. Do I condone this activity? No of course not! But sometimes when you’re body is under so much stress and so little sleep, a little extra sleep is great for you!

But you know what that means? A nice nighttime workout session! After all my classes today hopefully I’ll gain some energy and complete my cardio for the day. Maybe it’s all in my mind but that Kayla Itsines workout I have been engaging in lately seems to be kicking my butt and making me feel incredible about myself. But it’s only day three, can’t get ahead of myself just left. Yesterday’s arm workout kept my arms aching the rest of the day. I’ll have to keep you posted on the complete transformation in twelve weeks!



Some exciting news to come!

– I’ll be doing some undergraduate research regarding leptin levels in cells in the biology department!

– I’ll be doing a nice little mini teaching session at my local YMCA in the daycare regarding fruits and vegetables

– I’ll also be completing undergraduate research in the Psychology department regarding eating disorders!

How exciting is this?? Ah! I feel as though my life is slowly coming together, and nutrition is a huge part that I want to share with the world.

How can I make this blog more interesting to you guys? Let me know!


9-14: “FALL” into healthy habits (and check out my second article! BELOW!!)


Hope you all enjoyed your weekend! It’s now Sunday, the beginning of a new week, and no excuses when it comes to new and healthy habits. My roommate Alayna and I went on a twenty mile bike ride on Friday since the weather had finally turned form 85 to 65, and boy did it kick our butts!! We road 10 miles one way on the Hoodlebug Trail located in Indiana, PA and 10 miles back home. The first half truly wasn’t as bad as the last time I managed to bike it with Bryan (maybe because I finally bought a real Shwinn bike versus my last Walmart brand bike) but the way back was just treacherous! We got home and plopped on the sofas and just laid there, completely out of breath. It was easily one of the best and most spontaneous workouts I have partaken in in such a long time.

Yesterday was my first day of the Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide! Anyone else try out that program yet? I’m so excited to finally begin a set and structured program with all of the rules and sessions planned out in front of me. Lets cross our fingers that this twelve guide can really create a transformation in not just my body but my mind as well.

ALSO: my second article was published!! Open-mouthed smile  check it out now!


Workout WednesdaY

20140811_152333409_iOSHow’s everyone’s work out wednesday going?! This week has been jammed back with back to back activities, it’s a little stressful fitting them all into one last week of being home, but I’m making it all happen! Monday a few friends of mine went hiking to Hacklebarney State Park along the trails. (See! I’m sticking with the spontaneous lifestyle!) Some of the guys decided to bring their fishing poles and attempt to catch a few fish. Of the 3 hours we were there, only two were caught haha. I gave it a try and didn’t get any luck. Hiking is such a fun and social way to get your daily exercise, especially on trails with lots of elevation changes. After hiking I headed over to work at Rita’s with my two favorite girls Haleigh and Bianca. No matter how busy or how slow the work day is going, I know I can always count in having an incredible time with them.

Yesterday’s events including catching up with my best friend from high school Rachel. Although we had been distant for the past year or so, it’s so nice to be back and act as if nothing ever changed. Friendship is definitely of the most important intangible items in the world that everyone should find. It doesn’t matter how many friends you have, all that matters is that you have that one person you can be 100% yourself with. Luckily I found Rachel at age 14 during the awkward years of freshman and sophomore of high school.  You know those friends that have the exact sense of humor as you? That’s the friends you want to find. And trust me,  I have such a sarcastic sense of humor, so it can come off as a bit brusque, and luckily Rachel completely gets it.


20140811_143537679_iOSMy plans for today was going to consist of just a quick evening coffee with an old family friend, but I received a (spontaneous) text from my friend Chris to grab some lunch, so we decided to catch up over some Chipotle Smile I love Chipotle—easily of the healthiest ‘fast food’ options in my area of New Jersey. Although it is a tad pricey, it’s worth the treat every now and then. So much change has been happening with myself lately, and I love it. Rachel even said she noticed it lately. She said I have a glow to myself since the last time she has seen me. She said I look healthier, have more pep to my voice, and my eyes actually sparkle when I talk. I feel so much better, too. I don’t know what it is, but this summer was such an eye opener to me. I’m becoming friends with people I never expected to enjoy time with, striking up conversations with random people, and even going on unplanned adventures (which, to me, is completely impossible….well…so I thought!)