TGIF annoyances!

<img src="https://daleydish.files.wordpress.com/2014/07/20140711-081832-29912958.jpg” alt=”20140711-081832-29912958.jpg” class=”alignleft size-full” />Good morning WordPress! I hope you’re all awake and ready to start your day! After my great workout today (bumped my squatting weight up 10 pounds!) i showered and did a huge cleaning session! With the apartment lease coming to an end, and me wanting every penny from my security deposit, cleaning is a must! I didn’t realize how hungry I was so I whipped up a spinach pepper onion and cheese egg white omelette. What seriously annoys me the most is when your stove is crooked! is anyone else’s oven that way? When I bake brownies or a cake the batter always seem to tilt to one side of the pan hahah! With cookies and brownies, one side seem to burn quicker than the oven. I’ll have to be sure to add “evenly built oven” on my dream house list. Because of how crooked the stove is, omelettes never come out well! You can clearly see the before and aftermath of this mess. i believe it’s the stove but I can guarantee my mother would say otherwise ūüėČ 20140711-081927-29967587.jpg

Other things that tend to annoy me:

-people who leave one dish in the sink. like come on it won’t take you a year to clean it!
-women who wear makeup to the gym
-those who do not wipe off the machines after the gym
-those who do not take the weights off the machine and/or put them back where they belong
-stepping on a penny with your barefoot and thinking you stepped in water
-downpouring rain while driving
-the smell of body odor

what are some of your annoyances?


Happy Fourth of July!

Happy 4th of July everyone! Hope everyone gets a wave of great weather, because over here in Pennsylvania it’ll be about 75 degrees, perfect weather for BBQ’s and picnics! Last night I debated on taking a rest day, but I decided against it and to save my r rest day for tomorrow. Good thing too because I walked into the gym with NO ONE there. How much of a heaven is that?! I had to say today was probably the best workout I’ve done all week, so to think I was going to skip it made me extra proud of myself. The hardest part about working out and exercising in the morning is the waking up and actually getting to the gym or actually lacing up your shoes. Here are some of my personal tips that always work for me:

  • ALWAYS prep the night before: Set your gym shoes by the door, set your coffee up/sugar out ready to just click the brew button, put your keys, ipod/headphones, ¬†and wallet and gym card/gym key all together so it’s a simple grab and go.
  • Wear your gym clothes to bed: I know, it took me some getting used to because I’m the typical t shirt and undies girl, but wearing my sports bra, shorts, and tank top truly cuts down on time in the morning. Some of you may think “Throwing on clothes in the morning only takes about 3 minutes, why would that be such a huge time saver?” Well think about it: when you’re tired and groggy in the morning, having to do ANYTHING at all is a waste of time. When you’re sleepy, it takes extra long to do the simplest tasks. Trust me, you’ll thank yourself when you wake up in the morning.
  • 20140704-082556-30356255.jpgSet two alarms: Okay so my FAVORITE app¬†on my¬†iPhone 5¬†(I’ll do an update on my apps in another post) is Sleep Time. It’s free (full version is $2), so of course I had to download it. What you do is set your alarm, say¬†you want to wake up at 5:30am, and it’ll wake you up within a 30 minute window (between 5:00am and 5:30), depending on when your lightest sleep phase is (or an hour window, a 45 minute window, or exactly at the time you set it too, totally depends on the settings you choose). The free version only has one of two sound settings to choose from to wake up to, but hey you can’t complain with free. What I usually do is set my Sleep time for 5:30, and my actual alarm for 5:30 as well. That way is my sleep time wakes me up at 5:05, I’ll turn it off and relax in bed until my real alarm hits at 5:30am, which indicates GET YOUR BUTT UP!


20140704-082710-30430356.jpg Hopefully those tips work for you! If you think of your own don’t hesitate to let me know, I’d love to hear what you all do to get your day going and how to stay motivated. My favorite part of working out early is coming home and thinking of what to eat! Always gotta pack in protein, and I’m not the biggest fan of protein shakes (I love eating my meals versus drinking them) so I try to supply an ample amount of protein in after my workouts. Today was my¬†favorite: my cottage cheese mix up with a peach on the side. My mixture included honey, 1/3 a banana, a butt ton of blueberries, almond milk, and cinnamon. I put it in the freezer for about 3 minutes just to let it thicken and dug right in! When start your day on the right foot, there’s no reason to take a step back on the wrong foot. Enjoy your holiday everyone!



Get your day started!


Got an incredible workout in today, followed by a delicious breakfast of cottage cheese and bananas with some peaches and grapes! Feels great knowing I got in my daily recommendation of fruit before my day even began. The best way to start your day in my opinion is always by exercise! Gets your blood pumping, heart pounding, and your mind focused. I never was able to get up and workout, I always had very little energy and never enjoyed getting up when I didn’t have to. But that extra hour of sleep is absolutely nothing compared to that hour of exercise you could be doing.

Today’s agenda includes house cleaning followed by my job as a pool attendant, unless it rains so hard that it’s not even worth opening the pool. Wonder what the day has in store for all of you!


