Dietitian Talk

Things NOT To Say to an RD/RD2Be

Since I was 12 years old, I knew what I wanted to do with my career path: I wanted to be a registered dietitian. After going to one myself, the passion was instantly instilled in me. Throughout the course of nine years, I’ve come across SO many new areas of interest with the nutrition field. At first, I thought I made up my mind: a private practice. Yes thats’s exactly what I wanted to do and no one will stop me!!!


Well, times can change. Opinions can change. Goals, motives, and desires….those can all change as well.

I’ve learned how important the clinical side can be. How important knowing your lab value ranges is, knowing how certain vitamin and macronutrient intakes can affect the disease of a patient.

I’ve learned how incredibly AWESOME research is!! I remember sitting in a class as an undergraduate snoozing through my research class, memorizing the material just to pass the final exam. But seriously, dabble in a topic that you really like. For me, I’ve become invested in looking up topics regarding athletic performance and diets, or supplement use versus non supplement use on the athletic performance, or simply…how beneficial is fasted cardio?


I’ve learned that having clients can be super exciting, but at the same time super difficult, especially if they have their “my way or the highway” attitude.

I’ve also learned that managing and being in charge is extremely fulfilling to me; I like to be in control, so possibly managing a business or food service is in my future? Who knows.


Another thing I learned throughout my many experiences in the food and nutrition field…..what NOT to say to RDs and RD2bes.

We’re human too…we don’t eat perfectly or know everything by heart, but here are a few things that really get under our skin:

1. Can you make me a meal plan??

We do more than just the stereotypical meal plan. Sometimes this isn’t even a part of the dietitians job. We asses, diagnose, treat, and evaluate patients depending upon the career we choose to enter with our credentials and degrees. Meal plans are more than just “okay let me tell you what you should eat and write it up in ten minutes”. It’s a lot more complicated than that. Instead, we can help evaluate your current diet and help you make better choices depending on your needs.

2. What’s the healthiest fruit I could eat?

No such thing as the “healthiest” fruit, and don’t even get me started on this “superfood” rant. All fruits have benefits to them, some more than others. Incorporating fruit in your diet is important, the recommended amount being about 2 cups for women/men under 50.

3. I just started this drink detox….

We have a liver to do the detoxing for us. Drinking, whether its fruit juices, broths, smoothies, or what have you, still contains calories. You might lose a little weight if that is your goal, but it’s potentially water weight, plus chances are once you go back to consuming whole foods (cleansing/juicing is not a sustainable, healthy diet plus chances are you are doing this as a 3-7 day phase and are not learning proper eating  techniques), your weight will be gained right back. Talking to a dietitian about healthier lifestyle changes would be much more beneficial.


4. Oh don’t look at what I’m eating!


It might have been funny the first time, but it’s not funny after every person says it. It’s frustrating going out to dinner with friends when they think we’re going to judge every bite they take. We aren’t –we’re just as human as you are!

5. I only buy natural products

natural products do not mean “healthy” or “calorie free” or “sugar free” or even, ‘better’ for that matter. Natural products can still contain sugar, because sugar IS natural. Be sure you are reading the nutrition label when buying products, not just the health claims on the front of the package.

6.  I only eat gluten-yeast-dairy-free

gluten, yeast, dairy, and all of the other trending “free” diets aren’t necessary for the average american unless you have to follow these diets due to medical reasons. Cutting food groups out of your diet can be detrimental to your health if you aren’t making up for it in other areas. For instance, cutting dairy completely may decrease your intake of calcium, vitamin d, and protein. It’s important to go through your health care team if you decide to omit certain food groups from your diet.

7.  I avoid carbs, they’re bad

Women below 50 needs about 6 one-ounce portions of grains while men below 30 need 8 one-ounce portions and men 30-50 need about 7 one-ounce portions. Carbs are not the enemy, it’s excess calories and refined carbohydrates that we need to be weary of. Make sure half of your grain intake is whole grains. Great choices would be whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, brown rice, quinoa, and oats.

8. I’m starting my diet tomorrow!

Diet is word that means a short lived food intake. Dieting is only for a period of time, and something we definitely do not recommend. How about starting your “lifestyle” change NOW. Why wait for tomorrow? There is no time like the presence. Sure, may you have plans to go out tonight or go to a party or whatnot, but you can still make healthy choices no matter what.

