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Grocery Haul #1: 1/5/2020

Grocery shopping can either make or break a person’s week. Christian & I have been doing a pretty solid job when it comes to shopping once a week for everything we need (versus taking a trip every other day depending on something we forgot, ran out of, or thought of a last-minute dinner idea. With the new year in place, budgeting has been my #1 goal, so some of the ways I’ve been sticking to that goal:

  • Planning out the week’s worth of meals
  • Making a list of what you need — this is absolutely critical, and helps me bypass the seasonal holiday section/clearance candy. I got the cutest lil grocery list from my mom right here
  • Sticking to 1-2x a week shopping –sometimes you just can’t make it a whole week, whether it’s because your veggies go bad or you’re just getting started & your cadence hasn’t kicked in yet, & that’s totally cool. You’ll get there 🙂
  • Thinking to myself “Do i need it THIS week, or do I have enough to last me until the next grocery trip?

Staple items in our weekly shopping trip (~$50 worth when shopping at my local Aldi):

  • Chicken breast
  • Ground turkey (93/7) or ground beef
  • Pre-cooked ham
  • ~ 5 Bags of leafy greens (spinach, romaine, spring mix, etc.–totally can opt for the non-bagged one, but I prefer the convenience with how much of it we go through)
  • Pint of tomatoes
  • Carrots (the huge bag that needs washed–not the baby carrots)
  • Celery
  • Sweet potatoes/russet potatoes (whichever my eyes locate first)
  • 2 bags of Brussel Sprouts 2
  • Hummus
  • Container of lunch meat
  • Almond milk
  • Unflavored Greek yogurt (the biggg container – perfect for snacks, breakfasts, and literally every combo out there)
  • Eggs
  • Some sort of 32 oz carbonated waters (my ultimate “splurge”–i’m obsessed with carbonation)
  • Vanilla wafers (every girl needs something sweet in the house)

Typically every other week consists of the following:

  • Onions
  • Bacon (Sunday mornings are NOT complete without some bacon!)
  • Salsa
  • Tortilla chips (perfect for nacho/taco night in the household)

Based on what we were able to purchase, this is what our week of dinners are looking like so far:

  • Sunday: Leftover chicken parm & roasted broccoli
  • Monday: Tuna burgers & microwaveable broccoli/brussel sprouts
  • Tuesday: Taco salads w/ ground beef, salsa, greens, veggies, & tortilla chips
  • Wednesday: Burgers, homemade fries/sweet potato fries, side salads
  • Thursday: Cooked ham, roasted brussel sprouts & carrots
  • Friday: Fish, wild rice, roasted broccoli

What is your family having for dinner? How do you guys budget while shopping?

xoxo tabitha


Meal Prep Thursday!


Since I had the day off from all of my jobs, and Shawn’s at work/seeing his friends tonight, I chose to be productive:


Stocked up at Aldi’s today, my favorite store ever! Recently I’ve been getting really into budgeting and trying to get the best deals for my buck, so after carefully planning out my meals/snacks, I came up with how much of each food I would (approximately need) for a week. I’m still experimenting with food so I don’t get super bored with the typical “bro diet” of broccoli and chicken, but we all have to start somewhere right?


  • 7 individual containers of 1 cup Kashi go lean original (or even 1/2 cup quick oats if you have that) with unsweetened almond milk and 1/2 scoop of Gold Standard Chocolate Whey protein powder (I had a super overripe banana so I broke that up and tossed it in the containers as well)


  • chicken and broccoli: I don’t have a lot of room in my fridge (since shawn likes to prep all his food as well) so keeping all my chicken in 2-3 containers and broccoli in 2-3 containers works well for me instead of breaking them down into 7 lunches and 7 dinners

other lunch/dinner ideas with the items I bought:

  • chicken fajita wraps: chicken, peppers, onions, salsa, all grilled and tucked nicely in a low carb wrap
  • chicken with mixed vegetables in a salad

(can you tell I love chicken???) I always aim for chicken breast tenderloins because they are packed with protein , 0 carbs, and 1-2 g fat.


2 servings of fruit and a side of false advertising

ImageAs I walk around the café at work, dying of boredom, I stumble open these finds in the stand in the produce aisle. I stare at the wrapper as the claim is “2 servings of fruit per bar” or “even a serving of veggies in this bar!” and I get excited, I think maybe I can add a new snack to my life; a bar with 120 calories and has the nutrition of 2 fruits and maybe even a vegetable–boy was I wrong! The wrapper may look nutritious and enticing, but don’t let it fool you! With no daily percent of vitamin A and C or fiber (which blueberries the REAL fruit are chock full of) you’re wasting 120 calories on pure sugar from concentrate! I was not thrilled with the information from the wrapper. If you’re aiming at inching away from fruit roll ups or fruit snacks then maybe this could be an alternative, but overall not something worth wasting 120 calories on in my opinion, there are much better ways to get your fruit fix than these bar!