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Weekly Goals #2

20190203_130709346_iOSAlthough many of us (myself including) suffer from the “Sunday Scaries”, it’s not an excuse to lay around in bed, wasting away your precious energy on whatever it is that Monady may hold.

Over the last month I have been setting myself up for success by creating “SMART” weekly goals:

Specific: state exactly what you plan to do

Measurable: provide a way to quantify/evaluate your progress

Achievable: make these realistic and within your abilities

Relevant: set a goal that makes sense within your current goals, scope of practice, ambitions

Time-bound: state when this will be completed–deadlines!!

Silly goal: “I want to lose weight” This sets you up for failure because you literally have NO plan of action set behind these words. When? What’s the deadline? What are the specifics?

SMART goal: “By the end of March, I will have lost at least 3 pounds of body fat” This is a specific, time-oriented goal. You know what you want and when you want to have it completed by.

Although I’ve been a planner and list maker my entire life, I too suffer from the “I’ll get to that later” syndrome, and end up putting it off for months. By creating 2-4 SMART weekly goals, I’m allowing myself to “get to it later” but also providing myself a doable deadline.

How did last week’s goals go over?

  1. Update my FedLoan account for the 2019 year: Got this acccomplished right away on Monday. This is something that literally takes 5 minutes max, but is one of those “it’s so easy I’ll get to it later” situations. DONE!
  2. Donate my clothes: I’ve had these clothes bagged up for about 7 months in the corner of my living room. Knowing I was going to walk right past the donation bin on my way to the store, I brought them with me and completed this on Wednesday. DONE!
  3. Complete 2 chapters of my Ex Phys book: I am working towards my C-EP certification (more on that later), so I’m making realistic goals of how many chapters to get to each week. So far, I completed one….but hey, there’s still daylight to finish the second chapter. (almost) DONE!

Let’s see what this week’s goals consist of. These ones will be listed in a more SMART fashion:

  1. By Sunday of next week, I will have ran a minimum of 20 miles at a 9:50 pace or below.
  2. By Sunday of next week, I will have read 2 more chapters from my Ex Phys book.
  3. By Sunday of next week, I will have gotten my car washed/vaccuumed (thank you unnecessary snow days for making my car disgusting…)
  4. By Sunday of next week, I will have cleaned out my entire kitchen of any unused food/baking supplies/plateware that I have not used within the last 3+ months (I have so many unnecessary containers, pots/pans/shaker bottles that take up wayyyy too much room–they all need to GO!)

What are your weekly goals? 


My Biggest Fear: Spontaneity

20160131_112647912_iOSSpontaneity: something I don’t really do too well. I’m that nit picky super planner that needs to know EVERYTHING down to the time, date, central location, what we’re all wearing type of girl, and I personally have found that to be an unattractive quality. A bad quality? Not so much, but it can really get in my way (and I’m speaking from personal experience, not as a fact for everyone) of having fun. I tend to turn down last minute invites to the bar, or to a get together, or just a coffee date because it wasn’t “in my schedule”. But yesterday wasn’t the case. Usually my 8.5 hour shifts turn into 5 hour shifts because of the lack of work…but I could not keep up with yesterdays orders! From veggie tray call ins, to fruit platters, to BOGO on mixed  fruit, I was going crazy! Plus it didn’t help that my bosses asked for other silly things of me that THEY could have done. Luckily I have one co worker who is always offering to help me: shout out to you Ashlee!!

Anyways as 2pm hit I received a message from an old friend who I haven’t spoke to in months with the following question: are you free for an adventure? Immediately I went into panic mode.

Tabitha you have to go to the gym at 3pm, that was your plan. (it was my off day but I wanted to run). You’re free after so go do it after, you’re fine.

I said I was free.

He said: 3:15pm ?

I could have made it for 3:15, and that would have made my anxiety rise a little by having to shift my gym schedule around, but I was willing to make it work.

Done deal.


As 3:30 rolled around I hopped in the car in my gym clothes (because that’s what my PLAN was…) and we drove an hour out to pittburgh to run some errands. Would you consider errands an adventure? Maybe not. Would I? Definitely. Especially with this guy and how he knows my personality and uneasiness to spontaneous adventures. He was even surprised I said yes. The car ride filled with discussion about anxiety, perfectionism, societal views on fitness and health, and other  in-depth topics. It’s always great to have someone that you can talk to about more than those “shallow” topics.

After our “quick” errand turned into a  five hour adventure, he dropped me at my car at 9:00PM and I went home; tired, fatigued, and gymless. And I felt entirely okay. I think it was the fact that I really and truly needed that rest day along with a conversation with someone who is willing to talk about more than just protein powder and hair. Off days scare me. I never take a day off, and that is SO critical to training. My off days consist of cardio, which I think is entirely healthy due to the fact that I’m walking, jogging and incorporating some low endurance activity. But there comes a day each week where it really is important to just take a day off: from working out, from dealing with people and relationships, from working, from everything.


Being “okay” with allowing plans to change is something I am working on, and I think it’s a lifelong battle. My friend told me: I’ve learned to be okay with traffic, and waiting in lines. Those are things I can’t control and have to learn to accept.

And the control issue is something I personally struggle with. When I can’t control it, I fixate on the things I can control: how long I run for, the time I run for, the amount I eat, etc.

It’s a battle, but accepting what you can’t control is key to recovery.


Does anyone else fear something that isn’t tangible?