9. I can eat whatever food I want as long as I burn it off in the end, right??

Errr, essentially, when you burn more than what you eat, you do lose weight. But we as dietitians aim for quality over quantity. So that means, yes you can have 300 calories worth of chocolate chip cookies (about 6 cookies), or you can have 4 oz of chicken breast, 2 cups leafy greens, and one baked potato which will completely fill you up and satisfy you all for the similar amount of calories PLUS loaded with nutrients! Choosing healthier food choices will help you feel better mentally and physically. On a side note, eating your days worth of calories in cookies, for example, versus a balanced diet of carbs, protein, and fats, will affect your body on a chemical level differently.

10. Eating healthy is expensive

Sure, buying everything organic, gluten free, and fresh everyday can be pricey…and that’s because many Americans feel that is what “healthy” means. But healthy does not equal pricey. Buying frozen vegetables and fruit, and not purchasing pre-cut, pre washed produce can cut down on costs. Plus, medical bills from an unhealthy diet are WAY more expensive than buying and planning healthy meals…am I right?! Winking smile 

11. Dr. Oz said that…

All I have to say to this comment is the following:


Weekly Wrap-up: Counseling, Portion Control and Competitions



20160318_094522863_iOSBusy day in the neighborhood! From working at Headstart preschool and playing some physical activity games with them along with eating lunch with them (ham and cheese pitas, mixed veggies, plus a rice krispie treat!) and then going straight to counsel clients, my day was non-stop moving. I also went to the gym and passed out some samples for RSP Nutrition (using the code RSPTabithaD, anyone can get 25% off!) A lot of people really liked the BCAAS and compared it to Kool-Aid, so that’s a plus.




We had a little convention to attend up in Pittsburgh, topics ranging from researching in dietetics, to sustainability. Sadly a few of us had to leave early to attend a multicultural family night at the local elementary school. Here we discussed portion control and how to practice eating within proper portions. Maybe different cultures do not practice the same way we do, and truly do over-portion their meals. Many people were mindblown with what a serving size of pasta or meat should be (since most of the time we tend to eat 3x the amount we should be). I think portion control is key to weight loss/weight maintenance. You can be eating a well rounded diet, but if you’re over consuming the healthy foods, the calories still count! I was really busy with commuting, food prepping, and this nighttime event that I actually did end up taking a true rest day. It did make me a little nervous, and I’m still a little bummed about it, but hopefully today I’ll get in there and kill it! It’s crazy how YOU never see your own progress. My professors and friends told me yesterday how physically I’ve changed and I still see the same girl with love handles and a gut in the mirror. I do hope my body image will start looking up soon.


Off to an Iron Chef competition at a local high school. The interns and I get to discuss National Nutrition Month’s theme of Savor the Flavor with the concept of taste buds and the five basic tastes. I’m excited and a little nervous to see how things work out in the end (like how responsive the students will be, how interested/interactive, etc). ill be having them sample bitter, sweet, salty, sour, and umami flavored beverages. Of course I have to make it over to the gym and tie up some lose ends regarding some work (submitting papers, typing up a few things, etc) but overall today should be a smooth sailing afternoon come 1pm.




Tuesday: Bike rides and coach check ins

20160308_134755000_iOSYesterday’s session with the coach went fairly well. Progress is being made + we practiced some posing, so that’s always fun. She’s switching up my diet because my body isn’t doing well with carbs…aka I could potentially be carb resistant at this point. Let’s see how the new diet goes! She has added dairy which makes me super nervous due to the effects of dairy on the GI tract, so I might avoid it still. The thing about food is that how your body handles it versus how someone else’s body handles it may be COMPLETELY different! It’s crazy. And that can be the frustrating part, but it’s all just a science that overtime we we will see how it panes out. I also managed to squeeze in an eight mile bike ride outside (BEAUTIFUL day) plus hit up the library! The library is such a wonderful place, I cannot believe it took me four years in this small little town to visit the public library.


This morning after my leg day + 25 minute cardio session, I was off to the preschool to read a book regarding nutrition! Love seeing the kids get all wild when talking about fruits and vegetables. One section of the story discussed how the boy was going to the grocery store with his father & I asked the children if any of them shopped with their moms dads or grandparents, and what they bought. and all of the children said mac and cheese…..


like I guess no one buys fruit or veggies or chips or milk?? I could not stop laughing!

And when I came home, I had a nice package waiting on the porch for me….



no…sadly it wasn’t my suit yet Sad smile but my BCAAS and new vanilla cupcake protein by Dymatize came! Cannot wait to give that a shot today. Wonder what recipes I can create with it Thinking smile

Off to do some reading. On my book list to accomplish this year:

  • The Hunger Games Series
  • Gone Girl
  • 50 Shades of Gray Series


Any other recommendations?? I haven’t had any me time in so long, I can’t wait to read for actual FUN again.


