finally some home coookin!

ImageAfter finishing some homework and painting my nails with my mom’s new Revlon nail polish in a nice, nude shade (very professional, perfect for the work setting), I was craving some egg whites, and since my mom was nice enough to buy me some, I thought I’d make a nice egg sandwich tonight. I took 2 slices of light bread and used half of a laughing cow cheese wedge on white slice, then added lettuce, tomato and 2 servings of egg whites (equal to about 2 large eggs) and fried them up and put it on my sammie. I had a few baby carrots on the side, just to throw in another serving of vegetables. ImageI’ve been thinking a lot about fitness and heath lately, and although i do run a mile about 4-5 times a week, I feel like that’s not enough. I want to incorporate strength or core training, so I went into my basement and found my long last weight hula hoop! My new routine (and hopefully a consistent one) will be to run at least a mile 5 days a week, and the weekends can include three 10 minute sessions of the weighted hula hoop. I just finished 10 minutes of the hula hoop and I can already feel it working. After about five minutes you really wanna stop from the pain, but results won’t how unless you keep on going!