10-11-15: Sunny days on Sundays

20151011_122528214_iOSToday I actually had a day off: and when I say OFF, I mean from every obligation…homework, my internship, and my job as  a produce associate. I decided to wake up at 6:30 and start my day off right by a great leg day followed by my favorite breakfast ever…oats and 1/2 scoop protein powder w/ a chocolate protein shake! weighted walking lunged, knee raises, leg presses and all that jazz. It was even better being the only one in the gym at that time. I managed to be productive and clean the entire house, do laundry, get some gas so I can  travel on my hour long commute every day this week (still unhappy about the long commute….) and even have time to relax before lunch time! Made a delicious wrap w/ a whole grain light wrap featuring 97% lean ground turkey, refried beans, and broccoli! mmmm just started this combo and it’s seriously sooo filling. Definitely try it out! Shawn came back from work and we left to pick some pumpkins at the pumpkin patch. It was such a beautiful day…a little too warm for my leggings and sweater actually.


I decided to get ahead on some of my homework and start my worksheets regarding tube feeding/parenteral nutrition. My clinical phase as an intern has been super exciting. I’ve learned more these past six weeks than I had in all four years as an undergrad. For everyone out there who feels as though they are incompetent in the clinical field as a dietetic major…trust me, you will learn it ALL in clinical. Just four more weeks and I move onto my management phase! Can’t wait for the change of pace there.

Not only has this internship broadened my knowledge of nutrition, but it has also broadened my interests in nutrition as well. Although I still am interested in eating disorders and sports nutrition, I think being a counselor for any nutritional needs in general is also rewarding. Research in third world countries is another thought that’s been playing around in my mind for a while as well. Who knows where this program will take me.


Dinner ended up being eggs, refried beans, and more broccoli. I’ve been on a huge broccoli kick lately. I’m hoping to experi20151011_220215691_iOSment with some seasonings and spice combinations to spice up my dishes. I’ve really been getting into meal prepping lately. I’ll have to write out my prep for the week and show you how I plan out my meals!


procrastination at it’s finest

20150718_101446000_iOSPulled my breakfast out from the fridge around 5:30am (kashi cereal, protein powder, blueberries!!) this morning with a deliciouus cup of coffee and was ready to head to work. The 7am-12pm shift flew by SO fast. Cutting fruit and restocking fruit trays and platters seriously is more time consuming than one would think. I even got called to come back in at 4pm to work in the deli due to a call off, but with my homework piling up I figured it was best if I stayed home to catch up on some work. Today’s homework consists of reviewing different non-profit organizations regarding health and nutrition and see who has educational programs/toolkits that could benefit nutrition educators. Not a super hard task, but again…time consuming.


Lunch today was broccoli, original hummus, and grilled chicken. I was actually so hungry when I got back from work, so I was entirely grateful that my meals were already made


Now if I could only get the energy to get on with this homework. Working three jobs that aren’t entirely consistent is one of the hardest things I have ever done. One day I’ll work 8-3 and then the next it’ll be 6pm-2am…it makes me SO excited to start a real career soon enough.


Back to my lower carb days aka breakfast was essentially my bulk of carbs for the day. I’ve learned that if someone wants to take on a “healthier lifestyle” (NOT a diet…never use the “d” word), it’s so so sooo important to always emphasize what you CAN eat, and not what you CAN’T eat.



For example:

Wrong way: Wow… I’m eating healthier so I can’t have cake and cookies. Jeeze that blows Sad smile  *goes and thinks about junk food all day*

Right way: Wow, I can have two servings of vegetables with my meal and not feel bad about grabbing seconds??


DO NOT focus on what you can’t have but instead, what you can have.


back to back job? No excuses!

20150717_110136789_iOSYou know those days where you mentally CANNOT get yourself to do anything?


Hi over here.

Yeah, that is me today!!


Sadly I couldn’t just lounge around in my gym t-shirt all day like I typically would love to have done on a day off. Instead, I had to get my butt up and get my day started since my first job was from 8:30-2:30, followed by my next job which starts at 4 and ends whenever the heck they choose to send me home (life of a waitress…gotta love it).