Cold Hands Warm Heart 5K & Quick/Easy Healthy Snacks

20160212_134220000_iOSHappy Saturday!! Unlike my usual Saturday of working the 7-3:30pm shift, today’s morning consisted of biceps & cardio followed by getting showered and dressed for my Uptown Fitness Cold Hands Warm Heart 5K Health Fair! Wow that was a mouthful. Today the interns are taking part in the 3rd annual health fair hosted my a local gym in town. My room mate works at the gym so she’s going to be there doing fitness demos and helping put the program together. The interns are putting together several stations regarding heart health, such as limit your fats, antioxidants, watching your sodium, etc. My station is the limiting your fat one & we’re making sunflower butter! I’m really excited to see the turnout of this event.


Repping my IUP Dietetics tumblr this morning as I’m getting dressed and eating my egg whites. At this event there are also going to be food demos and a heart healthy cook off. As I’m still on prep, I can’t be consuming these meals so I’ll be sure to pack a lunch with me. After this event I WISH I could spend time to myself and relax but working on my portfolio for my management rotation will persist throughout the day. Good thing I already hit up the gym.


One of my friends from college contacted me asking if I could recommend to her some quick and easy snacks to take on the go to class and work. After thinking about this for a little bit I was able to brainstorm a few ideas for her:

– tuna and crackers

– pb and jelly sandwich w/ WW bread

-turkey and cheese sandwich w/ WW bread

– celery, carrots, peppers, hummus

-hummus & crackers

– Tuna on WW bread

– Greek yogurt + fruit

– overnight oats: 1/2 cup oats, 1/2 cup water + lots of fruit of top. leave in fridge overnight and grab in the AM!

– Cheese stick + crackers/piece of fruit

– stay away from canned soups and frozen meals. convenient, but not really healthy

– hard boil eggs the night before (or cook chicken). Throw in a salad of leafy greens, peppers, cucumbers, cheese, etc.

-salads: you can do so much with them!! load them with veggies and add a protein (eggs, turkey, chicken, tuna, steak, whatever you have on hand)

-cottage cheese + fruit

– yogurt + whole grain cereal

– air popped popcorn + handful of nuts in a baggie for class.

-Cereal is awesome!!! 3/4 cup of cereal + milk + a butt ton of berries on top = throw in a to-go mug and there’s breakfast!! Aim for a high fiber/protein cereal, like bran flakes. its bland but the fruit really adds to it!

-I personally steer clear of bagels. Serious energy killer on myself

What are some of your favorite on the go snacks?


Just Another Manic Monday

20160208_124605000_iOSLuckily today my job called me in for 9:30AM instead of 8:00AM! Although it’s still a 45 minute commute, it was nice to wake up, hit the gym , and have some down time before I even think about leaving. Today’s enjoy:

  1. Drive on over to the hospital for work until 4pm
  2. Meet for health awareness orientation at 5pm until 6pm
  3. Attend ANOTHER meeting for my Eating Disorder Event to get all the nitty gritty details fixed up. Can’t believe my event is in a week!!
  4. Emails clients regarding tips/tricks for healthier eating

The concepts of meetings always a) fascinated me and b) scared me. I think holding meetings, events, discussions and what not is important to management and I love the leadership theme behind it, but the concept of time, especially one meeting after the next, always made me nervous. Because why would I want to a attend a short meeting when I could be at home  sleeping haha, you know? I guess that’s my inner child coming out of this adult body of mine. Luckily I already made it to the gym so I can cross that off of my to do list.

I’ve been getting a lot of questions and requests lately about eating healthier, specifically for college/busy 20-25 year olds, and I love it! I love feeling comfortable and confident in my future occupation, but if there is one thing I need to learn it’s organization. So today’s agenda includes….


purchasing an agenda book/planner to keep me on track! And not a cheap 5$ Walmart one. I think purchasing a pricier, fancier one may motivate me to constantly stay on track.


How do you stay on track with appointments, plans, practices, and meetings?