“I CANNOT believe I overindulged in fruit” said no one ever…

ImageNever EVER have I heard a person be so upset and full of regret after indulging in fruit or vegetables. You hear the “oh lord I can’t believe I just had three servings of cake..” But rarely ever the “I cannot BELIEVE I just consumed three servings of carrots, oh my I need some exercise”. Never feel guilty of consuming your fruits and vegetables, your body needs the nutrients and antioxidants! Today I had a light lunch/snack of fresh pineapple and strawberries topped with my favorite Lite and Fit greek yogurt by Dannon. I love how low in calorie, yet high in protein and creamy this yogurt is, by far my favorite low calorie yogurt. There are SO many endless possibilities when it comes to yogurt. fruit dips, vegetable dips, baking substitutes, smoothie add ins, sour cream and mayonnaise substitutions, you name it!¬†


Living young and free for the summer!

ImageIt feels so good to be back! I took a mini vacation and drove home to my parents house in New Jersey. I haven’t seen them since Christmas time so it was a great family reunion. What did i struggle the most with? Not having my Keurig machine or any food that I actually eat! My mother as i stated in my family page on the side, loves her sweets, so it was tough for the past few days to fill up on good food! I did manage to create a new breakfast that actually hit the spot!¬†

  • 1/2 cup 1% cottage cheese
  • 1/3 a banana, or however much you want
  • splash of skim milk
  • a butt ton of blueberries (or any berry you want)
  • any whole wheat cereal (I aimed for bran flakes, but high fiber cereal or Kashi works well too)

All i did was mix everything up in a bowl and bam! Delicious and filling breakfast. Throwing in some chia seeds or flax seeds can be an added health benefit as well, or even some steel cut oats. Get playful and creative with it! 




ImageNow that I’m back, i finished up my PB2 and the last of my cottage cheese with some bananas. My room mate has moved out and now I’m living the life as a single, college, teenager! Feels weird living on my own, I feel as though I’m such an adult now. Working two jobs, paying my own rent ,shopping and cooking for myself. I always wanted to grow up but now that it’s here, I wish i could go back in time. Luckily I have been getting some free time now that I’m newly single and school is over and have been indulging in The Fault in Our Stars! Hopefully I will finish before the movie is released next month.


1-16-14 French toast for the boys!


I made Craig and Bryan strawberry stuffed French toast from the Cook This Not That book, which all of those books are essentially my bibles and what I live by. The recipe is a healthier version of the strawberry French toast that you could order at Ihop.


Here is the recipe from Cook This Not That link above, enjoy:

1 cup low-fat ricotta or cottage cheese 1/2 cup skim milk 2 cups strawberries, sliced 2 Tbsp honey 2 Tbsp sliced or chopped almonds 1 Tbsp butter 2 eggs 1 cup milk 1/4 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp vanilla extract 8 slices whole-wheat bread Powdered sugar (optional)

How to Make It: *Place the ricotta, milk, strawberries, honey, and almonds in a mixing bowl and stir gently to combine. Set aside.

*Heat the butter in a large cast-iron skillet or nonstick pan over medium heat. Beat the eggs with the milk, cinnamon, and vanilla in a shallow dish. Working one slice at a time, place the bread in the egg mixture, turning it over once to thoroughly coat, then add it directly to the hot pan. Repeat until the pan is full.

*Cook each slice for 2 to 3 minutes per side, until a golden brown crust is formed. Remove from the pan. Divide the strawberry mixture among four slices of toast, spreading to evenly coat. Top them each with another slice to make a sandwich, then slice on the diagonal to create two equal triangles. Serve with a shake of powdered sugar or a drizzle of pure maple syrup, if you prefer.



This recipe is definitely good on a cold morning (or evening, for us!) if you want to make your house smell amazing! The cinnamon is great, adding extra superpowers to your morning meal! Cinnamon has been said to help lower LDL cholesterol and improve memory and recall. Also it may help in lowering your blood glucose levels, which is great for people with Type Two diabetes. This is one spice where you always want to have in your kitchen cabinet!


1-13-14: Thursdays are a drag

Thursdays aren’t the worst days of my weeks, but today I have zero motivation to do anything! I woke up and had:
-1/2 cup Greek yogurt
– 1/2 banana
-1 cup of mixed berries

I went into work at the post office, which of course was super busy with all of the students picking up valentines day gifts. After my two classes I headed to the gym in my new nike pro shoes! I was super excited to try them out, and I must say I love them! I was lacking in energy, but I did manage to bump up my Adventure Club radio on spotify (best station by far to listen too, it’s a little bit dubstep so it keeps you moving) and keep my pace. I worked my upper body today and my arms and feeling it right now as I type this up along with some homework.

The weather today called for only 30% chance of flurries, but ended up more like a blizzard where roads and buses were closed today! it was awful. Bryan and I walked to the grocery store to pick up some groceries to last us. I came back home and had another serving of the above fruit and yogurt mix…can you tell I’m addicted!? I love how it tastes mixed with the fruit.

I did manage to try out my new PB2 with apples, and I honestly think it was good as an alternative to peanut butter if you’re looking to cut calories. I’m not sure how it would taste on bread, but it seems like it would taste amazing in smoothies and protein shakes!