I got my first cup of coffee in and (since we meal prepped yesterday) pulled out my Kashi cereal from the fridge and had breakfast all ready to go! The pool was completely dead today. I managed to finish the book I was reading (Take Me For Granted…such a great young adult/romantic novel) and start my second book (Crash Into You…still trying to get into it) Thanks to Bookbub, I get 4 books sent to my email everyday, usually one is free so I always end up downloading it to my kindle, in hopes I have some free time to read it…which thankfully I did this week. It’s hard accumulating free time inbetween jobs and classes and a boyfriend.

After I got home I was STARVING…so I threw together an onion pepper and chicken wrap with broccoli on the side. Today is my high carb day aka I can consume wraps finally!! I’m thinking that’s why I have been in such a funk lately. Mentally I have been so stressed and unhappy, and I’m assuming it’s the lack of carbs. Thankfully I get to enjoy and indulge  today Smile can’t wait for me night time oatmeal either!!! I’ve never been so excited to have oatmeal in my entire life. I’ve learn so much about my body while taking on carb cycling. Not only do I feel less bloated, but mentally it feels amazing to watch my carb cravings subside (and trust me, I used to be the carb queen!)

Off to fix up my makeup for job number two!! Can’t wait to be able to come home and fall asleep…and do it all again tomorrow.



9-20-14 Shoe Candy and Research Articles


Nothing says “Treating yourself” like a brand new pair of shoes! I went to the Gingerbreadman Running Store on Philadelphia street and bought a new pair of running shoes. My last pair were getting extremely run down, so I decided to opt for the same pair except a different color scheme (I managed to match them to my shirt as well!). Craig from the running store always tells me: “Tabitha you can’t buy a pair of shoes by color, it’s all about how they feel”

Well I lucked out because these Nike’s feel great, look great, and are perfect for my severely over pronated feet. Felt good to go for a run with these new babies! I started Week 2 of Kayla Itsine’s BBG and it was killer today. Leg and cardio day is the hardest and most painful one, yet at the end you always feel so accomplished.  I did two gym sessions today and am now all cozy and relaxed typing up this blog post while reading a few articles for my research project. I’m so excited to begin! Although this material is currently dry, I definitely can’t wait to begin the hands on activity.


Today I also had the opportunity to work in the deli from 9-1pm. I had a lady come asking about kale—she wanted to try the superfood kale salad that I was selling in the display case. I offered her a sample and she said she enjoyed the blueberries that were mixed in it but she just couldn’t get past the bitter taste. My eyes lit up with joy as I gave her so many recommendations on what to do with kale: throw in smoothies, add a few leaves in your salad, juice them, make kale chips, etc. I told her all the health benefits of kale and that she can mask the bitter taste if she really tries.

You know how rewarding it feels to speak to a customer about something your passionate about and have them thank you for your service? Out of all the things I accomplished today, I definitely have to say that experience was the most rewarding one of them all.


Day 7: Changes to come


Today was such an action packed day for Bryan and I! We woke up, headed to the gym for about an hour and came back to some delicious omelets and fruit. We drove out in this awful rainfall to Pittsburgh and stopped for coffee at this cute little shop called Crazy Mocha Cafe which was surrounded by other tiny shops! Sadly it was too drizzly to walk around and soak up the environment, but I’ll keep this in mind for next time. Next stop: to visit the Carnegie Science Center/Sports Worx! Definitely recommend visiting, especially with younger children. Four floors of adventures, such as space exploration, the planetarium, robots, trains and railroads, nutrition/food, and under the sea. Bryan and I were able to watch a presentation held by the allegheny health center discussing taste buds. It’s incredible to see young kids so excited about science, it’s so heart warming.

Although it was tailored more to the younger audience it was still rather fun! After the science center we headed over to Sports Worx, where we rock climbed, pitched baseballs, played a little hockey, and became swarmed with tiny summer campers. Today was definitely a day well spent! After a super busy morning and afternoon we headed
home and stopped for some Panera Bread for lunch! Haven’t been here in so long, and it’s been SO long since I’ve been here on a day where they served my favorite soup—garden vegetable! Now were just relaxing to some mindless television and playing cats cradle while the rain hits the windowpanes of the apartment. Day 7 includes some changes, and that’s a very vague topic. As summer ends and the semester starts in nearly a month, I’ve got plenty of changes I want to happen. Physically I’m hoping to become more fit, strong, and lean. I want to eat clean but not restrict myself to where I’m always craving or super indulging. Mentally, I want to care less of what others say, focus more on school work and learn rather than memorize, and learn to handle my stress better.