Management: What It Entails (and the rest of my friday)

20160205_142134000_iOSHoly meals!! We prepared, trudged through the snow, and delivered 103 meals to the staff at Indiana U of PA Campus! Full of love french toast, valentines day vanilla parfait, and cupids crunch mix all boxed up and sent out to the recepients. We even had some people email us asking what the recipe for the french toast was! Today Patrice and I were the managers in charge of the 103 orders with 9 other employees helping us delivers. What I learned about managing/management skills/what it entails to be a manager:

  1. It’s tough.
  2. You need to check. and double check.
  4. People are slackers; employees don’t care about the finish product. If you tell them to do a task, they will do the bare minimum (usually). So sometimes you really have to check up on your employees to ensure quality.
  5. Be loud. This definitely goes with communication. If you aren’t an upfront type of person, you’ll be eaten alive in the management world.
  6. Organization is critical….like you need to be on top of you sh*t. For real.


Anddd this all started at 4:00AM today when I woke up, showered, and got ready to start baking the french toast and preparing the packaging at 6:00am on campus. After a successful management experience, I headed to the gym on campus and that was beyond the worst experience EVER! good thing it was only cardio day. 30 minutes of cardio plus a little shoulder action and I needed t get out of there! The campus gym reminded me of how much I dislike people (hehe kidding!). As I was leaving the gym and heading to my doctor appointment (which ended up running an hour behind schedule….), I noticed a frat had a raffle table for winning a gift basket for “the special someone”. The men’s basket had an electric razer, some candy, protein powder, a DVD, and some other “guy” related objects. The women’s had a face mask, a girly DVD, nail polish, candies, and other “female” type products. It’s crazy how we really stereotype genders nowadays. I went up to the table and was like “what’s with the protein?” (typical me only seeing the protein) and they told me how it was a raffle basket “for your special man” and I was like mmm or myself HA. and walked away.

The rest of what I anticipated to be a slow, relaxing day ended up being jam packed with errands: car wash, returns to the store, and now blogging with a cup of coffee awaiting to get some paper work done with Roddy. Hopefully we don’t get too side tracked and start rambling about the latest nutrition gossip because I definitely need t get my mind on track and get some of my homework done.



Leg Day and Overworked

20160204_114758386_iOSYesterday was BEYOND the longest day of my life. After my super early morning gym session, I went to work and was there only 8-1:30pm since the dietitian had to leave for personal reasons. After that I headed to the grocery store which was PACKED, went home to eat (I was starving all day….like it was unexplainable. I’ve never been that famished before!!) and attempted to cure my insane headache which failed miserably. I was only home for an hour before I had to leave t go back to the store and purchase 250$ worth of food for the event we are holding tomorrow. The afternoon seemed to have been going well. I ran into Roddy’s father and that always makes my day. Talking to him always puts me in a pleasant mood!

After Patrice and I purchased the food for the french toast bake, yogurt parfaits, and trail mix, we had to pre some of it. We thought it would only take a few hours but we were there 4-10pm….

and of course I would lose my car key…and find in 3 minutes later but still! The fact that it set me back three minutes was miserable. The hard work we put into half of the prep last night was worth it. I’ll post the recipes after we finalize if they are a hit with the staff or not Winking smile

I still managed to wake up at 3AM, hit the gym, and come home and get ready for work. But because of my late night yesterday I didn’t have time to prep my chicken for today….so I did that this morning while doing the following:

my hair

the dishes

taking out the trash for trash day

eating my oatmeal

andddd checking my emails. Pro multi-tasker if you ask me!

Because we did so much of the prep yesterday, today should be short and simple: prep the french toast and let it soak overnight and fill the yogurt containers. Should be in and out easily. Well, let’s hope.


20160204_014019000_iOSToday’s 3:30AM workout: 30 minutes of cardio, Abs, and legs. I’ll probably head back in later to finish up some legs because I was a little rushed, but I feel fairly content with everything I put in this morning. I truly enjoy when no one is at the gym, I feel better squatting that way hehe.

Problem: Aside from sodium and dairy, what can cause you (or someone you know) to bloat? I woke up and felt excessively bloated, full, and uncomfortable and CANNOT put my finger on it!


Off to work at the hospital! wish me luck with tonight’s events!


Ps: making this trail mix with fancy bags took us four hours….lets hope people appreciate them!!


