9-20-14 Shoe Candy and Research Articles


Nothing says “Treating yourself” like a brand new pair of shoes! I went to the Gingerbreadman Running Store on Philadelphia street and bought a new pair of running shoes. My last pair were getting extremely run down, so I decided to opt for the same pair except a different color scheme (I managed to match them to my shirt as well!). Craig from the running store always tells me: “Tabitha you can’t buy a pair of shoes by color, it’s all about how they feel”

Well I lucked out because these Nike’s feel great, look great, and are perfect for my severely over pronated feet. Felt good to go for a run with these new babies! I started Week 2 of Kayla Itsine’s BBG and it was killer today. Leg and cardio day is the hardest and most painful one, yet at the end you always feel so accomplished.  I did two gym sessions today and am now all cozy and relaxed typing up this blog post while reading a few articles for my research project. I’m so excited to begin! Although this material is currently dry, I definitely can’t wait to begin the hands on activity.


Today I also had the opportunity to work in the deli from 9-1pm. I had a lady come asking about kale—she wanted to try the superfood kale salad that I was selling in the display case. I offered her a sample and she said she enjoyed the blueberries that were mixed in it but she just couldn’t get past the bitter taste. My eyes lit up with joy as I gave her so many recommendations on what to do with kale: throw in smoothies, add a few leaves in your salad, juice them, make kale chips, etc. I told her all the health benefits of kale and that she can mask the bitter taste if she really tries.

You know how rewarding it feels to speak to a customer about something your passionate about and have them thank you for your service? Out of all the things I accomplished today, I definitely have to say that experience was the most rewarding one of them all.


Spontaneity: A necessity

Aviary Photo_130520733732181418Spontaneity is something that never came easy for me, and I’ve learned to accept it. The past few days though have been an eye opening experience to say the least, and I’m happy to say that I’m coming out of my niche! Thursday I woke up and hit the gym and made myself a delicious smoothie including:

-1 scoop Designer whey vanilla protein

-1/2 cup frozen mixed berries

-1 banana

-4 tablespoons old fashion oats

– 4-6 oz almond milk

The oats added a little fiber boost plus thickened it up!


Thursday night I was invited to stay over one of my good friend Brian’s house with a few of our friends so we could head out at 2am and enter New York City to watch Luke Bryan perform on Good Morning America. I dabble in a few country singers every now and then, and Luke Bryan is definitely among my favorites (I mean, who wouldn’t love that guy?! Just look at him!) So of course I said yes. As the time got closer to leave to Brian’s, however, my motivation kept decreasing and all I wanted to do was go to sleep and just call off the whole thing. I even tried but Brian insisted I come!


And of course I did, and man what a great time it was! We stayed up all night and all of us, some of the people that I haven’t spoken to since high school, caught up and chit chatted about our new lives, our passions, our careers—it was amazing to see how much people have matured. We left at 2am, grabbed the Staten Island ferry at 4am, got lost on the Subways and in Central park until 5:30 where we finally made it to the front of the line (by 5:30 am I had been up for over 24 hours and I was ready for a good nap!) Not only did I learn that Good Morning America live shows aren’t the best (in my opinion) but I also learned that spontaneity is necessary in life: for health, for happiness, and for living. You only truly live once, right? Winking smile


I got home around 12:30 pm and fell right to sleep, only to wake up around 4:30 from a text from one of the members from our Luke Bryan group to get some ice cream that night. Another spontaneous activity? I thought I had enough unexpected events happen for the day, but I figured I would accept it. Besides, if I went back to sleep I would never be able to fall asleep that night. Got myself some chocolate fudge frozen yogurt, felt it was well worth it!


20140809_130710811_iOSThis morning though it was beyond hard to wake up! Decided to take an off day and sleep in until 7:30am, take a nice hot shower and spend the day relaxing and recuperating from lack of sleep. Just because it’s an off day doesn’t mean to ruin your diet!! Bodybuilding.com sent me my new products with a free razor, free casein protein powder, andddd a free pre workout drink mix. I made the protein powder this morning:

-1/2 frozen banana

-1/2 of the On chocolate decadence casein protein powder

6 oz almond milk

Delicious! Truly loved this brand. 160 calories for 30 grams of protein? not bad!


Time to relax, recuperate, and enjoy the rest of my weekend! Enjoy your weekend everyone!


Workout Wednesday with some transformation

20140806_132455000_iOSHappy workout Wednesday! Has anyone else been getting that “I don’t want to wake up and workout” funk lately? I can’t seem to shake it. Luckily I know how great I will feel afterwards which pushes me to get up and get moving, I remember just last month I would run two miles on the treadmill at a reasonable pace of roughly 17 minutes, and today I ran two miles in 15:36! I can’t believe I made that much progress in a month, how crazy is that? Maybe soon enough ill be working up towards a marathon. I came home, brewed a cup of coffee and sat down with some cottage cheese, fruit, and bran flakes mix. I was going through some old photos and I came across one from high school and I was so shocked. My arms were so thin and absolutely no muscle on them, so I decided to put a recent one side by side and gaze at the difference. It’s incredible how far people come. From disordered eating and always fearing weight gain, to now where I eat a balanced diet and workout to get muscle. I feel so much stronger, happier, and healthier (and tanner hehe) than I was before, and it feels awesome!  It may take a while to feel comfortable in one’s own skin, but once you do become comfortable, it’s an amazing feeling!





