Snacks and Salad Bar


Busy day in the salad bar today! I can’t believe I have finally transferred from the deli over to produce. No longer do I cry before I come to work, it’s a great feeling! As a salad bar position, it’s my job to cut fresh fruit, package them, stock the salad bar, check dates/inventory, keep the salad bar full and prepare fruit/vegetable trays. Some days are crazier than others, but today was rather easy. Sometimes I think how great it would be to be a manager of a food department——I’m obsessed with food so why not manage?


But then I remember how much of a pushover I am and could never tell people what to do!

Now that I’m finally home and have been looking at healthy snacks all day, I decided to make my own. 3:30pm is such an awkward time to eat a meal, but I was fairly hungry. I whipped together 2 eggs (one egg, one egg white) a slice of toast, some spinach, and jalepeno peppers. Filled me up enough to where I’m not starving, but definitely can make a meal later. After I crush this exam I am about to take I’ll be ready for another meal.

I’ve really been in the baking mood today, and since the weather is so dreary an rainy, I might just have to stop at the store and pick up a few things.


What’s the best rainy day treat in your house?








“I CANNOT believe I overindulged in fruit” said no one ever…

ImageNever EVER have I heard a person be so upset and full of regret after indulging in fruit or vegetables. You hear the “oh lord I can’t believe I just had three servings of cake..” But rarely ever the “I cannot BELIEVE I just consumed three servings of carrots, oh my I need some exercise”. Never feel guilty of consuming your fruits and vegetables, your body needs the nutrients and antioxidants! Today I had a light lunch/snack of fresh pineapple and strawberries topped with my favorite Lite and Fit greek yogurt by Dannon. I love how low in calorie, yet high in protein and creamy this yogurt is, by far my favorite low calorie yogurt. There are SO many endless possibilities when it comes to yogurt. fruit dips, vegetable dips, baking substitutes, smoothie add ins, sour cream and mayonnaise substitutions, you name it! 


dinner and dessert!

ImageI knew this would happened, I got called off of work today 😦 So instead of heading into work and being tempted by the delicious and delectable treats at Rita’s, I made a fruit salad and indulged in that! blueberries, strawberries, and pineapple! I went with my mom to 5 Below and looked for a new phone charger since mine was broken, and also went to the Christmas Tree Shop and looked around to see if they had any interesting home-good products for my apartment! Sadly they didn’t, but I have all summer to look for some! I spent most of my afternoon working on some homework and just enjoying the fact that I’m home and finally have ‘me’ time again!

ImageDinner tonight was a baked potato and broccoli, followed by some strawberries and blueberries with fat-free cool whip as a dessert! I should probably limit my fruit, it’ll all be gone by tomorrow! I went for my nighttime run, although I was super unmotivated to do, and I actually feel really good that I did it. ImageBeing home is a little bitter sweet. Although I do enjoy my free time, I do kind of miss the busy-ness of classes and work and seeing my friends. I was excited to receive a phone call from Operation Shoebox NJ’s coordinator, Rod seeing if I was home for the summer and wanted to help out around the office. Over winter break I would package boxes filled with candy, food, shampoo, soap, girl scout boxes, and random things that a soldier would want to receive and tape them up, sending them overseas to troops all over. I’m excited to get back to that and see what needs to be done there!



Salads and sour fruits!

ImageTonight I decided to whip up a nice salad that I haven’t made in a long time. I used a morningstar black bean veggie burger, onions, tomatoes, and romaine lettuce and mixed it all together in a huge salad bowl! The picture may make the photo look small, but the salad was beyond huge! Luckily it was mainly vegetables so I was pleased with my vegetable intake 🙂



ImageI went on my mile run, despite how sticky and humid it was out, and felt very refreshed afterwards. For a nighttime snack I decided to cut up a pineapple that my mom was nice enough to get me today and snack on some of that. I’m still trying to figure out how to determine when a pineapple is ripe or not. I was told to look at the greenness of the stems and the tenderness and feel of the pineapple itself, but i’m not entirely sure yet. This pineapple definitely was ripe, but super super sour tasting! Maybe it’s just been too long since I’ve had a pineapple (3 days without pineapple is a long time for me!)


Snack time before work

ImageThe sun has managed to remain out, and I have yet to get that “don’t come into work today” phone call from the manager, so I’m assuming work is still on! My snack today was some baby carrots and hummus. I definitely recommend Sabra’s roasted red pepper hummus, definitely my favorite flavor of them all. Hummus is so versatile, and although all I seem to do is only dip carrots or celery or wheat thin crackers in it, there are way more things to do with hummus! Tribe hummus’s website has a good amount of recipes that incorporate hummus in them!


snack time!

Imagesnack time! chowing down on some strawberries and trail mixImage after a nice little tan/hockey toss arounds session with Bryan and his cousin. It’s been way too hot to actually go out and do something, even Bryan could barely stay outside for more than an hour, and he’s always wanting to go out and play hockey. Today should be really great, everyone’s celebrating the end of the semester so this apartment should be a full house tonight 🙂


brainpower, bananas, and big weight loss mistakes

ImageThe rain outside is making my effort to want to move and get some snacks simpyl diminish, so luckily the banana i took the other day from the dining hall ripened up quite nicely, and perfect timing because I’m getting a little snack attack going on. As you can see the banana is way more important than the text book of chemistry notes sitting below it.

I’ve recentally been  talking a lot with my co worker Pam who has been placed on a low iodine diet due to her thyroid problem and her case has just entirely peaked my interest! The diet refrained her from salt and bread and dairy and all he seems to have been eating is frutis and vegetables and her homemade bread, but she has lost over 15 pounds (shes a petite woman and didn’t need to lose it anyways, but jeeze that’s an incredible amount for just a few weeks). Her weight loss reminded me of this link from Women’s Health. My friends along with co-workers are always discussing weight loss tips and techniques, and as someone who truly wants to be involved in that field, it’s funny to hear all of the crazy things they come up with!


midnight snack time!

ImageBryan and I got some shopping done this evening! We went over to Aldi’s and I managed to get 2 lbs of grapes for 1:99! On top of that we got 16 oz of strawberries for 1.49! I was literally in heaven. I made a nice fruit salad wit hsome pineapple and grapes, while Bryan has his ‘snack’ of a soda, 2 bags of chips, an italian sub, and some oreos 😉 he was kind enough to spare me some chips!

We went to TJ Maxx and i found the cutest lace shirt, I’ll have to post that soon! 


Bryan and I are planning a bike ride for tomorrow, hopefully I’ll get some photos to post of that 🙂 Right now were just laying with full tummies on the bed watching some hockey.



Snack time! Went to the gym around 5:30,


Snack time! Went to the gym around 5:30, headed back and attempted to work on my thesis paper some more. I left to usher for “Temptation of the Muses” and now I’m back, I saw bits and pieces of the performance and it was actually really interesting. There’s three women playing a piano, violin and cello while there are dancers on stage and they move so eloquently, it was really interesting. Now i’m just impatiently waiting for Bryan’s arrival back from NJ! Miss him and it’s only been a day. This weekend is supposed to be fairly nice out, about 60-70 degrees so hopefully we’ll go out for a bike ride or play some hockey or something fun, something to distrat myself from my overly stressed brain. 3 weeks from now finals will be over and I’ll get to relax…..until summer classes start 😦 #overochieverproblems