Snacks and Salad Bar


Busy day in the salad bar today! I can’t believe I have finally transferred from the deli over to produce. No longer do I cry before I come to work, it’s a great feeling! As a salad bar position, it’s my job to cut fresh fruit, package them, stock the salad bar, check dates/inventory, keep the salad bar full and prepare fruit/vegetable trays. Some days are crazier than others, but today was rather easy. Sometimes I think how great it would be to be a manager of a food department——I’m obsessed with food so why not manage?


But then I remember how much of a pushover I am and could never tell people what to do!

Now that I’m finally home and have been looking at healthy snacks all day, I decided to make my own. 3:30pm is such an awkward time to eat a meal, but I was fairly hungry. I whipped together 2 eggs (one egg, one egg white) a slice of toast, some spinach, and jalepeno peppers. Filled me up enough to where I’m not starving, but definitely can make a meal later. After I crush this exam I am about to take I’ll be ready for another meal.

I’ve really been in the baking mood today, and since the weather is so dreary an rainy, I might just have to stop at the store and pick up a few things.


What’s the best rainy day treat in your house?








Super fruit Sunday: apples apples apples!

20140803-214338-78218273.jpgHope you’re all enjoying your weekend like you should be! Tomorrow starts another cycle of the long work week, but that shouldn’t stop us from meeting our goals and remaining healthy. This weekend I was able to pick up a new pair of glasses that actually contained my updated prescription and pick out a few new clothes with my mother. The worst part about my weekend? Waking up, driving to the gym, and realizing that Gold’s gym is NOT a 24-7 gym…aka I arrived 2 hours before regular weekend opening time! I was so upset. I came home, got my morning run around town in (mind you it was pouring!) and did a short ab workout. Today’s workout was exactly the same, and I’m so excited to get back in the gym tomorrow to kick some butt! We can’t forget about our super fruit Sunday though!

Today’s award goes to the apple, each and every kind of apple. Apples are great in snacks, main meals, side dishes, and even desserts. The versatility of this fruit is beyond amazing. Apples are packed with Vitamin c, filling the fruit with a great antioxidant punch. Apples also contain a good source of fiber, which help regular your digestive system and he lower your LDL cholesterol. In recent studies apples have been shown to help aid in the decreasing risk of heart disease, which scientists believe is due to the antioxidant compounds. One of the antioxidants in apples, quercetin, is said to help boost your energy levels and help you through a tough workout. Quercetin makes oxygen available for your lungs to use, so if you need something light before a workout, shoot for an apple.

Eating a medium size apple also helps meet your goal of roughly two cups of fruit daily (1 medium is equal to one cup of fruit). Being one of the more affordable and year round fruits, there’s no reason your kitchen shouldn’t be stocked with these babies! Go on and get crunchin on these goodies!!



Superfood of the week: Peaches

peach10-300x225Starting a new segment on here to advertise a new fruit/vegetable of the week and why we should all be digging into that specific super food! This week’s superfood goes to peaches, as they’re currently at their peak of the season–fully ripe and ready to enjoy on these summery, July evenings. Peaches are such an important fruit to add to your diet, especially now while they’re a their peak. We all associate bananas with potassium, but have you ever considered peaches? Peaches are high in potassium, which is important in muscle recovery, fighting fatigue, bruising, and clearing up skin problems. Peaches are also high in fiber and lycopene. The insoluble fiber from peaches helps keep you regular while absorbing the bad LDL cholesterol from your body, and the lycopene (which gives the peach the reddish/orangish color) is a powerful antioxidant in charge of heart health. Chlorogenic acid, another antioxidant found in peaches, works as an anti-inflammatory. And lastly, you cannot forget about the Vitamin C content of this super fruit! Chock full of vitamin C, this fruit is great for skin care and immunity health. Make sure to add peaches on your grocery list next time you hit the store, or check out a local farmers market.  


wake up everyone!

20140522-070754-25674120.jpg starting my day out right with some cottage cheese toast and pineapple and strawberries! My two friends Kurt and Rob invited me to get coffee this morning, so I’m sadly holding off on the coffee until 8am. I’ve been working two jobs lately, my new one at the pool as a pool attendant just began and I’m excited to see how it goes! Yesterday I worked in the morning and did some power washing, cleaning and took a tour of a typical day on the job (nothing too crazy, just chemical testing, sanitizing steps, chlorine tests, etc.). Now I’m being a lazy girl and having some breakfast before our coffee getogether!

One of my great friends and mentors Theresa invited me to sign up for a 10k coming this October, so if any woman is in the NJ region, check it out! click HERE!


2 servings of fruit and a side of false advertising

ImageAs I walk around the café at work, dying of boredom, I stumble open these finds in the stand in the produce aisle. I stare at the wrapper as the claim is “2 servings of fruit per bar” or “even a serving of veggies in this bar!” and I get excited, I think maybe I can add a new snack to my life; a bar with 120 calories and has the nutrition of 2 fruits and maybe even a vegetable–boy was I wrong! The wrapper may look nutritious and enticing, but don’t let it fool you! With no daily percent of vitamin A and C or fiber (which blueberries the REAL fruit are chock full of) you’re wasting 120 calories on pure sugar from concentrate! I was not thrilled with the information from the wrapper. If you’re aiming at inching away from fruit roll ups or fruit snacks then maybe this could be an alternative, but overall not something worth wasting 120 calories on in my opinion, there are much better ways to get your fruit fix than these bar!