Anyone have any great stress relieving tactics?

Hope you all enjoyed your Mondays!


Lunch time omelette!

Lunch today consisted of egg whites, peppers and onions on top of whole wheat bread, tomatoes, onions, and tomato basil hummus! delicious! 🙂 My stove never ever makes an omelette well, but today it came out incredible, and didn’t even stick to the pan!

Currently: listening to Jonny Craig (incredible artist if you love acoustic!) and finishing The Fault In Our Stars, which is driving me insane! Indulging in some mindless reading before my tedious 4-10 shift tonight. Can’t wait for my day off tomorrow! So much potential for an incredible day to be created.


“I CANNOT believe I overindulged in fruit” said no one ever…

ImageNever EVER have I heard a person be so upset and full of regret after indulging in fruit or vegetables. You hear the “oh lord I can’t believe I just had three servings of cake..” But rarely ever the “I cannot BELIEVE I just consumed three servings of carrots, oh my I need some exercise”. Never feel guilty of consuming your fruits and vegetables, your body needs the nutrients and antioxidants! Today I had a light lunch/snack of fresh pineapple and strawberries topped with my favorite Lite and Fit greek yogurt by Dannon. I love how low in calorie, yet high in protein and creamy this yogurt is, by far my favorite low calorie yogurt. There are SO many endless possibilities when it comes to yogurt. fruit dips, vegetable dips, baking substitutes, smoothie add ins, sour cream and mayonnaise substitutions, you name it! 


lunchtime finally!


this day is way too beautiful to be sitting behind a counter all day! currently on lunch eating my Pb2 strawberry and banana sandwich with an apple and orange! Cannot wait to get off of work and embrace this beautiful day!

Also now that classes are over I’ve been really looking into buying some new and exciting novels and series to begin! Recommendations anyone? Enjoy your lunch!


and the day went downhill from there


spending your entire day at work can seem endless! I didn’t make it out until 8pm tonight. Putting together end caps, taking down displays and crushing boxes took forever. I did pack myself a pb&j (made with PB2) and banana sandwich with an apple, and for my second break I had some unpictured trail mix!

I can’t even begin to describe how much I love my job, and how much I love the fact that I am majoring in nutrition and food. I has a customer come to me today asking for probiotics and recommendation. she said she needed to stay away from soy and claimed her son’s allergies were diminishing due to the probiotic use, so I started to talk about the immunoglobulins that are in our bodies that can be affected by probiotics. I found the perfect probiotic for her and she was beyond excited–the look on her face made me so incredibly happy that I just wait I was graduated and in my field! the community also that I work with is amazing. I love my co workers,
I love how much I joke and laugh at work, literally couldn’t be any happier. today two of my favorite co workers surprised me at my house with this huge Mexican Tostitos chip display for my apartment! literally couldn’t stop laughing. Sometimes life really is incredible.

hopefully tomorrow is much more relaxed than today. helping my room mate move out and having to clean the entire house so late wore me out. can’t wait to get up and squeeze in a good workout tomorrow!



1-17-14 Go go go!

ImageThis has literally been one of those “go go go!” days where you can barely catch a breath! I woke up around 5:30, got ready and dressed for work and made myself a bowl of:

1 cup of bran flakes

1/2 cup of almond milk

1/2 of a banana


I headed out of the door for my 7-12 shift, which is short compared to my typical 6 or 8 hour shifts, and came home to prepare myself a delicious salad:

romaine/spinach mix



kidney beans




ImageI’ve been thinking lately of taking a day to incorporate juices into my diet, since I did get a brand new juicer for the holidays. Hopefully I’ll stumble across some delicious ones to experiment with. Any suggestions? I think it would be nice to do a juicing cleanse, especially after watching the movie “Hunger for Change” which I entirely recommend to all of the health conscious people out there. After work I went over to the post office to mail my mom her birthday surprise *she may be reading this, so I can’t tell you just yet what she’s getting!).

ImageMy energy was draining in my afternoon class, but luckily the gym was a nice pick me up. Cardio, arms, and leg day today. 3:30 is the worst time to go I guess because it was mobbed! And that’s the worst feeling, especially for someone like me who wants to use all of the machines and a person is on every single one of them. I’m biting into my apple as I write this, procrastinating my AHN exam tomorrow 😦 although I feel rather confident, I could still use another cram session. Guess I should stop procrastinating!