New Rotation: Day 1

20160127_194702000_iOSDue to the fact that I was DELIRIOUS yesterday and Sunday (delirious as in….pouring myself a bowl of coffee grounds instead of a bowl of oatmeal for morning!!) I called out of work and am starting my new position at a long term care facility today Smile Fairly sad that I will be leaving my preschoolers, but also excited to start this new chapter! I’ll have to update you on how entirely different it is: going from preschool/infant aged to geriatrics! On a high note, I managed to get to bed at 7pm yesterday (definitely feeling the shviers again, thought I was going to have to call out AGAIN!) but woke up in a much better mood. Took an alkaseltzer, managed to eat my oats, eggs, and a cup of coffee, and have some time to start up this blog. Today’s events are a little unplanned as I have no idea how long this work day will be, but we all know that today will be a great day to kill at the gym Winking smile back bis and tris lemme kill ya today!


I had some crazy dreams during my 12 hour sleep last night…about the gym! Who dreams about the gym?? Come on. I dreamt I had a bad workout, that I just went to the gym and didn’t even try. I think I need to take a step back and reflect on how far I’ve truly come in this competition prep, both mentally and physically. The girl in that prom dress never could successfully lift a gallon water jug for her mom as they grocery shopped together. But now she’s able to lift way more than that and be happy about her strength. Skinny does not equal strength, and I think that’s a misconception that society really has.

Oh you’re skinny, you’re so fit!!

Hey maybe they are, but skinny and fit are not correlated. And I hope that’s something society comes to realize as we are currently in this “fitspiration” era.





20160202_113959000_iOSAlso just wanted to make a note that it is now FEBRUARY!!!! That means…Eating Disorder Awareness Month!! Wear purple as much as possible and show your body positive attitude off Smile

Now I’m off to work…first time taking a shuttle…eeeeek! Hope I don’t miss it!!


The graduate school life


Spending my summer mornings by the pool reading about hypertension and pressure ulcers….sounds like the dream life right?? Well maybe only the first part. Summer is flying by as I’ve been enrolled in three jobs and three summer class, plus a full time boyfriend and gym schedule of course.  The summer classes that I have been taking are all going towards my Masters in Food/Nutrition degree:

Advanced Clinical Nutrition in Humans

Research Methods in Food/Nutrition

Intervention, Counseling, and Education Strategies

I’ve been counting down the days until my dietetic internship begins! So exciting that it’s only a month away. It feels like it’s so close due to all of the work I have been stressing over and all of the preparation I’ve been going through in order to begin on time, aka all of my physicals, blood tests, online training, photocopying of documents, insurance orders, and of course payments for the program. Sometimes I forget I’m still a 21 year old that needs to have fun.



PS check out this link that my friend Jessi List wrote about me!!


The busiest day of my life is finally coming to an end

20140121-214750.jpgI finally have time to sit down and write! This has definitely been one of the busiest days that I have had in a while. I woke up around 7am with Bryan and prepared myself a smoothie to bring to work at the post office this morning. The post office was flooded with kids just coming in and picking up all their textbooks for class, but luckily I had some spare time to down my smoothie. I ran out of mixed berries so I settled for just blueberries in my smoothie today. After working until 11, I headed to my first class, which was a health and wellness class. The main point of this general education class is to promote healthy decisions and healthy eating patterns, which hey, is right up my alley! After that class I had my honors science class, which I can already tell will be tough. We already have journals to write and chapters to read in the book discussing “Why we are human”. An interesting concept to think about, but not something my brain wanted to dive into at 1 in the afternoon. I managed to rush home and grab a nice salad to eat before my last class of the day, which was Advanced Human Nutrition. I’ve heard many things about that class; that it’s hard and the professor is awful, but I’m choosing to block that gossip from my ears and just do what I can to get an A. I’ve already got my work cut out for me with two online classes and three on-campus classes, plus two jobs. Hopefully this girl can handle it!


20140121-214812.jpgMy friend Kelsey and I, who is also a nutrition major, headed to the gym after my Advanced Human Nutrition class to blow off some steam. We ran the treadmill and worked on ab routines. As I stated in my last post, it’s always great to work out with a friend, especially a friend who is more motivated. That way, you’ll want to work extra hard to keep up!

Tomorrow’s plans include working on some homework before my first and only class, which is Advanced Human Nutrition (AHN is the new abbreviation I will use) and then off to work at the café in Martins! Wonder how many students will be purchasing beer for me this week now that it’s syllabus week and there’s “no work” for them to do. It pains me to watch students come in every day, recognizing their faces from their constant beer and alcohol purchases. Yeah, of course I want to go out and party and have a great time; yes of course I love drinking and find it fun and relaxing and I definitely think it makes parties more fun. But from a nutritional standpoint/my brain being wired all science/healthy oriented, I regret every drink I take thinking of all the empty calories I’m filling my stomach with.