Stress and salsa marinated chicken

20150722_140432324_iOSYesterday after work I started to ponder my thoughts. Sometimes as a pool attendant, I feel as though I am easting my day away, sitting on my butt for six hours checking people in and laying out, tanning. I understand this is basically a “dream job” but sometimes I wish these six hours could be spent being a bit more productive. Lately, I’ve been engrossed in a ton of new books (currently reading In Too Deep by Mara Jacobs). I think what a lot of us don’t do is take advantage of our time wisely. While “working” at the pool,I really could be bettering myself by studying, doing homework, budgeting my money, etc. Instead, sometimes I sulk and just stare at the clocking waiting for the six hours to tick away. I’ve come to realize that I stress over absolutely EVERYTHING! Whether it be in my control or not, whether it be 10 minutes away or 10 weeks away, I stress and start to panic over the simplest things. Crossing my fingers to make the goal of learning to cope with stress achievable.

After work yesterday I got my second TB test done for my internship and headed home to work on my project regarding women strength training nutrition.

Did you know some studies claim that women actually need to consume more protein post workout to reap the same benefits that men would get with less protein??

Did you also know we might have a sixth taste bud?? Check out Purdue U’s latest research!






20150722_203822647_iOSI made Shawn and myself some dinner last night: Fiesta chicken and potatoes! I figured I would try to be a cute girlfriend for once and make him dinner! Chicken marinated in salsa with grilled veggies, roasted potatoes, and spinach. He’s not too keen on spinach but I was proud that he ate it. I’m looking for new ways to branch out of the normal baked chicken realm; hoping to find new recipes along the way.


Snacks and Salad Bar


Busy day in the salad bar today! I can’t believe I have finally transferred from the deli over to produce. No longer do I cry before I come to work, it’s a great feeling! As a salad bar position, it’s my job to cut fresh fruit, package them, stock the salad bar, check dates/inventory, keep the salad bar full and prepare fruit/vegetable trays. Some days are crazier than others, but today was rather easy. Sometimes I think how great it would be to be a manager of a food department——I’m obsessed with food so why not manage?


But then I remember how much of a pushover I am and could never tell people what to do!

Now that I’m finally home and have been looking at healthy snacks all day, I decided to make my own. 3:30pm is such an awkward time to eat a meal, but I was fairly hungry. I whipped together 2 eggs (one egg, one egg white) a slice of toast, some spinach, and jalepeno peppers. Filled me up enough to where I’m not starving, but definitely can make a meal later. After I crush this exam I am about to take I’ll be ready for another meal.

I’ve really been in the baking mood today, and since the weather is so dreary an rainy, I might just have to stop at the store and pick up a few things.


What’s the best rainy day treat in your house?








procrastination at it’s finest

20150718_101446000_iOSPulled my breakfast out from the fridge around 5:30am (kashi cereal, protein powder, blueberries!!) this morning with a deliciouus cup of coffee and was ready to head to work. The 7am-12pm shift flew by SO fast. Cutting fruit and restocking fruit trays and platters seriously is more time consuming than one would think. I even got called to come back in at 4pm to work in the deli due to a call off, but with my homework piling up I figured it was best if I stayed home to catch up on some work. Today’s homework consists of reviewing different non-profit organizations regarding health and nutrition and see who has educational programs/toolkits that could benefit nutrition educators. Not a super hard task, but again…time consuming.


Lunch today was broccoli, original hummus, and grilled chicken. I was actually so hungry when I got back from work, so I was entirely grateful that my meals were already made


Now if I could only get the energy to get on with this homework. Working three jobs that aren’t entirely consistent is one of the hardest things I have ever done. One day I’ll work 8-3 and then the next it’ll be 6pm-2am…it makes me SO excited to start a real career soon enough.


Back to my lower carb days aka breakfast was essentially my bulk of carbs for the day. I’ve learned that if someone wants to take on a “healthier lifestyle” (NOT a diet…never use the “d” word), it’s so so sooo important to always emphasize what you CAN eat, and not what you CAN’T eat.



For example:

Wrong way: Wow… I’m eating healthier so I can’t have cake and cookies. Jeeze that blows Sad smile  *goes and thinks about junk food all day*

Right way: Wow, I can have two servings of vegetables with my meal and not feel bad about grabbing seconds??


DO NOT focus on what you can’t have but instead, what you can have.


1-17-14 Go go go!

ImageThis has literally been one of those “go go go!” days where you can barely catch a breath! I woke up around 5:30, got ready and dressed for work and made myself a bowl of:

1 cup of bran flakes

1/2 cup of almond milk

1/2 of a banana


I headed out of the door for my 7-12 shift, which is short compared to my typical 6 or 8 hour shifts, and came home to prepare myself a delicious salad:

romaine/spinach mix



kidney beans




ImageI’ve been thinking lately of taking a day to incorporate juices into my diet, since I did get a brand new juicer for the holidays. Hopefully I’ll stumble across some delicious ones to experiment with. Any suggestions? I think it would be nice to do a juicing cleanse, especially after watching the movie “Hunger for Change” which I entirely recommend to all of the health conscious people out there. After work I went over to the post office to mail my mom her birthday surprise *she may be reading this, so I can’t tell you just yet what she’s getting!).

ImageMy energy was draining in my afternoon class, but luckily the gym was a nice pick me up. Cardio, arms, and leg day today. 3:30 is the worst time to go I guess because it was mobbed! And that’s the worst feeling, especially for someone like me who wants to use all of the machines and a person is on every single one of them. I’m biting into my apple as I write this, procrastinating my AHN exam tomorrow 😦 although I feel rather confident, I could still use another cram session. Guess I should stop procrastinating!