30 Day Challenge: Day 1

20140708-124846-46126186.jpgCooked up some broccoli and green beans for lunch, but I needed some protein with my vegetables. With moving out in a few weeks, the last thing on my mind is buying groceries and stocking up on food, so I figured I would use what I have and experiment. I added about 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder and 1/2 teaspoon, 1/3 banana and a handful of berries to my cottage cheese. Ate my veggies and ate my cottage cheese as a nice little dessert ūüôā I think next time I’ll use less cocoa, but other than that i enjoyed it! I need to experiment more with cottage cheese. anyone have great suggestions regarding cottage cheese mix ins??




20140708-125146-46306882.jpg Starting my first 30 day challenge! Day one: a self portrait! Currently just laying around blogging before I head into work at 4pm. Keeping myself occupied by searching up some delicious new smoothie and juicing recipes as time ticks away until work!


Rushing through the day

20140122_190623000_iOSI laid in bed most of the morning with my laptop and book, doing my best to fit in all of my homework and readings before I left for campus. Sadly, I wasn’t hungry enough for a nice breakfast, so I paired some peanut butter and pretzels together for a small snack to begin my day. The carbs, fats, and proteins in this combination truly help kept my stomach from growling until my 1pm lunch. Bryan and I headed to the campus dining hall before we both went into the post office. I made a salad with fresh spinach and romaine with carrots, peppers, onions, beans and a few croutons.

20140122_181059611_iOSI had a side of broccoli carrots corn and cauliglower as well as a tiny tiny portion of pasta with salsa and beans (it looked good,¬†I just had to try it!) I need lunch to last me until about five o clock when I can grab a break from my job and fill up on something else. ‘


Now off to my AHN class, and then to work! Hopefully your Wednesdays are going well!