Super fruit Sunday: apples apples apples!

20140803-214338-78218273.jpgHope you’re all enjoying your weekend like you should be! Tomorrow starts another cycle of the long work week, but that shouldn’t stop us from meeting our goals and remaining healthy. This weekend I was able to pick up a new pair of glasses that actually contained my updated prescription and pick out a few new clothes with my mother. The worst part about my weekend? Waking up, driving to the gym, and realizing that Gold’s gym is NOT a 24-7 gym…aka I arrived 2 hours before regular weekend opening time! I was so upset. I came home, got my morning run around town in (mind you it was pouring!) and did a short ab workout. Today’s workout was exactly the same, and I’m so excited to get back in the gym tomorrow to kick some butt! We can’t forget about our super fruit Sunday though!

Today’s award goes to the apple, each and every kind of apple. Apples are great in snacks, main meals, side dishes, and even desserts. The versatility of this fruit is beyond amazing. Apples are packed with Vitamin c, filling the fruit with a great antioxidant punch. Apples also contain a good source of fiber, which help regular your digestive system and he lower your LDL cholesterol. In recent studies apples have been shown to help aid in the decreasing risk of heart disease, which scientists believe is due to the antioxidant compounds. One of the antioxidants in apples, quercetin, is said to help boost your energy levels and help you through a tough workout. Quercetin makes oxygen available for your lungs to use, so if you need something light before a workout, shoot for an apple.

Eating a medium size apple also helps meet your goal of roughly two cups of fruit daily (1 medium is equal to one cup of fruit). Being one of the more affordable and year round fruits, there’s no reason your kitchen shouldn’t be stocked with these babies! Go on and get crunchin on these goodies!!



Flex (and fashion) Friday!


Happy Flex (and fashion) Friday everyone!! Woke up, got my A-game on and went to the gym, managed to run 4 miles today, more than I was anticipating on running! I finally got my mile time under seven minutes, it’s been a few years since I tried getting my mile time under seven minutes, but hopefully I can strive for a better time. My neighbor Luke is going to be a high school senior this upcoming school year and he was just admitted into the school records due to his fast times for track. He’s an incredible cross country runner and track runner, and although he’s younger than me, he’s still an inspiration in the running world. He’s going to go far when he starts applying for colleges. I made my usual cottage cheese and fruit this morning after my workout paired with a cinnamon bun quest bar! mmmhm delicious! I definitely recommend quest bars!

Last night was such an amazing night! Grabbed dinner with my two co-workers from Rita’s at the Cheesecake Factory (in which we got 25% off because my sister works there) and then went to Rita’s afterwards to see all my co-workers that I’ve missed so much! While I was gone they decided to chalk up my car all nice and fancy. After dinner I was able to see my neighbor Luke and his three younger sisters, 14, 10, and 7. It was essentially a neighborhood reunion, all catching up, and by the time I looked at my watch it was nearly 9:30pm!

Connecting with people you haven’t seen in three or four years? One of the best feelings in the world.

The rest of the day will consist of some shopping with the mother, and potentially working on some new articles to write for HerCampus.com, a college based websites with information on fashion, food, health, and essentially anything that would interest a college student essentially. Can’t wait to be published and link some of those articles to my blog!


Enjoy your flex friday!



Happy Workout Wednesday!

20140729_153618530_iOSHappy Workout Wednesday!! Have you ever woke up roughly ten minutes before your alarm goes off and tell yourself “Ugh, it’s not close enough to wake up, but not long enough to fall back asleep”? It’s the worst! Sadly that happened to me today, but I was able to get up and get moving after my cup of coffee! I got all my stuff and drove over to the gym (this gym is roughly 10 minutes away while my other one was only 3 minutes away, yet another downfall of this gym substitution, but hey, it’s only temporary until I’m back at school). I was halfway down with my cardio when the machine shut off on me! I was so upset so I just hopped on over to the other machine and picked up where I left off and decided to let the man behind the counter know about the problem. Turns out his daughter and son graduated a year or two younger than me from the same school, so we chit chatted for a bit before I started lifting. Can’t wait to head to the gym with my dad tomorrow, that should be interesting!

Got home and made myself my chocolate protein shake with banana and strawberries, but I ran out of chocolate protein powder! So I ended up filling the rest of the scoop with vanilla and giving it a whack. Couldn’t taste much of a difference so I gulped that down in seconds!


Aviary Photo_130511953368718939

Now I’m just peacefully blogging away on my back porch. It’s incredible having some privacy versus living in a college town with a bunch of loud and obnoxious students. I still long for my own house, with my own dog, and a career that’ll help pay my bills, but for now I should live in the present and let the future come when it’s ready. Bryan and I are hitting up the park later to get some ball action and rollerblading in, can’t wait!

Hope you all get to enjoy this lovely workout wednesday!


Superfruit Sunday!

20140727-220000-79200395.jpgSuch a late night post, but I couldn’t help but be busy with the last day of moving all of my stuff out of the house. Tonight’s an empty night all alone with just a few belongings and a tightly packed car. This week’s super fruit award goes out to the pineapple! While it’s peak is from about early spring to late June, pineapples are bursting with vitamin C and minerals such as zinc and manganese, which help support bone strength. Pineapples also contain the enzyme bromelain, which has many anti clotting and anti inflammatory properties. There’s also been some research that pineapple juice helps with nausea and upset stomachs, so next time research for 100% pineapple juice.

I personally love include pineapple in my diet by juicing the fruit along with the juices of strawberry. kale, carrots, and apple, or I just love dipping pineapple in vanilla Greek yogurt!


Sunday Starbucks Secrets!

20140727-071708-26228406.jpgWoke up at 4am and got back on track with my workouts! Being the only one in the gym made my day even better! I crushed my workouts and came home and made myself an omelette with peppers onions and spinach, hopefully holding me over until my usual 10am break at work. I’ll be doing the 730-4pm shift so I’ll need as much energy as possible. speaking of energy, I treated myself to Starbucks this morning! I recentally discovered Mshell’s “blendicano”, which is a 25-30 calorie drink from Starbucks!

-quad expressi
-2 shots SF vanilla
-2 shots SF caramel
-double blended

20140727-072005-26405571.jpgbam! a HUGE treat for few calories! now that’s what I call a blast of energy. Although the weather calls for severe storms and cloudy skies, nothing can stop my positive energy!


Never give up!

bad mealSo last night after my work shift I went to my friend Ryan and Mason’s house for a get together since Ryan came back from military training. It was so nice to reunite with them and the girls while meeting some new friends as well. I didn’t consume my usual healthy lifestyle ways while with them and I woke up so frustrated and unhappy with myself.

Why did I do that? That was my first thought. With my stomach in knots and upset all day I could barely get off the sofa, so I took today as my off day.

And that made me feel even worse.

But sometimes we have to relax, breathe, and realize that one bad meal wont make you overweight. I eat healthy 80% of the time, I’m allowed to splurge every now and then. I need to let my mind wrap around that idea. And although I work at 7:30am tomorrow,  I will make sure I get up extra early to hit the gym! No excuses! I think this experience and my regrets afterwards have finally sealed my ability to say no; I will no longer feel like I have to drink and eat unhealthy to enjoy the time with my friends. It’s crazy how one experience can really turn your perspective and mind around, and I think this is finally eat.

Clean eats for life!

On the bright side I did manage to finish up the cleaning and only have one task left for tomorrow: the bathroom! and the Monday is smooth sailing to home sweet New Jersey!


Thursday evening progress: what interests you in a blog?

What makes you look at a blog and say “Hey! That’s neat! Let me read more!”

I’m finally getting some progress in with this whole blogging idea, check out the new widgets I added on the side: instagram, twitter, and soon to come more recipes and pages! So excited to start blogging and hopefully enter the heath field as a writer! Some exciting ideas for my blog:

– videos of cooking

-superfruit of the week posts

– motivation monday posts

– new, updated recipe section

what would you like to see on a health blog?

What are some of your aspirations in life?

I’m so happy to say that everything is finally moved out and I can now relax, clean, and enjoy my last few days on my own. It’s been a bitter sweet year but I can honestly say I’m exciting to see what the future has for me. For possibly graduating early, hoping for an internship, some research with my psychology and biology professors, and hopefully much more.

I sent back my Nike Fuelband SE today because of my dissatisfaction with the product. Although it was really interesting and very tech savy in which it linked to my phone and kept me updated, the steps were so inaccurate (aka I would walk 50 steps and it would only log in 6). I’m hoping to find a better watch that does more in regards to running and possibly GPS. I’ve looked at some Polar watches and I’m debating whether I should invest in one of their watches. As an aspiring runner, I’m really looking forward to getting the best and beneficial gear. Although there are plenty of free apps for cell phones, I don’t want to be draining my battery all day long while attempting to log all my health concerns for the day. Maybe I’ll have to splurge on a GoPro and post some crazy videos.


Tomorrow’s agenda:

– morning grind at the gym! 5:30-6:30

– working at the local pool 8:30-2:30pm

-updating the heck out of wordpress!


Let’s all get a good night’s sleep and work hard tomorrow!